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Demi Lovato has a unique pop tour opening act
Demi Lovato is going for an unconventional headline act for her upcoming world tour. Instead of a band or singer, Demi's going with a motivational speaker. Due to a rare
Did Fran Drescher’s husband really invent email?
When Fran Drescher married Shiva Ayyadurai earlier this month, he was described as the "inventor of email." Is that really the case? Of course, everything about this is highly complicated
Johnny Depp has his Captain Sparrow costume with him at all times
Today Reddit's TIL featured a heartwarming tidbit about Johnny Depp. Last year he revealed that he carried his Captain Sparrow costume with him when he travels. It's not for kinky cosplay,
A jar of Kevin Spacey’s breath is for sale
A Vancouver man is hawking Kevin Spacey's breath in a jar via Craigslist. He hasn't yet set a price for this illustrious prize because he wants to meet with prospective
James Brown’s daughter reveals he abused her mother, and she repeated the cycle of abuse
James Brown's daughter Yamma Brown published a memoir, Cold Sweat, earlier this month that revealed a dark side to James Brown that wasn't mentioned in this summer's biopic Get On
Gerard Depardieu says he drinks 14 bottles of wine a day
65-year-old French actor Gerard Depardieu, who is now a Russian citizen, and has been cast in a Russian film, is the complete opposite of a teetotaler. Even most heavy drinkers
Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini were great, but Rocco is the true star of The Drop
The Drop, which opened last weekend, features stellar performances by the late James Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace, and especially Tom Hardy, but the dog Rocco really stole the whole film. Directed
Chris Pratt’s first headshot
Chris Pratt, the darling of the summer, is set to host the season premiere of SNL's 40th season. Pop sensation Ariana Grande will join him as the musical guest, so
Amy Winehouse statue unveiled in Camden on her birthday
Yesterday, on what would be the late singer's 31st birthday, a statue of Amy Winehouse was unveiled in her favorite London neighborhood, Camden. The statue was made by sculptor
OITNB writer Lauren Morelli splits with husband and dating Samira Wiley after realizing she was gay
Writer Lauren Morelli is splitting from her husband after realizing she is a lesbian like many of the characters she writes about on Orange is the New Black. Soon after