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Jim Carrey apologizes for using photo of distraught teen during anti-vaccine rant

Jim Carrey went on a Twitter rant following California Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision requiring that all children attending school receive vaccinations, regardless of a family’s personal or religious beliefs. While doing so he used a photo of a distraught teen that outraged that young man’s family. Get their response to Carrey’s “disgusting” use of the image as well as his apology.

You can own a vial of liquefied Farrah Abraham DNA!


Farrah Abraham may have outdone herself in her latest bid to cash in on her celebrity. The Teen Momtrepreneur has teamed up with Celebrity Gene to offer the very essence of herself in the form of liquefied DNA. Yes: the same woman who has a rubberized likeness of her nether regions for sale is now offering up some Farrah Gene Juice. Read the official announcement about DNAbraham, the charity it benefits, and how much she stands to profit from the deal.


Teen jumps to her death after dad posts public shaming video

A tragedy in Tacoma, Washington has left a community in mourning and sparked a debate over the growing trend of parents posting public shaming videos. A young teen jumped off a highway overpass to her death just days after her father posted a YouTube video showing that he had cut off most of her hair as an act of discipline. See the clip in question, as well as a recent viral video of a father in Florida who spoke out against this particular form of punishment.

VIDEO Family faces charges for cheering during graduation


When a school district superintendent in Mississippi requested that everyone in attendance at a high school graduation remain quiet until the ceremony was completed, he was dead serious! Superintendent Jay Foster filed “disturbing the peace” charges against four people who cheered, and who were subsequently escorted away. See footage of the alleged crimes, hear what the accused had to say, and get Foster’s defense of his decision.

PHOTOS Farmtruck’s puppy Suzy is the cutest thing on TV


For fans of Street Outlaws on Discovery, it’s been heartbreak city since show favorite Farmtruck had to say goodbye to his beloved four-legged best friend Louise. Owner Sean Whitley and the Blue Heeler had been an inseparable pair for over a decade. The loss of Louise hit Farmtruck especially hard, and his partner AZN did the only thing he knew to do for his buddy: to try and fill the void left by Louise with a new puppy. So, did his plan work?

Chet Hanks explains why anyone can use the n-word


Chet “Haze” Hanks, the son of beloved A-list actor Tom Hanks, got in some social media hot water yet again, when he recently fired off a couple of Instagram posts with variations of the n-word. In response to all the Hanks-hatin’, Chet responded with an Instagram video and a lengthy explanation as to why it’s okay for him, and anyone else, to use the word in 2015.