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Ariel Winter and Nash Grier escalate feud over ‘super homophobic and ignorant’ comments

If Ariel Winter and Nash Grier weren’t fans of each other’s work before this weekend, they certainly aren’t now. The two teen stars clashed over social media thanks to a handful of Grier’s comments, which, according to Winter, are downright unacceptable. What did Vine videographer Grier say–and how did Winter respond? Read on to see their whole feud unfold.

Did Ariel Winter break up with Laurent Claude Gaudette, her fancy boyfriend?

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It appears that the Ariel Winter break up rumors are true: the latest in a series of Instagram updates by the Modern Family star points to an apparently amicable split from Laurent Claude Gaudette, her dashing boyfriend of over two years. Is Winter distressed? Distraught? Or downright giddy? The answer seems to be a mix of all three. Read on for the details.

PHOTOS Ariel Winter shuts down body shamers and slut shamers alike with one glorious Instagram post

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17-year-old Ariel Winter has had to deal with more than her fair share of comments about her body since Modern Family made her a star. Over the weekend, though, a harmless Instagram photo of Winter and her nieces brought a bevy of unsolicited comments and criticism, and Winter decided she’d had enough. Read on to see the social media takedown that’s drawing praise from all corners!

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Is Ariel Winter getting married on her 18th birthday? Modern Family star addresses rumors

Is Ariel Winter married? No–but the Modern Family star recently stirred up a hot brew of gossip when it was suggested that she planned on tying the knot with boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette for her upcoming 18th birthday. Winter herself addresed the rumors in a recent Instagram post…and expressed a bit of skepticism. Read on to see her response!

Ariel Winter leaving Modern Family? Star’s college choice will dictate show’s future

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The rumors of Ariel Winter leaving Modern Family might be true–it all depends on Winter’s choice of college. The 17-year-old is applying this fall, and says she’ll try to stay in-state…but that she can’t guarantee anything. Would she actually leave the show? Read on for her full explanation.Rumors of Ariel Winter leaving Modern Family have been rumbling for the past year. Now that the 17-year-old actress is getting ready to apply to colleges, it seems the possibility is stronger than it’s ever been.