Amber Portwood

Matt Baier book excerpt: Amber Portwood blackmailed over his past, tabloids use ‘scare quotes’ and ‘invented sins’ to make him seem bad


Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have spent the majority of their three-year relationship defending themselves against critics.¬†As a result of the backlash they’ve faced, Matt announced he would be writing a book to, once and for all, set the record straight. Check out the first excerpt from the book!

VIDEOS Amber Portwood shows off home office, HUGE collection of autographed guitars


Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood surprised fans earlier today when she took them on a video tour of her home office and revealed that she and Matt have an AMAZING collection of autographed guitars and other music memorabilia! Plus, Amber has a framed poster of Matt’s book Guys Don’t Rat On Guys that lists him as the author, which is odd because he published it under the name Grey Baker in 2008.