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Sir Mix-a-Lot defends Blake Lively’s ‘Oakland booty’ photo


Sir Mix-a-Lot has come to the defense of Blake Lively after she stirred up a hornets nest by referring to her own backside as an “Oakland booty.” This terminology was made famous by Mix-a-Lot’s 90’s all-things-tushy masterpiece, “Baby Got Back.” See the photo in question and get Mix-a-Lot’s thoughtful reaction to all the badonkadiscourse that has transpired since the share.


5 quotes from Kanye West’s ‘Sermon on the Couch’ via Ellen

Kanye West went full “Kanye” during his appearance on Ellen today. West was keeping it relatively cool until Ellen asked him about his public multi-million-dollar donation petition made to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. You can see the light go off in Yeezy’s dome as he rolls right into a seriously long and heartfelt explanation about the reasons he believes so deeply in himself, and how that connection to making the world better motivates his life.

Lady Gaga defends Kesha after Dr. Luke shuts down Bob Dylan tribute


Lady Gaga has come to the defense of Kesha after it was revealed that Dr. Luke’s label is preventing her from performing at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards. Kesha accepted an invitation to perform a tribute to living legend Bob Dylan at the ceremony this Sunday. The ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke has now prevented this from happening.

Man claims Josh Duggar advised him to perform ‘pedophile acts’ against Farrah Abraham


A man filed a lawsuit against Farrah Abraham claiming that he is the father of Sophia, that he was following the advice of Josh Duggar when he committed “pedophile acts” against Abraham, and that the Teen Mom OG star was extorting him over an alleged sex tape made against his consent. Get Farrah’s response to this craziness.