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Ariel Winter leaving Modern Family? Star’s college choice will dictate show’s future

The rumors of Ariel Winter leaving Modern Family might be true–it all depends on Winter’s choice of college. The 17-year-old is applying this fall, and says she’ll try to stay in-state…but that she can’t guarantee anything. Would she actually leave the show? Read on for her full explanation.Rumors of Ariel Winter leaving Modern Family have been rumbling for the past year. Now that the 17-year-old actress is getting ready to apply to colleges, it seems the possibility is stronger than it’s ever been.

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter goes back to her blonde roots


Usually dark-haired Modern Family star Ariel Winter recently revealed in a Twitter session that she’s naturally blonde, and now she’s gone back to her roots! The 15-year-old posted a fair-haired selfie on instagram Friday (above,) with the comment “Back to blonde#fridaychange #blondie #imnaturallyblonde #nicetobeback #whatdoyouthink #selfie” Here’s Ariel out and about Sunday: Her brunette days:

Ariel Winter supports claims her mother would deprive her food, call her names

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Modern Family actress Ariel Winter experienced some real-life drama in recent months, as she claimed her mother was verbally and physically abusive. Now in the comfort of her sister’s stable home, the 15-year-old Winter said she is much happier. “My life is definitely more normal — and that’ll help me grow up like I’m supposed to,” […]

Daughter addiction: Disney announces Sofia the First series premiere date


Over 5.2 million people tuned in to watch the premiere showing of Sofia the First the movie on Disney. Now there will be a series that follows Sofia’s adventures in Enchancia… As a dad of daughter royalty myself I figured I’d give all you princess parents a heads up as to when the latest Disney daughter addiction will be premiering. Also, find out where you can score some Sofia merchandise in time for Christmas.

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter removed from home after abuse allegations against her mother


Ariel Winter may have a pair of loving on-screen parents on ABC’s Modern Family, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for her real life. The 14-year-old actress has been removed from her home in the wake of alleged emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her mother, and she is in the custody of her older sister.

UPDATE – Read details of the alleged abuse that includes slapping, hitting, pushing, vile name calling, personal insults, and the withholding of food!