The Last Alaskans Season 4 cast 2

The Last Alaskans Season 4 cast changes coming: Is Discovery looking for new families?

Discovery’s critically acclaimed show The Last Alaskans is set to air its third season finale tonight. As always, the possibility that some of the show’s families may choose not to return to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is in the air. And, given how tumultuous this season has been, it’s probably fair to say that […]

Is Jackie Christie’s daughter Takari Lee depressed? Takari rips mother after unfounded claim

Is Jackie Christie's daughter Takari Lee depressed 1

Things keep getting worse between Basketball Wives‘ Jackie Christie and her estranged daughter Takari Lee. Last week, Jackie shared a string of throwback pics featuring herself and Takari on Instagram in an attempt at trying to bridge the gap between them, but Takari (and a lot of BBW viewers) saw the attempt as a play […]

LHHATL Full video of Karen King dragging Tommie & exposing her ‘dark past’

Karen King exposes Tommie full video 5

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Tommie has had an interesting run on the show since we exposed several dozen of her mug shots and criminal records during Season 5. This season, her struggles with alcohol abuse have taken center stage; by Tommie’s own admission, almost all of the high-profile mistakes she’s made in the last […]

Did Cristen Metoyer have an abortion 2

BASKETBALL WIVES Did Cristen Metoyer have an abortion? Is she lying about her miscarriage?

New Basketball Wives cast member Cristen Metoyer has become a focal point of the show’s drama over the past couple of episodes. The offense she took at the surprise makeover Evelyn sprung on her turned into a major point of contention, one that forced Evelyn into an apology but still resulted in bad blood. Now, […]

LINKS! McKayla Maroney thongage II, India hates Bieber, Vanderpump Blazes…

McKayla Maroney in a thong 1

DLISTED Dani Mathers’ body shaming is about to result in a real-life legal spanking

REALITY TEA Lisa Vanderpump’s other restaurant caught fire

JEZEBEL Last Man Standing‘s cancellation has pissed off a lot of conspiracy theory-seeing folks

CELEBITCHY Donald Trump’s classified intelligence leaks were for “humanitarian reasons,” says Donald Trump

THE BLEMISH McKayla Maroney posed in a thong for Instagram, enjoyed the response, did it again

VOX Here’s a list of intriguing books you should read this summer (or read them just ’cause; summer is great but no one needs an excuse to read a book)

VERY SMART BROTHAS People are strange

THE SUPERFICIAL India is merely the latest country to hate Justin Bieber

UPROXX Mikey Day, the SNL cast member who came up with the “David Pumpkins” sketch (and a bunch of others) is weird in one of the good ways; check out this interview with him and laugh

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne dating as rumors of alcoholism intensify

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne 3

According to a string of new reports, Scott Disick and Bella Thorne have begun a surprise relationship in order for Scott to detract attention from his increasingly troubling problems with alcohol and sex addiction. For starters, a new TMZ report claims that Scott is “drowning” in alcohol and in dire need of a fifth stint […]