Anakin Skywalker is all growed up! Actor Jake Lloyd discusses life after Star Wars


SciFi Australia (Yeah, they don’t call it SyFy there yet) caught up with Lloyd while he’s enjoying a year off from college. He’s very sarcastic and has vague plans for the future, so he seems like most 20-year-olds. He seems like a smart kid with an almost unhealthy knowledge of RPGs, but we all need something to geek out about.


    What a ridiculous article! I thought Jake was the highlight of the entire movie! No doubt Jake was treated like royalty in school for being in a George Lucas film and also for starring with Arnold Schwartzeneger. If he was ridiculed, most likely it was out of jealously because Jake was in the major leagues at such a young age. The people who write articles such as this probably will never accomplish what Jake has accomplished by the age of 10! JAKE LLOYD YOU ROCK!!!!!

  • artemio

    I love Star wars I also like Anakin,Hes my favorite Star Wars charecter in the whole world