Angela “Big Ang” Raiola

Read Big Ang’s full eulogy from her funeral


The entertainment world is still reeling after the passing of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, one of reality television’s most-loved stars, who passed away on February 18 after battling stage 4 lung and brain cancer. Although it would be entirely impossible to completely sum up everything that this bigger-than-life soul meant to her fans and those who knew her personally, close friends Vinnie Medugno and Diane Morton-Gattulo did an amazing job with their emotional eulogy read at Big Ang’s funeral service in Brooklyn last week. Keep reading for the full eulogy, as read by Vinnie, as well as Diane’s reflections on writing it.

VIDEOS Mob Wives’ Big Ang reveals grim cancer prognosis on Dr. Oz

Big Ang update 2

The latest Big Ang update in the Mob Wives star’s ongoing battle with cancer comes from Angela Raiola herself, who sat with Dr. Oz for an episode of his show today. Big Ang opened up about the shock she felt when she received her diagnosis of stage four brain and lung cancer, and discussed how the diagnosis is affecting her family. Dr. Oz also asked the question that’s been on Big Ang’s fans’ minds for weeks: What is her prognosis?