PHOTOS The Maci Bookout McKinney wedding coloring book available for Amazon pre-order

Can’t get enough of Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney’s beautiful and fun wedding? Then you will be excited to know that they are publishing an adult coloring book using only photos from their wedding album! Keep reading to find out all about it, including a link to pre-order your copy now. Plus, we decided to see what the experience would be like by creating our own outlined Maci Bookout wedding photo to color in — and the result was surprisingly fun?!

PHOTO Taylor Swift’s fan-made Polaroid knit sweater is ‘everything’


Are you a huge Taylor Swift fan wondering what you can do to get noticed by the A-List superstar? The answer is simple: knit her a sweater featuring a Taylor Swift Polaroid! Keep reading to check out Taylor wearing an example given to her by a fan after last night’s concert in Denver; plus, see our own Swifty sweater creation.

PHOTOS Chris Brown’s new head tattoo of Venus by Antonio Canova


Singer Chris Brown seems to have embraced the notion that two heads are better than one as he went under the needle once again to get a large tattoo of the head of Antonio Canova’s Venus sculpture on the back of his noggin. Keep reading to see the photo shared then quickly deleted by Chris, plus find out the likely reason he chose this particular statue.

PHOTO Donald Trump skewered in drawing by Dr. Jenn’s 8-yr-old daughter


The internet is chock full of Donald Trump detractors. But few people have taken down the chronic foot-in-mouth sufferer and attention addict as artfully as Dr. Jenn Mann’s eight-year-old daughter Mendez. Mendez nailed Mr. Trump and his laughable campaign to become the next President of the United States in a simple drawing her mother shared proudly on Twitter.

PHOTO Baltimore riots Time magazine cover asks ‘Is this 1968 or 2015?’ with Instagram photo


See the iconic new Time magazine cover featuring an image from aspiring professional photographer Devin Allen, who has been sharing his amazing photographs of his hometown in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death on Instagram. The image (and the Baltimore protests) suggest our country is still wrestling with some of the same race issues from 40 years ago, but at the same time, it reveals the revolutionary new way we are informed about what is going on. Keep reading to see more of the stunning imagery captured by Allen on the streets of Baltimore, and read his account of taking the photo as well as his reaction to being featured on the cover of Time.

Kenya Moore shares RHOA Reunion Last Supper photo with herself as Jesus


The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore has upped her sense of self-worth game. Leaving behind her Margaret Mitchell inspired tagline of “Gone With the Wind fabulous,” the former beauty queen is now Biblically Fabulous — as in New Testament! Kenyardo da Vinci recently shared a photo on Instagram featuring herself as Jesus Christ in the famous “Last Supper” painting with her RHOA cast mates as her disciples. Keep reading to see the full photo with a complete breakdown of who’s who!

PHOTOS Woman uses feminist period pads to spread anti-rape message

Woman Using Period Pads To Spread Feminist Messages

Her name is Elonë and she says her message is simple: “Feminism is equality, not men hate.” Of course, this being the Internet and all, not everyone is down for feminist positivity and shaming rape apologists by sticking sanitary napkins with message taped to them all over the city. (She is basically using maxi pads to tweet IRL, you guys. She also employs slightly more conventional social media tactics, which are clearly working.) See pics of the now-viral feminist period pads and meet Elonë here…