Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans workout video “Babsercise” takes internet by storm


Are you looking to work off those extra dough boys you ate last night? Are those wine calories adding up fast? Is it hard to get to the gym because of all those legal issues? Worry no more because Teen Mom 2‘s Barbara “Babs” Evans has got your back — and your legs, and your arms, and your abs… Keep reading to watch the “Babsercise” workout video posted by Jenelle Evans featuring Barbara showing us all how to achieve that perfect Babs bod!

Does Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara Evans have a drinking problem?


Teen Mom gears up July 16 for the second part of season two and the drama-filled trailer includes a fight between Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan and her mom Barbara in which Nathan accuses her of being an alcoholic. He’s lashing out because both Jenelle and Barbara are confronting him about his binge drinking. Is this true? Does Barbara Evans have a problem with alcohol?

PHOTOS VIDEO New Teen Mom 2 Season 5b trailer


Teen Mom 2 is coming back July 16 y’all! Check out the brand new trailer just released by MTV that reveals fans have all sorts of mama drama to look forward to in the second half of Season 5 including Jenelle’s second pregnancy, more Adam Lind arrests and custody issues, Babs’ boozin’ problem, Leah’s financial woes, and Isaac’s continued peace-keeping efforts.

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