Alana Thompson

PHOTO Human female anatomy according to Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June


Tonight was the season premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo as America’s favorite redneck family made their triumphant return to the small screen with two back-to-back episodes. In the second episode, appropriately titled “The Birds and the Boos,” Mama June tried talking to her three older daughters about sex — a conversation chock full of anatomical Mama Junisms ranging from “fruit loop” (vagina) to ting tangs (breasts). Thankfully (or perhaps not), TLC producers created an Operation-inspired visual guide to the human female anatomy according to Mama June that illustrates exactly what’s what.

PHOTOS Mama June updates Honey Boo Boo’s sister Pumpkin’s condition after car wreck


Mama June updates fans on Honey Boo Boo’s sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Thompson’s condition after the family’s car accident last week. Although Pumpkin returned home from the hospital yesterday, she is still having serious issues with post-severe concussion symptoms and post-traumatic stress disorder from the wreck. (Includes photos of Pumpkin from the hospital.) #GetWellSoonPumpkin

Update on Honey Boo Boo’s dad Sugar Bear’s medical condition


Viewers of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo know that Alana Thompson’s dad Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson has been having a number of medical issues that have resulted in several trips to the hospital over the past year. He and his family are currently in Jacksonville, Florida so a neurologist can run tests on him. Keep reading for all of Mama June’s updates on his condition over he last few days. #prayersforsugarbear

Johnny Depp loves watching Honey Boo Boo, and so do tons of other celebs


Johnny Depp admits to being a Honey Boo Boo fan, even though it scares him a little bit. “I’m a little frightened of the show,” he revealed on Extra while promoting The Lone Ranger. “That’s the thing… they’re probably great people, but there are bits that happen that just I am mesmerized by.” This wasn’t just a one-time Honey Boo Boo mention, Depp also told The Rolling Stone that he’s a “Honey Boo Boo man.”

Johnny’s not alone in his HBB addiction, click to see more high profile celebs who can’t get enough of Alana Thompson, Mama June, Sugar Bear, and the rest of this eccentric Georgia family.

VIDEO Big Brother fired pageant coordinator GinaMarie mimics Honey Boo Boo

GinaMarie Zimmerman Honey Boo Boo

Big Brother 15 houseguest GinaMarie Zimmerman has been fired from her real world pageant coordinator job for racist comments she has made while being in the house. The company she’s worked for is appalled by her hateful comments stating that they’re shocked she’s not the role model for little pageant girls they thought she was. In perfect random reality symmetry, I came across the following video that GinaMarie Zimmerman posted to YouTube in which the now fired pageant coordinator featured on a suddenly controversial and popular reality show impersonates a young and famous lady who participated in beauty pageants and stars on a controversial reality show, Honey Boo Boo!

Honey Boo Boo’s dad Sugar Bear receives “not a good” diagnosis from neurologist


Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s dad Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson visited a neurologist Monday after he apparently continued to have fainting episodes similar to the one that led to his hospitalization back in late May. Mama June took to Facebook to share the results, which don’t sound very good at all.