Bill Klein

Bill Klein Pop-Up Pee Pad for sale in December

LITTLE COUPLE Bill Klein procures Pop-Up Pee Pad patent, for sale online starting in December

Being a celebrity blog means that we’ve done our fair share of reality star products posts, but it’s rare that one of them involves an actual patent — and even more rare that the product involves urination. (Although rare, this isn’t our first time with either. See: Example A and Example B) The Little Couple star, and owner of Rocky and Maggie’s Pet Boutique & Salon, Bill Klein managed to do both with his latest invention for male dogs: the Pop-Up Pee Pad.

VIDEO The Little Couple are moving to Florida, new season premieres Sep 19

The Little Couple moving to Florida in new season premiering September 19 2017

After a lengthy legal battle involving their production company, TLC’s The Little Company is FINALLY returning for a new season! And America’s favorite little family has some BIG changes in store as they will be packing up and leaving Houston, Texas behind for a new home in Florida! Keep reading for all the details and watch the preview trailer for the new season premiering September 19!

What kind of doctor is The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold?

Over the last five years, viewers have gotten a chance to live life alongside Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, otherwise known as TLC’s The Little Couple. While we get to a see a lot of the couple’s personal life, we still don’t know too many specifics about their professional lives. We know Jen is a doctor that works with babies, but what of kind of doctor is she exactly?