Amber Portwood

Matt Baier’s ex-wife speaks out, to appear on Dr. Phil?


The alleged child count continues to rise for Matt Baier, the controversial fiancé of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood. A woman named Jeanette Reedy has come forward to reveal she was married to Matt from 2007-2008, during which time she became pregnant with his daughter. Keep reading for all the latest, including the real possibility that we may be seeing some of Matt’s exes on Dr. Phil soon!

PHOTOS Jenelle Evans with Matt Baier, Kail Lowry with Jeremy Calvert in NYC


The stars of Teen Mom 2 are currently in New York City to film after shows, and they have been joined by…Amber Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier?! Keep reading to see Jenelle and Matt together–an extremely odd pairing, given the fact that Matt bashed Jenelle on Twitter for months less than a couple of years ago. Also, another Matt Twitter bashing victim, Kailyn Lowry, posed with co-star Leah Messer’s ex Jeremy Calvert! Keep reading for those photos, as well as numerous samples of Matt’s hateful tweets about Jenelle and Kail.


Farrah Abraham calls Amber Portwood’s fiancé Matt ‘dead beat’

It appears that the on-again, off-again friendship between Teen Mom OG co-stars Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham is once again in the “off” position as Farrah flexed her social media muscles by tossing Amber’s controversial fiancé Matt Baier under the bus for allegedly owing child support for eight children.

VIDEOS Sneak peeks for upcoming Teen Mom OG Unseen Moments Special


For everyone who’s having a hard time letting go of all your favorite Teen Mom OG peeps (slowly raises hand), we’ve put together all the sneak peek clips MTV posted for the upcoming Unseen Moments Special. Watch as Farrah goes full Abraham on a producer who’s trying to ask questions for Simon Saran, Catelynn Lowell does her best to deal with a crying Nova, Ryan Edwards reps his no-show game and Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have a TMI conversation about a “fahhht” during a massage session.

Gary Shirley talks Matt Baier’s ‘whole life of trash’ in Teen Mom OG Reunion Part 2 preview


The gloves come off big time in preview videos for Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion! Watch as Gary Shirley nails Matt Baier over his questionable history, Matt says Shirley is “full of s**t,” and Amber comes to her man’s defense! As a bonus, we captured a next-level eye-roll from Shirley that’s a must see.

Matt Baier accused of sexual assault in 2014 restraining order filing


The skeletons continue to dance out of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s fiancé Matthew Baier’s closet! The latest comes from a woman who accused him of sexual assault in a restraining order filed just months before Amber revealed she was dating Matt.

UPDATE – It has since been revealed that the woman who filed the restraining order, a 34-year-old mother of a young boy, committed suicide in November of 2014. The woman’s mother says she was “frightened” of Matt and that she found out he had told her numerous lies after researching his background.