Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry gets a new job

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry and her son Isaac photo

Kailyn Lowry’s financial troubles are no secret as they have played a major part in her storyline on Teen Mom 2. Between parenting, fighting for custody of her son Isaac with baby daddy Jonathan Rivera, having a strained relationship with her mother, dating a new man, and going to college there is little time left in Kailyn’s schedule for work. Combine that with recent reports that the young mothers on the show aren’t making very much money for their inaugural season and you can begin to see how difficult it is for this teenage mother of one to get by.

But, in stark contrast to her cast mate Jenelle’s recent headlines, we’re happy to report a little Teen Mom good news for Kailyn – she’s got a new job! She tweeted just a couple hours ago:

I’m officially a Forever 21, mall employee!

That came after tweeting this photo of herself earlier today with the caption, “Dressed for my interview!”

Photo of Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry just before going to a job interview at Forever 21

So Kailyn’s left the restaurant industry and is doing what 90% of all Americans have done at some point: work at the mall! At least she should get a pretty good discount on clothes, right? And speaking of clothes, here’s Kailyn stylin’ and profilin’ for another cellf portrait:

Twitter photo of Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry

I know Jonathan probably won’t like me saying this, but does anyone else think Kailyn is looking great these days?!? It’s not just the new hairstyle (And possibly a few lost pounds?), she just seems a lot happier and it shows! And speaking of happier, here is a recent photo of Kailyn and her little (but getting bigger all the time) bundle of joy Isaac from last week:

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry walks the city streets with son Isaac

Be sure to tune in to the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew Tuesday night – with Jonathan and his parents there (as well as Adam Lind and Jenelle) there should be some serious fireworks!

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  • Mishleeaka

    i cant stand her.. she completely took advantage of Jo and his parents.. i absolutely adore his mom for keep a level head with all these crazy teens.. but still, this girl acted madd disrespectful..

    • Lee

      you have to remeber she’s just a teen! Of course she isn’t always gonna make the best choices all the time. She has done remarkably well considering her circumstances. Jo’s mom is very respectful for all that she has done, but if you’ve missed the last few episodes she also lets Jo treat her like crap for sake of Kaitlyn was wrong, so I think we miss alot when the camera’s are off of them gangin up on her so she needed someone of her own.

  • heather

    wow, some people are to harsh..Everyone has to remember that we are all only human and we all make mistakes, especially when we were a teen..Im sure Kailyn highly respects what Joe”s parents and Joe have done for her but honestly, if anyone EVER treated me like Joe did, I would want to leave too. My mom alwayz told me that you have to follow your heart, Just because you have a kid with someone, doesnt mean you have to be with them, its not good for the relationship, and especially not good for the baby to be around all the yelling .. Under the circumstances, I think kailyn did the right thing to move on….

  • Mishleeaka

    dont get my words twisted.. i dont think they should ahve stayed together because hes immature too.. watch these episodes and count how many times she just SNAPS back at everybody.. w.e.. i can have my own opinon and MY biggest problem with her is her attitude.. my favorite person out of her whole story on the show is Jo’s mom. ANNND reguardless of what Jo has done because his doing does NOT justify HER actions, its still wrong to SNEAK jordan around.. especially when your stayin in this dudes house.. she should have gotten out quicker if she wanted a relationship with someone else.. she even said when she got caught that she still loved Jo soooo.. there u go..

  • browneyes

    i think kailyn is good mother im glad she left jo

  • carmen

    i hope she uses some of that money to get a nose job. lookin like miss piggy

  • Lillie

    She has an ugly face and attitude. She is only out for herself whiny brat who doesnt respect anyone. I am glad she and Jo broke up too, he deserves better. It is tv they want someone to be the bad guy and they cut the shit that she says out.

  • Jessica

    Why must people be so crude, harsh and so damn judgemental? Kailyn is is a beautiful person inside and out. You people who are going on here saying she’s ugly and miss piggy comments, really need to grow up and take a good look in the mirror. Regardless if the show cut what she said and mainly focused on what Jo says, at the end of the day he treated her like crap and shame on both of his parents for standing by while he did so. My son is only a year old but I will raise him to treat all women with respect. If my son ever disrespected a woman like Jo has, I would seriously tear him a new one. Kailyn is a sweetheart and a wonderful stand up mommy to Isaac. She didn’t take advantage of anyone or act like a spoiled brat, that would be Jo’s doing. Best of wishes to Kailyn and Isaac.

  • me bit ch es

    Jo said it himself she a good mom. But the gurl had no respect taking his son around another guy. It was slap in jos familys face. But oh well wish the sane teen mom good luck. And fyi the original teen mom cast are better looking.

  • Kayla

    Yea shes a teen who makes mistakes..she had nowhere to go soo yea she turned to jordan but then again bangin bbyddy is mixed signals..why dnt girl relize tht?! u cnt play wit ppls emotions shes lucky jo just yelld & never hit.. regardless if jo was wrng of course janet is gnna bak him thts her son! hello! & no offense the girl is a lil fugly cmon now..

  • trinigirl

    Kailyn needs to stop taking advantage of everyone’s sympathy and own up to her mistakes. She has use Jo, his parents and even Jo’s brother when it suited her. She does not want her mother to have access to Isaac but she was quick to agree when filing for custody that her mother will pay the fees. When Kailyn lived with her mother, it was the same nonsense where she went out and would not tell her mother who and where she was going, which was one of the ground rules she agreed to when she moved in her mother’s house. She also asked Jo’s mother, Janet, to give her a lift to the park, only to meet Jordan, Janet has every right to feel hurt and resent Kailyn for the way she took advantage of everyone. Yet, Kailyn has the nerve to ask Jo to buy her face cream, when she was already seeing Jordan. Kailyn likes to idea of being on her own so no one can object when Jordan is over at her place. If Jordan is so much in love with her, why did he not offer for her to stay at his place when she was homeless. These teen moms haven’t got the slightest clue of what is right for the kids, since the kids needs always seems to be secondary. Kailyn should be grateful she is getting help to help her pay for the rent or she would be exactly where she deserves, out on her butt. The only person who deserves all sympathy here, is Isaac who did not ask to come into this world.

  • suly

    Kailyn knows she was dead wrong tipping with Jordan while she was screwing Jo. And she knew exactly what Dr.Drew was hitting at during the reunion. She is straight up ghetto garbage, and Jo got caught up in that mess. He should’ve listened to his mother from day 1 cuz she knew Kailyn was willing to do anything to take advantage due to being HOmeless.