REPORT Kim Kardashian commissions $2,000 butt selfie sculpture for Kanye


Kim Kardashian continues her bid to be more like fellow tabloid superstar Farrah Abraham, this time by reportedly following in the Teen Momtrepreneur’s footsteps by making a mold of her famous privates. Unlike Farrah, Kim’s gluteus maximusterpiece won’t be available for purchase (and numerous other things), but is instead a gift for her badonkadonk-loving beau Kanye West.

PHOTOS Lady Gaga channels MC Escher and HR Giger at the Louvre


Lady Gaga continues her ode to visual artists via fashion as she posed for ARTPOPerazzi shots outside the Louvre’s famous Pyramid in Paris France wearing a playful geometric M. C. Eschertastic black and white body suit with sinister black H. R. Gigerrific super-stiletto heels and matching Alienesque silver rope hair. Do you Louvre it as much as I do?!?