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VIDEOS Is Tim McGraw in the wrong for slapping female fan?
While performing in Atlanta on Sunday, country music superstar Tim McGraw was caught on video slapping an aggressive female fan. McGraw can be seen in some seriously tight pre-ripped jeans walking
VIDEO Daredevil dog’s truck ride highlights terrible dog owners
Two things: 1) This here pup is a champion of daredevil awesomeness! 2) This here pup's owners are reckless morons. Speechless... //
PHOTO Kendra Wilkinson seen sans wedding ring amid cheating rumors
Maybe Kendra flushed her wedding ring down the toilet after all! Kendra Wilkinson, a 29-year-old former Playboy model and star of The Girls Next Door and Kendra, stepped out in Los
Nicki Minaj and her wig man part ways due to creative differences
I don't want you to wig out or commit hairy-kiri when you hear this, but it looks like there's gonna be someone new in Nicki Minaj's hair's life. Take a
Homeland Security spokesman not impressed by 18 severed human heads
Officials at Chicago's O'Hare Airport intercepted a package that contained 18 severed human heads back before Christmas. The package made some headlines considering the fact that, oh I don't know,
AUDIO Justin Timberlake drops new single “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z
Last week we reported on Justin Timberlake's announcement about an announcement in regards to a return to music. JT set the clock ticking and on Sunday night, while Hollywood was
PHOTOS Sofia Vergara and fiance Nick Loeb enjoy Miami Beach after club ruckus
I know one of the first things I do after I get caught up in a fight at da club is hit the beach and look fabulous as paparazzi snaps
VIDEO Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier goes pee pee in airport terminal
Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier has been caught (censored) handed, urinating right in the middle of LAX. A video has leaked of the leaking which at first shows Bronson being approached by
Beefcake For Brunch: Pauly Shore heats up the shores of Miami Beach
Pauly Shore isn't dead, in fact he's shirtless and heating up Miami Beach over the holidays! The 44-year-old star of Son in Law (1993), In the Army Now (1994), Jury Duty
K-Fed’s brother C-Fed claims he’s the father of Britney Spears’ oldest son
The brother of Kevin Federline is claiming that he's the father of Britney Spears' oldest son Sean Preston. Even more head shaking than that, Christopher Federline is making this claim