Adam Lind

Adam Lind weighs in on Leah Messer’s ‘drug problem,’ other Teen Mom 2 co-stars


In a new interview, Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind opened up about his impression of his MTV co-stars based on their meetings at the reunion shows and shared his real thoughts about continuing with the show, even though it doesn’t paint him in the best light. (Adam also says the truth will be revealed in the autobiography he plans to write!)

VIDEO Adam Lind admits to faults but puts blame on Chelsea Houska in Teen Mom 2 Reunion preview

Chelsea and Adam TN

Although we really didn’t need Adam Lind to tell us he hasn’t been the best father, it is good to hear he’s finally admitted that to himself. The only problem is, he is still finding ways to put some of the blame on Chelsea Houska. Take a look at his rant, including his explanation for skipping Father’s Day with Aubree…


Adam Lind’s ex Brooke Beaton shares recent domestic abuse photos for #‎SilenceHidesViolence‬

27-year-old aspiring model Brooke Beaton broke things off with Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind late last year amid allegations of abuse and stalking, and soon after she found herself in a relationship that came to an abrupt end with a violent altercation last weekend that left her with two black eyes and multiple bruises. Immediately after the incident, Brooke decided to use her injuries to shine a spotlight on domestic violence by posing for a #SilenceHidesViolence photo shoot. Keep reading to see the startling photos that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook, and find out details about Brooke’s terrifying altercation with her boyfriend, with whom she had been friends for eight years.