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LIVE VIDEO: Rep. Anthony Weiner To Resign Congressional Seat
Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is apparently set to resign his congressional seat after a scandal-plagued last three weeks proved to be too much for him. His wife, assistant to Secretary
VIRAL VIDEO: “I’m not a crazy person, I’m a very well educated person” train argument on Metro North
Remember the lady who got kicked off the train for loud-talking into her phone for sixteen consecutive hours? Well, the etiquette police on New York's Metro North train were clamping down
Weinergate: Delaware Police Interview Teenage Girl About Rep. Anthony Weiner Tweets
The Monday press conference in which he admitted to repeated lies about lewd online behavior didn't do it. An announcement by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that she would open
Breaking News: Weinergate Enters New Phase, Scandal Embroiling Rep. Anthony Weiner Continues
In our previous post, picked up by none other than, we introduced you to Ginger Lee, Congressman Anthony Weiner's favorite porn star. And now, we get to introduce you
VIDEO: Porn Star Ginger Lee of Anthony Weiner Twitter Fame Speaks In Interview!
In our last post on the mess involving Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and the wayward Tweet of his junk to an unsuspecting 21-year-old who was not his wife, the lovely
PHOTOS: Who is Ginger Lee, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s favorite porn star?
By now, you are probably up on your Weiner. (If you're not, check out this excellent timeline of events – especially the first tidbit, which you'll want to refer to later!) UPDATE
VIDEO: Avril Lavigne Drops “F” Bomb At Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Game Family Event
Hear Avril Lavigne's "F" word offense with your own ears in this newly unveiled video! Punk-pop goddess Avril Lavigne dropped the "F" bomb at a concert. How does this possibly spark
PHOTO Osama Bin Laden death picture to be released; “explosion of conspiracy theories”
It's been 48 hours since the President passed on the information that the world's biggest rogue terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, was killed. Since then, the disposition of bin Laden's body, even
PHOTOS VIDEO Yvette Vickers dies, Playboy Playmate’s mummified body found in home
Sad news from Hollywood, as a Silver Screen beauty and Playboy Playmate from the '50s was found dead in her Beverly Hills home last week by a concerned neighbor, her
VIDEO: President Obama Late Night Address: Osama bin Laden Dead!
President Obama has called a White House press conference late on Sunday night, 10:30 pm, a planned 15-minute address. Whatever the topic, a hastily called press conference at this time