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The many moods of Kim Kardashian looks like just one mood
Maybe it's the Botox, maybe it's the lack of inspiration, but when Kim Kardashian posted up this montage of "moods" this week it was difficult to distinguish one from the
Tara Reid is selling a Shark perfume Tara Reid is capitalizing on the success of Sharknado and Sharknado 2 with a new fragrance. It doesn't claim to smell like the ocean, or hungry sharks, or even tornados. Going
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt send handwritten love letters to each other
Busy A-list actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can't always be by each others side, but instead of sending emoji texts when they're apart, they pen love letters. Angelina Jolie
Beyoncifying: Getting over your breakup by putting Beyonce’s face on your ex’s photos
19-year-old Cassandra Blackwel started a sensation this weekend when she used Tumblr and some casual Photoshop to get over an ex-boyfriend. Her secret, healing weapon? Beyonce. Cassandra just started cropping Beyonce's
This is what OITNB’s George Mendez looks like without his mustache
It's hard to pull off a "pornstache" even if you're a nice person, but when you the character George Mendez from Orange is the New Black it just makes our
VIDEO: Mark Ruffalo geeks out over spotting Paul Rudd at Comic Con
Celebrities have celeb crushes too. Case in point: Mark Ruffalo, who has been in approximately 12 million movies and still freaks out over spotting Paul Rudd. "Is that Paul Rudd?" Ruffalo
It looks like Ariana Grande has made up with her father
Ariana Grande covers the new Seventeen magazine this month and reveals that she's not speaking to her father, Edward Butera, but it looks like the two of them have patched
OK Cupid is experimenting on and lying to some of its users, says “That’s how websites work”
Everyone got a little upset when Facebook revealed they had performed experiments on their news feeds, and now OK Cupid is saying they've done similar stuff, and even took their
Teresa Giudice shares family bikini beach pics
Teresa and Joe Giudice are squeezing all the family time they can get before their September sentencing for fraud charges. Teresa shared via Instagram some snaps herself, Joe, and their
Are Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez BFFs now?
It looks like Selena Gomez has found a companion in model Cara Delevingne after parting ways with both her ex Justin Bieber, and her former friend Demi Lovato. Cara has