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Model Andrej Pejic had sex reassignment surgery, is now Andreja
Model Andreja Pejic was born male (formerly Andrej,) and took the world by storm with her androgynous beauty, but the 22-year-old has always identified as female. She's recently come out
How many kids does Kim Zolciak have now?
When the public first met wig rocking Kim Zolciak on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008, she was a single mom raising her two daughters with the financial
Jwoww shares first photo of baby daughter Meilani
  Jwoww, who's now a Jmomm, shared some beautiful new photos of her brand new baby Meilani with In Touch. They're super-exclusvie, but you can see them over at The Daily Mail. 28-year-old
Is mean girl Willow Pape in ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ based on a real person?
Don't worry, you're like everyone else, including the EPA. You downloaded the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app ironically and then got addicted to playing the fame game. Maybe you spent $5
Is Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown pregnant again?
Tonight's season finale of Sister Wives (don't worry, there's a "reunion" episode next week,) involved a slideshow about the family and ended with Robyn Brown about to make a special
Botched preview: Reality star Saaphyri’s previous plastic surgeon was murdered
Saaphyri Windsor (a.k.a Wanda Scott) has quite a dramatic tale for Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. The Flavor of Love 2 contestant and Flavor of Love Girls: Charm
How did Joe Giudice’s father die?
The lives of RHONJ's Joe and Teresa Giudice are definitely in turmoil right now as they await sentencing after pleading guilty to fraud charges. They were actually supposed to be
Here’s the track listing for The Beatles’ “Black Album” from “Boyhood”
One of the details that makes Boyhood so intimate and compelling is how Ethan Hawke's character Mason Sr. incorporates his love of music into fatherhood. One of the most charming
Are Teen Mom’s Kailyn and Javi headed to couples’ counseling?
On the Teen Mom 2 season premiere on July 16, Kailyn and Javi were going through some tough times following the birth of their new baby Lincoln. They were also
Here’s the song from the Boyhood trailer that you can’t get out of your head
The songs on Boyhood soundtrack are recognizable indie rock hits from the past 12 years, but the final song, and the one used in the trailer, seems kind of fresh