Swamp People’s Guist Brothers bios: Guists just wanna have fun

Glenn and Mitchell Guist, Swamp People

Glenn and Mitchell Guist have more fun than all the other members of the Swamp People cast combined. While everyone else is pushing to fill their tags before the end of the one month alligator season in Louisiana, the Guist Brothers are fishing for gar, hunting for rabbit, throwing back a cold one, and giggling. Or is it snickering?  Chortling? Check out this video to decide for yourself.

Whatever they are doing, it is contagious.  Is it possible to have as much fun as they do . . . and bathe?

You might not guess it by looking at them, but the Guists have been in the swamp all their lives.  They live in the house on Conway Bayou that used to be their grandparent’s place, right on the spot where their father taught them to live off the land.  All of the alligators on Swamp People talk about living off the land, but Glenn and Mitchell take that way of life a little more . . . um . . . literally.

Mitchell Guist, Swamp People

While segments devoted to other alligator hunters like Troy Landry or RJ Molinere are often framed by sequences featuring normal looking homes or a local bar that they might stop by after a long day on the swamp, that is not at all how the Guist brothers are portrayed.  Instead, we see them digging through an old chest freezer, finding that it is practically empty, and deciding to wander the woods all afternoon looking for a rabbit to shoot for their dinner.  In another episode, they go fishing for alligator gar when they get hungry, and then show us how to cook up gar patties for dinner.

So, the Guist daily grind seems to be: hang out, get hungry, go kill something, cook it, eat it, hang out.  If we are to take the producers word for it, the other alligator hunters might make a living off the land, but the Guist brothers really LIVE off it.

Glenn Guist, Swamp People

In some of their photos, Glenn and Mitchell can be seen wearing “Alexander Concrete” work shirts, so we guess they must go into town for work every now and then, but we don’t mind the show focusing on their life in the woods. We like the Guists in their natural habitat. And we like to think about them rambling into the concrete company every now and then just because they’re in the mood.

Glenn and Mitchell Guist, Swamp People

After all, Guists just want to have fun!

  • Laurie Brown

    What I love about the Guist Brothers is how they are always happy and take things in stride. No matter the trouble, they always laugh.

    • Nothing seems to get those two good ole boys too excited,slow n steady wins the race.

  • Andrew tobin

    I really liked the one where they got stuck in the swamp all night and had to wait for daylight to get out. That would so happen to me. They are what I imagine when I think of the swamp.

  • tnshadows

    These 2 guys have the ONLY reality show on tv !

  • etanguay

    All I really want to know is Guist bothers real ages. My husband has a be on with his brother.

  • Tracy Richmond

    Glen and Mitchell are the best,I have an older Brother who could pass for Mitchell.My 14 year Daughter says they are co cute just like her Uncle Dennis.Glen and Mitchell you guys are a hoot.

  • Glen and Mitchell would make the coolest team on The Amazing Race

  • “Big Ray” Jones

    I lived in the New Orleans area as well as down in Acadiana near Houma where Rj and Jay Paul live for about 35 years. I worked as a chief cook on offshore oil rigs for about 10 of those years. I’ve known a lot of Cajuns and even lived with a Cajun/Houma Indian family for a while, but the Guist Brothers truly are unique.

    Most of the swamp people I know are Cajuns and speak with a Cajun accent whether they speak English or French. The Guist Brothers, however, remind me of some Kentucky/Virginia (where I live now) hillbillies that got lost and wound up living in the swmamps of Louisiana.

    You gotta love those Guist Brothers.

    “Big Ray”

  • Dave Hillyer

    We need a T Shirt that says “OH YAH BABY”.

  • Amanda

    “Ohh yah yah bae” This is my family and I’s new saying thanks to Swamp People! My 4 year old Loves the show, this has become our new favorite ! They need a T-Shirt with this saying on it!!!

  • Marianne Alfano

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Glen and the rest of Mitch’s family. I enjoyed watching these two brothers and how they live off the land….Mitch RIP you will be missed by everyone….

  • ed presley

    these two are prime examples of a simple live, and a hard life at the same time. they never let the bad get them down.they live like we all would like to. i hope glen finds the strength to go on without mitch,i know i lost a brother recently. they gave the show another spin on life on the bayou. i hope they have smoked gar fish,rabbits and crawfish in heaven. if not mitch will not like it very much. it is surely a sad day in louisiana. mitch you will be missed.

  • Big Bob Evans

    Our hearts are saddened by the loss of Mitch and the world is a little less with his passing. Glen, know you are in our prayers and we share your grief. You lost a brother but know you have gained a brotherhood of people to walk and ride with you in the days ahead. GOD Bless you Little Friend.

  • Steve l

    Lived life to the fullest. Worked easy.played hard

  • Mikel Walton

    Mitchell you taught us how to live life without material things and be happy doing it. You will be missed by those who knew you. May God Bless you and your family. I am sure your brother will be lost without you. I hope he will be alright; it will be hard but with his memories he will go on. Rest in peace!!!!

  • Barbara Hambel

    I was very upset to hear Mitch, had passed. I am very saddened for his brother Glen. He is missed on the show.I just don’t understand why there hasn’t been any thing said on the show about his passing.I feel there should be some kind of tribute to him. My husband and I loved the brothers asdo others I know watching the show.
    Tony, is the King of the swamp as far as we are concerned.
    Looking fowrward to next season.
    God Bless you Glen. Rest in peace Mitch.

  • Sandra McIntyre

    Just like so many, I was saddened and surprised by the death of Mitchell Guist. I am sure Glen will feel very lonely, without his brother, and I hope he can take some comfort that his sadness is shared by so many who got to appreciate a bit of who Mitchell was. Watching their closeness and apparent pure joy for the life they lived made me think a bit more about the simple meaning of life and family. We are all blessed to have glimpsed a bit of their life. May Mitchell rest in peace.