Ann Curry

NBC didn’t allow Ann Curry to comfort ailing Robin Roberts publicly

According to a recent report, things were so heated at Today that former host Ann Curry wasn’t even allowed to publicly comfort ailing Robin Roberts. Since Ann’s unpopular dismissal, Today has been floundering while Good Morning America has taken over the top spot in the all-important morning ratings wars.

Did NBC ban Ann Curry from appearing live?

The second part of 2012 likely wasn’t the best in Ann Curry’s life. After being “released” from her position at the Today’s co-anchor, the respected reporter’s role on NBC was drastically limited. However, it seems that 2012 was even worse for NBC Universal — but unlike with Curry, there doesn’t seem to be much public support of the network executives’ decisions.

VIDEO I think Al Roker just put Matt Lauer on live blast about Ann Curry!

NBC is still riding the Olympic waves as the folks with Today were interviewing some gals from the U.S. rowing team. It was your usual Today light-side fluff until Al Roker rocked some serious live awkwardness with what certainly appeared to be a dig at Matt Lauer and what happened to Ann Curry. After this Roker might be next on the chopping block. Check it out!