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Alicia Witt The Walking Dead interview

INTERVIEW Alicia Witt meets us on the Kill Floor with The Walking Dead

In our follow-up interview with actress Alicia Witt, she is finally able to spill the beans about her pivotal role as Paula on The Walking Dead: part Negan operative, part mirror image of Carol, all badass tragic figure! Keep reading to find out Alicia’s take on Paula, how she landed the role, and what it was like to have her face chewed off by a zombie!

INTERVIEW Alicia Witt talks Nashville, her music, and The Walking Dead

We at Starcasm are massive Walking Dead fans. We’re also a bunch of country music nerds. So when we heard Alicia Witt, one of the hardest-working women in show biz, was recently cast not only in AMC’s The Walking Dead but ABC’s Nashville, we knew we had to talk to her – if only to find out which is harder: chasing country music chart hits or running away from zombies!

INTERVIEW Jon Bernthal talks Shane Walsh, The Walking Dead, and L.A. Noir

In The Walking Dead, lots of viewers loved Shane, warts and all. Lots feared him. But everyone, ultimately, respected him. In the battle of wills between Shane and Rick, the refrain “Shane was right” was bandied between fans many a time. But all things must pass, and (SPOILERS!!!) Shane is gone. But actor Jon Bernthal is still with us! This Starcasm interview with Jon gives us his take on the whole Shane vs. Rick story them, his thoughts on Frank Darabont, and what comes next for him: a starring role in the AMC show L.A. Noir!