2010 Emmy Awards

PHOTOS Christina Hendricks and January Jones body swap

The AMC show Mad Men boasts two of the most beautiful women on the planet, but their distinctly different looks have men the world over drawing lines and choosing teams. January Jones is the svelte blond with the looks of Grace Kelly mixed with a tomboyish love of beer and sports. Christina Hendricks is a full-figured red head with more curves than the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I thought it might be an interesting experiment to swap a few things around and test guys’ loyalties a bit. Is it her hair that makes you a bigger fan of one than the other? Is it her face? Is it her body? Keep reading to test yourself!

HBO’s movie about autistic Temple Grandin sweeps the 2010 Emmys

The HBO movie Temple Grandin staring Claire Danes swept the 2010 Emmy Awards in almost all movie and mini-series categories. Every acceptance speech included mention of Temple, who was in the audience wearing her signature flashy cowgirl shirt and western belt buckle and she proudly stood up almost every time. She was even able to […]

Anna Paquin wears an Egyptian warrior style Alexander McQueen at 2010 Emmy Awards

Newlywed Anna Paquin graced the 2010 red carpet in a show-stopping Alexander McQueen. The black dress was cut high in the front, short in the back, and the collar and shoulders are  embellished gold to create a military-like Egyptian look. The True Blood star was there with her new husband and co-star Stephen Moyer. The […]

VIDEO Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Jane Lynch perform “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen

Jimmy Fallon and Randy Jackson as Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons

There had been a great deal of speculation over what the grand opening number would be for the 62nd Prime Time Emmy Awards. All we knew is that it involved dancing and an ensemble cast that included Jimmy Fallon, John Hamm, Jane Lynch and others.

While folks tossed about Glee-inspired renditions of Lady Gaga or perhaps a Dancing With The Stars spoof, Jimmy and the crew took everyone by surprise with a hilarious rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s classic rock anthem “Born To Run!”