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How old is Kijafa Vick 1

BALLER WIVES Kijafa Vick rocks bikini photos at 23 weeks ahead of new show’s premiere

Huge congratulations are in order for Kijafa and Michael Vick, the star couple of Baller Wives, VH1’s newest sports-based reality TV enterprise. The two recently announced that they’re expecting their third child together, and first in quite awhile: oldest daughter, London, is 13 years old; soon-to-be-middle child Jada is 10. Neither Kijafa nor Michael have […]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tia Becca offers new pregnancy details, teases Season 6 info

Did Tia Becca have her baby 1

It’s been almost six months since LHHATL’s Tia Becca announced her surprise pregnancy, and viewers are already wondering: Did Tia Becca lose her baby? Because the cast and crew are prepping for LHHATL Season 6, Tia recently sat down for a full-length interview, during which she shared some new pregnancy updates, including her due date, and what fans should expect from the new season! Read on for the latest!

LHHATL Joseline Hernandez continues to tease possible pregnancy, claims she’s filming a special for VH1

Does Joseline Hernandez have a daughter 1

Does Joseline Hernandez have a daughter? The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star continues to flaunt what might be a baby bump in social media photos, and has now gone so far as to say that she’s begun filming her very own pregnancy special for VH1. Meanwhile, Joseline continues to have her share of detractors, among them her estranged partner Stevie J.

Is J-Nicks Tiarra's baby daddy 4

LHHATL Is J-Nicks Tiarra’s baby daddy? He denies it as she teases secret photos

Is J-Nicks Tiarra’s baby daddy? And, if it’s not him, just who is Tiarra’s baby daddy? Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewers have been in a tizzy over these questions for the past few days, thanks to a swirl of rumors about whether Scrapp DeLeon is the child’s father. Making matters more confusing for fans (and a whole lot more fun for her) is the fact that Tiarra / Tia Becca has shared a string of photos of herself and her man–with the man’s face conveniently blurred out. Read on to see the photos and get the latest!

VIDEO LHHATL Is Tammy Rivera pregnant? She and Waka reveal her uterine status

Is Tammy Rivera pregnant 2

Is Tammy Rivera pregnant? That question has occupied the minds of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans for over a month, ever since she and Waka Flocka Flame decided to tease the news of their reconciliation with a little baby bump speculation. Now, with the LHHATL Season 5 reunion is set to air, the pair have been making the media rounds–and, naturally, the topic of Tammy’s possible pregnancy has come up. Read on to see what the newly happy couple has to say about it!

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian maybe possibly totally faked their breakup to sell an app

Blac Chyna baby bump

Are Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian engaged? (Still?) Their forthcoming marriage was, by all outward appearances, put on hold earlier this week, thanks to a surprise breakup that lasted all of twelve-ish hours. Now, a compelling–and entertaining!–new theory posits that the whole thing was actually an engineered product placement grab by the media super-savvy Kardashian affiliates, as they each have an app coming out soon and their joint TV show debuts later this year. Read on for details…

Blac Chyna baby prognosticators say it’s a girl, but could be a boy (or both)

Blac Chyna arrives to host a club night in Los Angeles, California in a low cut pink jumpsuit on April 23, 2016.

Pictured: Blac Chyna
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We’ve had the third potentially major Blac Chyna baby update in the past two weeks, but are probably still no closer to actually knowing what Blac and Rob are expecting. According to a bevy of new reports, the couple is on track for a girl…unless the other reports are correct, and it’s a boy. And, of course, twins remain in the mix. It’s a Kardashian baby cocktail!