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A grown up dose: Something More Than Free by Jason Isbell


Jason Isbell had what some might call a good dilemma. The singer/songwriter went and put himself dead in the center of the Americana music scene with his love affair-inducing 2013 release, Southeastern. The problem for Isbell, of course, is how could he follow up something that good? Something More Than Free faces that challenge by being its own kind of great. It’s a warning shot, letting us all know we’ve got ourselves a high-caliber artist working in his wheelhouse. Simply put, this is a dang fine record.


VIDEO Florida man weeps when judge reveals she was his middle school classmate

Arthur Booth, 49, appeared in court on Thursday for a bond hearing following an arrest in which police said he broke into a home, stole a car, and fled from authorities. Presiding Miami-Dade County Judge Mindy Glazer took Booth by surprise with her first inquiry, “I have a question for you — did you go to Nautilus [Middle School]?” Booth’s realization that Glazer was his old classmate and his uncontrollable outburst of sorrow and regret were all caught on video.

VIDEO Ultra-rare Merle Haggard prison performance surfaces


An astounding live clip by country music icon Merle Haggard of a song he wrote for friend and fellow star Johnny Paycheck has emerged online. This is believed to be the only known performance of the song entitled “From Inside the Walls.” See the killer footage and get the fascinating back story on the show that featured Paycheck performing for fellow inmates at Chillicothe State Prison.