Ariel Winter mostly clothed 2

LINKS! Ariel Winter mostly clothed, Elton John’s near-death recovery, Melania Kardashian…

DLISTED LeAnn Rimes is as happy to be married to Eddie Cibrian as Zoolander is to be good looking

REALITY TEA “Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright went to Florida and got matching tattoos together” sounds like a recipe for disaster but they actually turned out pretty good?

JEZEBEL Sir Elton John was near death for a minute *sharp intake of breath* but is now recovering nicely *collective exhale*

CELEBITCHY The Vanity Fair “exposé” on Melania Trump is mostly just gossip and rumor, meaning she’s officially on the Kardashians’ level

THE BLEMISH Ariel Winter can and will wear minimal clothing whenever she wants, and the SEO harvesters among us will forever worship at her feet for it

VOX Barack Obama is playing the very, very long game

VERY SMART BROTHAS Henrietta Lacks’ legacy is only going to get more complicated now that even more people who aren’t her family are profiting from it

THE SUPERFICIAL The best thing about Amber Heard and Elon Musk going public with their bangery is the Nikola Tesla joke in this article, so enjoy

UPROXX “Tupac is an official member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame” is a weird thing to write on several levels

COOPER’S TREASURE Discovery strikes astronaut gold with the most absurd, delightful premise in reality TV history

Cooper's Treasure Discovery 1

Discovery’s Cooper’s Treasure has had the broad cross-section of the reality TV, treasure hunt, and outer space communities salivating ever since the network first announced the show. The implications of a hunt for shipwrecked treasure based on an astronaut treasure map were almost too good to be true–particularly since the initial wave of information about […]

THE REAL STORY Martin Tankleff today remains devoted to justice despite 17 years false imprisonment

Martin Tankleff today 1

Maria Elena Salinas, who counts Emmys, Peabodys, and Edward R. Murrow awards among her many accolades, is launching a new true crime show in conjunction with Investigation Discovery. Entitled The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas, the show, per its press release, “peels back the layers of national headline-making crimes in search of new evidence, […]

VIDEO Why are Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada feuding? Jackie explains her side of the GoFundMe beef

Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada 1

It seems like Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada are responsible for almost every feud on Basketball Wives this season, so it’s unsurprising that two of the cast’s biggest names would also square off against each other. However, judging by the comments on social media, a fair percentage of the show’s fans are a bit confused […]

Nicole Curtis' son Harper 1

Nicole Curtis talks ‘the most important thing’ in her life as she preps a new season of Rehab Addict

2016 was an extraordinarily trying year for Nicole Curtis. The Rehab Addict star was involved in a lengthy and unpleasant custody battle with the father of her youngest child, one result of which was that Nicole Curtis’ son Harper was exposed to the public for the first time despite his mother’s fierce guarding of his […]

REPORT Was Aaron Hernandez bisexual? Odin Loyd murdered to keep sexuality hidden

Aaron Hernandez is arraigned in Attleboro District Court, Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A new report suggests that the real reason Aaron Hernandez committed murder may have been to keep his bisexuality a secret. The many mysteries surrounding the 27-year-old former NFL Pro Bowler, who hanged himself to death in his prison cell last week, is the subject of a new report by Newsweek–and the report floats Hernandez’s […]

PHOTOS Cheyenne Ruether’s body shop prowess blows up expectations for Vegas Rat Rods Season 3

Vegas Rat Rods Cheyenne Ruether bio 2

The newest member of the Vegas Rat Rods cast is also the show’s youngest–and, relative to her age, is possibly the most experienced as well. 25-year-old Cheyenne Ruether has been tinkering in the garage since she was just six years old, but has been working with cars and hot rods specifically since getting an apprenticeship […]

PHOTOS Kylie Jenner ‘has become very wise’ in choosing cosmetic surgeries, says the Kardashian family plastic surgeon

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery photo gallery 10

Kylie Jenner has been denying rumors about assorted cosmetic surgeries since around her 16th birthday. She called such rumors “hurtful” three years ago, when what looked like a new pair of lips caught fans by surprise, and used to claim that her mother “would never let” her go under the knife or anything like it. […]