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REPORT Kourtney Kardashian pregnant with Justin Bieber’s child; Scott Disick ‘crushed’

Kourtney Kardashian pregnant–with Justin Bieber’s unexpected love child? According to the latest rumors, it’s the newest surprise to rock the Kardashian family, and Kourtney and Justin are said to be mostly happy about the development. The same is not true of Kourtney’s former flame Scott Disick, who fears he might have lost “the love of his life” for good.

LHHNY Season 6 reunion spoilers: Who’s pregnant and who’s feuding?

LHHNY Season 6 Reunion Spoilers 2

The current season of Love & Hip Hop is almost done, which means it’s time for LHHNY Season 6 reunion spoilers galore! The show’s reunion special taped in late January, and details about what went down have been leaking ever since. We’ve gathered everything up in one place–to find out what to expect, read on!

LHHNY’s Peter Gunz blows up Instagram hater who shades him over Tara Wallace’s baby

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Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace have just welcomed their third child into the world, and it seems that the event has put Peter in a protective mood. The controversial Love & Hip Hop star, who normally remains aloof from criticism of his ever-expanding family, put an Instagram hater on full blast fewer than 24 hours after the birth of his newest son, Gunner. What did the hater say to put Peter in such a foul mood? And what, exactly, was his response? Read on to find out!

Rapper M.I.A. accuses billionaire ex Benjamin Bronfman of trying to take her son away


Rapper M.I.A. (real name Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam) and her baby daddy are involved in a nasty custody dispute over their four-year-old son Ikhyd. M.I.A. and Benjamin Bronfman split in February of last year and since then, co-parenting hasn’t been great. According to a new report, M.I.A. has been banned from taking the child to England where she grew up and where her family still resides — and she’s ticked.


Katy Perry’s half-sister Jodi Hudson says she was abandoned by their dad


Star Magazine has a story this week with quotes from Katy Perry’s half-sister Jodi Hudson from her father Keith Hudson’s previous marriage.

43-year-old Jodi has kept quiet for the past few years of her sister’s fame, but bristled at a recent video their dad uploaded on YouTube with the message “Don’t close the door on your children.”

She’s upset because she feels he was never a father to her, and abandoned her.