MY 600 LB LIFE Gideon Yeakley shines with a brand new body–and a new baby girl

MY 600 LB LIFE Gideon Yeakley 1

Gideon Yeakley came to My 600 Lb Life in desperate straits. And, following his successful bypass surgery, Gideon actually sunk into a worse depression, stemming from the fact that his diet left him too lethargic to do much. Now, though, he’s lost almost half his body weight–and is celebrating a new addition to the Yeakley family! Read on for the details!

Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire are ‘better,’ but another custody battle looms

Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire 1

Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire, the father of her 30-month-old son Harper, are in a “better place” than they’ve ever been. But Shane ‘s new petition asking for more parenting time and accusing Nicole of deliberately dragging out Shane’s breastfeeding threatens to reopen old wounds…

Basketball Wives Season 7 2

Tami Roman may quit Basketball Wives Season 7 and do a “Bonnet Chronicles” show instead

The first of the OGs is gone! Tami Roman has apparently quit Basketball Wives ahead of filming for Season 7, saying she’s “outgrown” the show. But she might not have outgrown TV altogether–as a string of recent updates indicates, she might be angling for her own “Bonnet Chronicles”-based series…