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Biggest Loser canceled over weight loss drugs scandal

There will be no Season 18 of NBC’s popular weight loss show The Biggest Loser, information from a lawsuit reveals. The Biggest Loser has been swimming in controversy for a while now, with contestants speaking out with allegations about weight loss drugs, dehydration, starving, and other dangerous tricks just to get jaw-dropping and ratings-rising results.

2013 Miss USA judges announced! NeNe Leakes, Betsey Johnson, Jessica Robertson, Larry Fitzgerald and more!

The Miss USA Pageant is all set to air this Sunday night at 9/8c on NBC, and earlier today Donald Trump announced the lineup of all-star judges that includes reality stars like NeNe Leakes and Duck Dynasty‘s Jessica Robertson as well as actress/singer Christina Milian, fashion designer Betsey Johnson, NFL Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald and more! Keep reading for the full press release with a list of all the judges.

VIDEOS Rulon Gardner’s successful return to wrestling – does it justify walking off Biggest Loser?

Former Olympic wrestler Rulon Gardner garnered a lot of criticism when he walked off of Season 11 of The Biggest Loser in hopes of jump starting his wrestling career. But, Rulon went 4-0 at the Kiki Cup this weekend – his first wrestling matches in more than seven years! Will this be enough to alter public opinion over his decision to leave the show? Keep reading for more info on Rulon’s departure from BL and return to wrestling, including videos from his matches as well as a lengthy interview with Rulon afterward.

Why is Anna Kournikova leaving the Biggest Loser after just one season?

For long-time fans of the Biggest Loser, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Anna Kournikova won’t be coming back for Season 13. Although she has proven herself to be a very good trainer, the writing was on the wall. Read on to see why, although Anna has nothing to be ashamed of in her performance as a trainer on the show, she really didn’t prove herself to be quite up to the job.

BIO PHOTOS VIDEO Meet Antone Davis: Biggest Loser Season 12

When the folks at Biggest Loser decided to cast another world class athlete to the show, they must have been shaking in their shoes. Rulon Gardner used the show to get a little publicity and then walked away when he didn’t feel like playing along any more. But it is crystal clear that Antone Davis is no Rulon Gardner. And, that’s a very good thing.

BIO PHOTOS VIDEO Meet Sunny Sinclair of Biggest Loser Season 12

Sunny Sinclair is a 277 lb. wife, mother, and teacher from Frisco, Texas who is ready to turn her life around at the Biggest Loser Ranch. She says she is not a game-player, and that she plans to listen to her trainers, do her workouts, support her team mates, and focus on herself. We’ll see if she can stay on the high road this season!