PHOTOS Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia on her 2nd birthday

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham celebrates daughter Sophia's 2nd birthday

On February 23rd Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia turned two years old and the two of them had their portraits taken to honor the occasion.

Farrah took to her Twitter account and shared her joy:

SOPHIA WAS BORN @ 10:25am today … i remember It like it was Today!! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY SLA:) you are my life xoxoxo

Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia on her second birthday

Awwwwww! It’s hard to believe little Sophia is two years old! It seems like only yesterday we were watching Farrah’s cheerleading friends turning their backs on her during her episode of 16 and Pregnant.

Since then Farrah really seems to have come a long way, growing up fast and dealing with a lot of difficult issues in addition to being a teen mom like grieving for Sophia’s father, fighting with her mom Debra Danielson and being a huge tabloid sensation and star of a hugely popular reality series.

Farrah is currently finishing up Season Three of Teen Mom and in addition to pursuing her modeling career she is considering relocating to Florida to attend culinary school. That is allllllllll good! Way to go Farrah – and Happy Birthday Sophia!

Wait a minute… Is Farrah wearing braces?!?

UPDATE – The episode just aired in which it was revealed Farrah did in fact get braces! She said on the show that she wanted to have them when she was in high school but because she got pregnant she couldn’t afford them. She also said that she expects to have to wear them only for a year.

Photos: Aaron St. Clair / Splash News

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  • jalissa

    Ah that’s so cute. Farrah you are the best. Good luck to u and Sophia I hope ya’ll are doing well.

  • nunya

    Too cute! My daughter has the same first name AND that same white dress!!:))) LOVE IT!

  • Elyse

    I didn’t know Farrah needed braces. She was fine before!

  • ashbash10

    2 beautiful girls ♥

  • ochachi

    Sophia is A-DORABLE!!

  • Brandi Zak

    adorable <3

  • abbie

    sophia is sooooooooooo cute. I wish my i had photos like his

  • Fancy

    Sophie is beautiful and I wish u the best of luck Farrah u beautiful as well in and out! U are a hard ass worker and are doing a great job as a single parent- a parent period! I’ll keep u and your family in my deepest prayers! Xoxoxo

  • deb

    augh they are both so annoying and ugly. Farrah is a bad mom who has no respect for anyone, she leaves her kid unattedend of course the bratty kid is going to fall, that kid is noTr adorable at all

    • Dee

      What hateful things to say. I can tell you weren’t shown love growing up. How sad! Farrah and Sophia are both VERY beautiful! You’re doing an awesome job Farrah. Ignore negative people with their negative comments!

    • Georgia

      I totally agree, what a hateful and rude thing to say. You obviously were not shown affection as a child and if you were, your just a cold bitch. Sophia is adorable and Farrah is gorgeous. If you haven’t got kind things to say then don’t bother writing waste of space comments.

    • Sarah

      I think Sophia is a cute little girl, but I dont like Farrah at all. She talks to her mother like trash, she’s so disrespectful its sad. All her mom tries to do is help her and she does alot for her and Sophia both- she lives in HER PARENTS guest house or whatever, then last episode got mad when her DAD didnt knock? She just makes me so mad, spoiled and ungrateful and rude is what she is- hopefully her daughter wont follow her sorry attitude.

    • christina

      @ Deb
      i really cannot fathom how someone could sit there and speak about a child like that. And as for Farrah, she is doing her best to do what is right by little sophia! seriously, get a life and under no circumstances should you ever speak bad about a child or call another persons child a brat! never.

    • Janell

      Your just a bitter bitch “deb” Say all you want about farrah, but leave that little girl alone. Are you jealous because you are ugly, is that it?

  • Angelina

    Sophia is still a cutie pie. She’s the only cute baby out of all of them that were born, that includes season 1 and 2. Wow Farrah got braces. I’m surprised she put necessity before vanity.

    • B

      That’s pretty mean about Sophia being the only cute one. Most babies are pretty cute, and seriously, how rude to bash an innocent child. And the worst part is that everything you say will be on the internet forever..those kids are going to grow up and see all the nasty things you guys post about them. Hope you feel fantastic about that..

  • Angelina


    • Ashlee

      Ur rude

  • Ashlee

    I think farrah is very rude to her family but i wish them both the best of luck anyhow.

    • Sarah

      couldnt agree with you more, she treats her parents like crap!!

  • Kendall

    Sophia is so beautiful and gorgeous and as well as farrah! Farrah’s such a good mom, i know she’s been through a lot with losing Sophia’s dad and being a young teen mom, i wish you both the best!(:

  • Morgan

    I actually just think its a retainer.

  • Bri

    Farrah got the braces to further her modeling career. They are in between the full term braces and something like invisalign. I am assuming it is six month smiles (clear accelerated braces).

  • Brittney

    I wonder how mags and tabloids got ahold of these pics.. they are not copyright released.. it kinda is against the law to publish these professional pics

  • sammii

    Sophia is ADORABLE not too fond of Farrah with how she treats her parents I think THAT needs to be brought up in those sessions but nonetheless I think she has changed a lot from what she was and I’m happy that she has

    Oh and she got her pictures done at my job! Not the one I work at but yeah lol

  • lisa mixer

    love the pics. I am so proud of Farrah she has changed so much and she is doing everything that she can to make it so her daughter has a awesome future.Go Farrah keep up the good work.

  • lisa mixer

    wow reading back to alot of the comments I can’t believe how rude and mean some people can be she Sophia was not the only cute baby they all were cute and yes Farrah can be rude to her parents but that is also there fault for the way they raised her Sophia is no where even near a brat that little girl is the quitest that i’ve seen for a 2 year old. I think Farrah is doing a great job for being a teen mom and extending her education is the best thing that she can do for her and her daughter.For all of you that want to post negative comments why waste your time it just shows what kind of person you are.

  • Mara

    Why the heck did Farrrah need braces?! Her teeth looked good to me before!