Blake Griffin

The mother of Blake Griffin’s kids is formally accusing him of abandoning them for Kendall Jenner

It’s been six months since NBA All-Star Blake Griffin allegedly ditched his fiancée and the mother of his two kids in favor of Kendall Jenner — and the scorned ex-lover is coming for him. Brynn Cameron, Blake’s ex, is suing him for palimony and formally accusing him of abandoning his family for Kendall’s wiles. Read on for Brynn’s full lawsuit, which is about as messy as it gets.

REPORT Blake Griffin’s baby mama Brynn Cameron takes the kids and moves out over Kendall Jenner cheating rumors

Kendall Jenner, the Kardashian who normally works the hardest to avoid tabloid drama, is saved from bigger headlines this week only by a pair of unexpected family babies. Her quiet relationship with NBA All-Star Blake Griffin has morphed from casual dinners to casual dinners in clearly post-coital sweatpants to cross-country Fashion Week visits, and the […]

Kendall Jenner dating Blake Griffin, A$AP Rocky at the same time

Rumors have had Kendall Jenner dating NBA star Blake Griffin for several weeks, ever since the pair started showing up together for low-key dinners at high-profile Los Angeles restaurants and allegedly snuggling at a string of celebrity parties. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that 1) Kendall […]

Is Kendall Jenner dating Blake Griffin? A$AP Rocky ‘shocked, hurt, and surprised’ as romance heats up

They’ve been spotted twice on what multiple observers said looked a lot like dates (and speculation about their fashion choices has already led to rampant bedroom gossip). But is Kendall Jenner dating Blake Griffin, or are the two simply seeing a lot of each other for no clear reason? According to the latest report, it […]