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Daily Starbuzz 10/16/09

Halloween alert: Flying Monkey Puppies! – Buzzfeed Is RobPat quitting Hollywood – PopEater 17 Micheal Jackson costumes creepier than the real thing – COED Keanu Reeves gets cleared of a paternity suit – Busy Bee Khloe K. wants a skinny pregnancy – Amy Grindhouse Cindy Lauper is a Celebrity Apprentice – dlisted Monty Python celebrates […]

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster track listing and release date revealed!

NOTE – Please see updates at the bottom of this post for additional The Fame Monster releases including a collector’s edition and single disc release of just the 8-track Monster disc. The release dates for the single and double disc releases are November 23, the collector’s edition will be available December 15th, 2009. There are […]

PHOTOS Who’s Who of Who’s Not – 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards

How do I even begin to describe the retina-burning fashion and style atrocities that walked down the red carpet at the 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards? At first I was excited to have a fantastically awkward photo of Paris Hilton looking like an advertisement for some sort of new ultra-thin number-two-absorbing adult diaper, but […]

Anna Nicole Smith took drugs for brain seizures and back pain caused by her breast implants

Department of Justice special agent Danny Santiago testified in Los Angeles on Tuesday that he was told Anna Nicole Smith died of a mixture of drugs she was taking for brain seizures and back pain stemming from the weight of her breast implants. The coroner’s report from March of 2007 states that Smith’s death was […]

PHOTOS and VIDEO Maria Shriver talking on cell phone while driving AGAIN

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger supported a law that was passed last year in California making it illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving. It seems his wife didn’t get the memo because Maria Shriver has already been photographed three times breakin’ da law, the latest of which occurred just minutes after Arnold tweeted to […]