VIDEO Is Alana Lee’s “Butterflies” the next breakout hit for Ark Music Factory?

Alana Lee's hit video "Butterflies"

Rebecca Black started the week on Monday with a YouTube explosion and ended it on Friday with a Good Morning America interview. We don’t know what the future holds specifically for Miss Black (other than for her, Sunday is two days afterwords), but we can muse about which of the Ark Music Factory stable might have similar stardom in her future.

Ark Music Factory singer Alana LeeWell, I’ve done an appraisal of everything AMF has to offer and actually take great pleasure in directing your attention to Miss Alana Lee (Full name: Alana Lee Hamilton) and her first song and video, “Butterflies”. Unlike “Friday”, which is undeniably its own kind of catchy song, “Butterflies” actually combines a pretty solid lyric, a fun and heartfelt vocal performance, and the kind of catchy tune that lets you take multiple listens and not feel guilty about it.

Furthermore, the writer and director of the video really should take a bow. I know it’s fashionable to make fun of AMF (and they do deserve some of that criticism) but in the video for “Butterflies”, they’ve managed to tell a very sweet little story that perfectly matches the song and Alana Lee’s winning performance. If “Friday” and Rebecca Black is a showcase of AMF’s ability to get noticed, “Butterflies” and Alana Lee is a great sign of what they’re capable when they’re on the top of their pop song craft game.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it first and then read on for the rest of our review:

I could easily see this being a well-deserved radio hit.

Alana Lee studies with her crush  in her video "Butterflies"

As for the video, it tells the story of a girl desperate to get noticed by the object of her affection, a boy she spends lots of time with inside and outside of class, but frustratingly can’t seem to make any progress with. Her situation is even more gloomy what with the presence of the ultra-pretty classmate that the boy seems to like more than her.

Alana Lee's love competitor  in her video "Butterflies" Alana Lee pines for her teenage crush in her video "Butterflies"

And just when life for Alana seems at its worst, it gets even worser! (Is that a word?) Passing a note to her best friend, doubtlessly full of details about her lovelorn situation, she is totally busted by her no-nonsense teacher and summoned to the front of the class. Hand it over young lady! (This happened to me more than once in school and it is no fun!)

Alana Lee gets busted passing a note by her teacher in her video "Butterflies"

Next is one of the best parts of the song (and I’m being serious, here!), an appearance by the ubiquitous AMF rapper Pato (you’ve gotta read this Starcasm exclusive on him). Whereas in “Friday”, Pato’s presence is a little bizarre and out of place, here he appears in a sort of Grease/”Teen Angel” vision that influences Miss Lee to make her big move. He tells her a story about how when he was her age, he felt exactly the same “butterflies” for another girl, and that everyone has gone through the exact same things she’s going through.

Patrice "Pato" Wilson raps in Alana Lee's video "Butterflies"

That poignant moment is followed by the wonderful visual of Alana taking the note from her grim looking teacher and handing it directly to the boy of her dreams, accompanied by a burst of the very hooky chorus to the song: “You give me butterflies deep inside/You give me butterflies/I don’t know where to run, run, run, run from you!” What can the boy do but have his heart melt? Even the big bad teacher senses what’s up and gives her a respectful nod for making the big play.

And to show that there are happy endings, they walk away holding hands, the note on his desk reading “You give me butterflies!”

Alana Lee's video "Butterflies" provides a very happy ending

Alana Lee’s acting performance portrays a sweetness and vulnerability that comes across as very real and very relatable for anyone watching. We here at Starcasm love a good pop song, and Alana Lee has definitely provided us one.

So what we have here is a great song, a great performance, and a great video. After “Friday”, who’d thunk AMF was capable of such a trifecta? Starcasm was the first to point a light at Alana Lee and now we’re going to take the extra step and give her song and video two very big thumbs up!

Here’s the lyrics to Alana Lee’s “Butterflies”:

From the early days
I saw your face boy
You told me a line
I knew you were shy
This is what we do
You don’t have to be ashamed
Cause we’re holding hands walking in the hallways

You give me butterflies deep inside
You give me butterflies
I don’t know where to run, run, run from you

So I gotta say you give me butterflies deep inside
You give me butterflies
I don’t know what to do, do, do without you
Boy, you give me butterflies

I get lost sometimes when you act like a fool
You ignore my words and I can’t get over you
This is what we do everyday
I’m in my room on the phone with you
All night long

You give me butterflies deep inside
You give me butterflies
I don’t know where to run, run, run from you

So I gotta say you give me butterflies deep inside
You give me butterflies
I don’t know what to do, do, do without you
Boy, you give me butterflies

You give me butterflies deep inside
You give me butterflies
I don’t know where to run, run, run from you

So I gotta say you give me butterflies deep inside
You give me butterflies
I don’t know what to do, do, do without you
Boy, you give me butterflies

  • chris

    ugh, she’s so darn adorable<3333333333333
    she's going to be big one day 🙂

  • Sandra

    Wait, are you serious? This is probably the second worst song I’ve heard all day (the first being Friday). Damn AMF and all the mass-produced garbage they seem intent on churning out!

    • Samantha

      wow are you a little jealous because she actually has talent and you dont this girl is probably like 12 or 13 act your age honey not your shoe size. We need a little more talent in this world and she just so happends to be one of them so deal with it!

  • Adam

    Easily the best song to come out of Ark, and easily better than a lot of other pop music on the market these days. Three cheers for Alana, and I hope she gets a little bit of the attention Rebecca has been getting.

    But in a good way.

  • Brandon

    n’aww, shes so pretty

  • Stpehen

    “Starcasm was the first to pint a light at Alana Lee….”

    Don’t flatter yourselves so much. Do you have any idea how many people saw that video prior to 3/14? Pretty much everyone that saw “Friday” on youtube.

  • nezziexo

    shes amazing! i love this song its on repeat! i quite like friday by rebecca black but its nothing compared to this song! its so sweet and true and shes such a talented singer! 🙂

  • umm

    lol is this a joke? the writer of this article must be sarcastic.

    this song is just as awful as “friday”. the terrible autotune, the crappy lyrics and awkward acting. no way in hell would this ever be a radio hit unless someone else who could SING sang it, then MAYBE it might be.

    • Alana

      Why don’t you sing it than?

      • Oskar

        You’re so pretty and you sing well, It’s a great music video it makes me shudder :] Keep it up

  • Andy

    I don’t know what you people are talking about. This might be the best song I’ve heard this year. I’ve listened to it at least 100 times in the last 5 hours.

    Seriously, Alana, you are incredibly talented.

    I feel compelled, however, to point out that, at the end, the not is clearly on her desk, indicating that HE feels that way about HER. The “analysis” of this song is rather poor.

  • Chris Gaines

    Hey, Andy! Thanks for your comment. You’re right, it does look like the note was placed on her desk. However, the writing and drawing on the note look very feminine to me so I still think it was the note she handed to him. I’m guessing they placed it on her desk so they could get a good long shot of the whole school room with the note in the foreground. There might be a few holes in my analysis otherwise, but one thing we agree on is it’s a good song and video. Thanks for checking in with us!

  • Angie

    I think the note on her desk wasn’t actually meant for anyone. It was just her expressing her feelings just like with the butterfly drawing. I know that’s what it would have been for me. Anyways, all in all this song was by far the best by Ark. I loved it!

    • Erin

      Actually, it shows in the beginning of the video that the boy passes Alana a note and He turns around and smiles at her, showing that he likes her. She was sending him a note back and got caught by the teacher. At the end it reveals what the note the boy wrote said. You can tell it’s his because the color of the paper on the desk is the same as the one that the boy passed. (:

  • Hannah

    What’s the name of the guy in the video?

    • Madison

      YES! someone please tell me. i want to know this boys name(;

      • T

        Boy is Anthony Balastero and the Girl Kyndall Slotemaker

  • T

    The boy’s name is Anthoy Balastero and the girl trying to steal the boy is Kyndall Slotemaker, both of these two teenages can sing and both are very talented ,surprized they haven’t been picked up yet from some talent agency.

    • T

      Yes I know both Anthony & Kyndall two talented people and cute too!

  • francisco escobar

    me encantas!! soy de chile, un gran beso ojala tengas mucho exito

  • kennedy gray

    alana lee i love u im 12 and i want to do a song with u please reply.

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  • This girl is too good 🙂 she deserves it 😀

  • Dawn

    Look for this girl to be on a future episode of MTV’s “Teen Mom” in two years or less.

  • Francine

    WOW she is so talented! I loveeee Friday by Rebecca Black but this song just blew me away! She is beautiful too. I love it! 5 stars

  • Cathy

    who is the cute boy in the video ?

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  • ANNa

    I think that this is a really good song!! It’s pleasant to listen too, its not inapproriate, and the topic of the song is relateable!! I LUVVVVVVV it!

  • perryman

    hey whats the big bad teachers name? please get back to me.

    • His name is Van Simmons. He is one of my best friends’ dads.

  • Lea

    When Anthony and Kyndall were born, where they were born and where they live now?

    P.S. I need it for a presentation.