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PHOTOS of Chris Stapleton before the beard

Chris Stapleton continues to storm the ramparts of country music with a blend of finely crafted songwriting and southern soul. Almost as recognizable as his soulful singing is Stapleton’s epic beard. See some pics from before the fame AND before the chin whiskers, including an amazing side-by-side comparison as well as some righteous acid-washed glory, overalls and even a John Deere hat!

‘Terrified’ Kylie and Kendall Jenner rescued by FDNY after surviving ‘worst nightmare’


New York Fashion Week was wrought with danger Thursday night for celebrities Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin! The trio got stuck in an elevator but somehow managed to survive the ordeal after eating the only food on hand, a single Nature Valley granola bar. Thankfully, the trio, along with model Jordyn Woods looked fabulous enough to Snapchat the tense situation.

Amy Schumer’s first sexual experience was not consensual


Amy Schumer has revealed that a past boyfriend continued to have sexual intercourse with her after she asked him to stop. She also indicated that her first sexual experiences was “not a good one.” Read highlights from her upcoming Marie Claire cover interview including her thoughts on how we live in a culture of victim blaming when it comes to rape.