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Hostgator Dotcom wants his facial tattoos removed

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Hostgator Dotcom was born William Gibby, but, a few years ago, he was in a desperate situation, and decided to sell parts of himself as advertising space–including his legal name. Now, the father of five kids doesn’t mind changing his name again, but he wants the websites tattooed on his face, many of which are porn sites or just don’t exist anymore, gone.

Montage of Heck documentary helped Frances Bean get closer to her father


Frances Bean Cobain looks a lot like her late father Kurt Cobain, and she has lived in the shadow of his myth, but because he died when she was only 20 months old, she never really knew him. That sad fact can’t be changed, but Montage of Heck director Brett Morgen said her involvement in the film helped her understand him in a deeper way.