PHOTOS Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry in a car accident! Car totaled, Kailyn is fine

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry car wreck photo

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry posted about an hour ago on Facebook that she was involved in a two-car accident that left her own car totalled! All her original status update said was “My carcar is totaled. :'(“ which as you might expect drew tons of responses from concerned fans asking if she was OK, to which she responded:

Isaac and I are ok. No injuries… can’t afford this right now and I only have liability coverage… the other persons car has no damage.

And then:

Thankfully Isaac is fine.
I would work more hours at work if I had a way to get there!

She also shared the photo above with a Teen Mom fan page with the caption:

People suck. Person on front of me stopped short and didn’t use their turn signal. I can’t afford this. No damage to their car of course.

Thankfully everybody is OK! But, that still sucks for Kailyn, who seems to be cursed with a bit more bad luck than most.

And in case you were wondering, yes that does look like the car she received from her mother earlier this season on Teen Mom 2.

Anybody out there want to start a “Help Kailyn get a new car” fund? You’ll certainly get a link and article from us!

Collage props to TeenMom&16AndPregnant Facebook fan page! (I blurred out the license plate)

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  • DD

    Oh my. These kids are nuts. They need to get their MTV paycheck taken away.

  • C

    poor Kail :( she doesn’t deserve this. i hope things work out for her in all aspects of her life.

  • Jennie

    That sucks for her but she wouldn’t have hit the car in front of her if she wasn’t to close to it. I have avoid TONS of accidents by making sure I have space between me and the car in front of me.

  • Steve

    I would be more inclined to take up a car fund for her if she hadn’t been at fault, or, at least took responsibility. Instead she’s whining that “people suck.” Why? Because the other person “stopped short and didn’t use their turn signal?” Sorry, what? Since when is using a turn signal required for stopping? Even if this person stopped short to turn, and didn’t use a signal, guess what babe, THIS IS WHY THEY TELL YOU TO USE THE TWO SECOND RULE. It’s YOUR responsibility to not hit the person in front of you, regardless of how they drive. Maybe next time don’t tailgate, pay attention, and if you do hit someone, don’t blame them for failing to make up for your lack of driving skills.

    Honestly, her whining about it like this and blaming the other person means she really still has a *lot* of growing up to do, or she’ll find herself in the exact same place as her mom in 15 years.

    • taye

      ha you rule steve! Kail and her mom are hillbillies! LOL!

  • MM

    Another awesome reason full coverage insurance is much better for you in the long run.

    She’s a whiny, immature girl, I have no sympathy for her. Own your mistakes. Get a part time job you can WALK to, in addition to your other job so you can fix your own car.

    A fund to fix her car? Please. Why don’t you donate money to a more worthwhile cause, such as animal rescues (beings that can not actually help themselves) or a legitimate charity, rather than giving it to a MTV reality starlet who we all know makes over $50K a year.

    • Kay

      Just so you know, I know the part of PA she lives in and there are not jobs within walking distance whatsoever- so that’s not an option. That’s not practical in all parts of the country. But I agree with everyone else, when people stop short it sucks, but you need to keep a safe following distance, and if all the other teen moms have 50k + she should have money somewhere or she spent it, so she should have a back up or better insurance.

      • Stac

        They don’t get the money until all taping is done… It would be difficult to the struggles of being a teen mom if your making 50+k

  • Shilo

    Aww. Poor Kail. I was in that same position so I know how it feels. UGG!! IT SUCKS!! I am glad her and Issac are ok. I wonder how Jonathan reacted. Was he worried or did he just put blame on her? Who knows but knowing him he probly just put blame. P.S. Kail kept stating that no damage was done to the other car. Well from the looks of the pictures there was some damage done to the other car. Also full coverage and moderate coverage really dont have a differance in the long run.

  • Kail

    If I got MTV paychecks do you think paying for full coverage insurance or buying a new car would be issues?? Probably not.

    I’m whiney?? Have you been there experiencing everything I have?? Maybe you should think about the reasoning.

    • MM

      Well, Kail, maybe you should understand that you’re not the only person in the world with problems. You should also understand that most of your problems are self inflicted. Just a thought.

      • Kail

        I never once said that I was the only one with problems.
        & yeah, you’re absolutely right. Not knowing my dad and having an alcoholic for a mother is definitely my fault. As of other things, I know which things I brought on myself. I don’t need you criticizing the things I’m doing. We all make mistakes. I just chose to have cameras document all of mine. I would like to see you put everything out there.

        • Steve

          Regardless of all of your life’s problems, the one we’re talking about here is the car accident. Bottom line: if you hit the guy in front of you, you were following too closely. Saying “people suck!” and complaining that he stopped short and “didn’t signal” are just excuses designed to divert responsibility off yourself and onto “fate.”

          Taking care of the little things in life is important. In this case you needed a car badly to get to work and school. One small screw-up like this and you’re hosed. I hope this helps you think about the other “little things” that you might cut corners on that can come back to bite you, and you’ll make adjustments. But if you instead complain, and make it seem like life is somehow out to get you, you’re just headed for a lifetime of self-inflicted problems.

          In this case, it would have been better to just say, “I screwed up, it sux, we’ll get thru it.” Since, that’s the reality anyway.

          • MM

            Well said, Steve! I couldn’t agree more.

            • Jay

              After all the things that you all know this woman has been through, it is absolutely wrong for you or anyone else to judge her or her actions. She can voice her opinion and how she feels when she wants and how she wants. She’s earned at least that. You have no right to tell her how she should handle things. Give her some credit. She’s trying what seems to be her best.

          • Not everything is as I see it!

            Wow…lay off ragging on her about her being upset about an ACCIDENT..I have been in 2 accidents myself. One similar to hers. The car in front of me came to an abrupt stop to make a turn and it was impossible for me to avoid the accident.I was following the “2 second rule”. I was also upset that the person in front of me wasn’t driving responsibly, resulting in an accident.My car was also totaled and their car only had bumper damage. Put yourself in her shoes. Think outside of your box for a moment.Not everything is in life is a one scenario situation or “bottom line”.. Maybe SHE wasn’t at fault…just maybe! Quit accusing her of being immature about it.That car was the only thing she had to take her to earn money and get herself back and fourth to school..She is young..She has the right for reality to hit her and her get upset about it…If people don’t like how she handles things..quit reading things that happen to her.(period)

            P.S. Most of the time, people do, indeed, suck!

          • shy

            and of course whether we are celebs.”starlets” or not we all make mistakes nobody’s perfect. she’s a teenager and a mother get over it. she may have had a baby at 16 17 whatever.
            but not everyone handles their situations the same

        • C

          Are you really blaming other people still? You’re old enough to not be able to hold them accountable anymore. You got pregnant and chose this life for YOURSELF. Deal with it! Yes Jo should help take care of Issac but not all by himself either. Cry a little bit, then move on. A million more things will happen in your life that you don’t like. Blaming it on others won’t prevent that from happening.

      • shy

        Self inflicted? so your saying she chose to be in a car accident and chose to have a father whose never there or a mother? how dumb is that if we all chose our parents and how our lives turned out im very sure we wouldn’t choose the path most of us live. i know what it’s like to not have a father and feel like no one loves you. you feel horrible most of the time and always ask yourself why your not good enough for them and t.v. is t.v. thier going to put whatever makes it good so you have no right to judge anybody!!!

      • working247

        One word for “Kail”,KARMA!!!
        I have never seen such an ungrateful,snotty,and rude young Lady (or should I say Brat!).A lot of people like to criticize Jo,well if it wasn’t for JO’s Family,she’d be homeless,starving,and unable to pay for Isaac’s formula,diapers,clothing,toys,etc etc etc AND she would not be in College because if it wasn’t for JO,who loaned her the $600,she| be SOL,its not like HER Mom,or Family for that matter,would have loaned it to her! And let’s not forget about Junior,JO’s Brother,she wouldn’t be able to go to College OR have a job if it wasn’t for him babysitting Isaac for FREE,and we all know how expensive child care is! Maybe if she pulled her head outta her a$$ she wouldn’t have rear ended the person in front of her!.Like I said,good ol Karma! You reap what you sow!

  • Jess

    She’ll be just fine.. She’ll just sponge the money off of Joe and his parents like she always does. No-one should feel sorry for her. there are tons of people out there with no parents and have children and they do it on their on all the time. Bottom line… grow up and stop being a cry baby. You dont even seem to appreciate what everyone does do for you! And to Joe’s parents.. I feel so sorry for you to be stuck with her as the mother of your grandson. You and your husband are wonderful people and its sad to see you taken advantage of!

    • Heather

      No, Jess. Teen moms don’t “do it on their own all the time” Unless they they have Jamie Lynn Speres type money its usually goverment assistance that pays for that. EBT, WIC, food stamps, and so on. That money comes from taxpayers who work their asses off. People like me who at 35 are still unsure if I can afford to have children. Let Jo and his family pay for this one.

  • Sexytime

    This girl is an abomination. Yeah that car definitely “has no damage”…

    Inconsiderate of the person that she rear ended as her fault. Also the fact that she had her kid in the car should have made her drive a little more carefully in the first place.

    That’s fine, she can go ahead and mess with Jo’s head and his family and just sponge it off them like someone else said earlier.

    Just because she didn’t have a father growing up doesn’t mean she has to make sure she puts the same burden on her child, especially for all the stuff Jo’s family did for her! That mom become a mom to her and she threw it all away because she is an abomination. Terrible face and complexion and she looks like she was born in a trailer. She also looks like she’s so disgusted all the time. To hell with her.

    • Heather

      Yeah because monkey face wanabe rapper Jo is so much better looking than her? Jo was abusive to her right on national television anyone who comes to his defence is delutional.

  • Lynn

    I am in the same position as kal becuz someone in front of me stopped in front of me and made an abrupt left turn so this in turn caused me to run into the semi I was behind which did no damage whatsoever to their cars and completely totalled mine. also all I had was liability insurance. It sux i know I havent had a car since last summer!

  • T

    I think that Kail didn’t get that love and attention needed as a child, and it has definetly had an affect on her, mainly in regards to her attitude and personality. It seems like she has that me against the world mentality and feels like she doesn’t have anyone who really loves her, but she does. Jo and his parents both showed her love and at times they got on Jo in defense of her. It seemed to me that she didn’t really appreciate the things he and his family were doing for her. Alot of her problems can be pointed to her childhood, but she’s not a child anymore. She’s a young lady and a mother. She needs to put a smile on her face, and turn to god and get a better relationship with him, BECAUSE AS LONG AS YOU GOT GOD YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT NOT BEING LOVED.

  • carolinaaa

    why does the jeep have and OBX sticker?
    thats outer banks NC, where i live, and kail doesn’t stay here… jenelle does…

  • Susannah

    Maybe the Jeep people visit there a lot? I live in Arkansas but I have a Houston Yacht Club sticker on my car my family has a summer home in Shoreacres, TX.

    I feel for Kailyn(spelling?) She’s young and immature in so many ways, but I do think she loves Isaac and wants to make a better life for him.

  • Katy

    I think everyone on here who is judging Kail for her mistakes needs to take a long hard look at themselves! Are u guys without fault? Not a chance in hell! I think the haters on here need to grow the f**k up! How about you spend more time working on yourselves and less time blasting random people on the internet!

  • Kayla

    you people seriously make me sick!! you are putting this woman down for being upset about a car wreck?!?! any human being in this world would be upset about this whether it was their fault or not! and to the person calling her ugly and saying she looks like she was born in a trailor?! is that really freaking necessary?? like honestly, i know there are rude, selfish, heartless people in this world but dang, you people should seriously be ashamed of yourselves!! could you imagine if you had to go through all this hate and people talking this terrible about you! oh and maybe you need to scroll back up to the page, the creators of this page suggested a “help kail” fund, NOT her! so don’t put her down for that either! and if you are an actual teen mom fan, you would know that she NEVER took advantage of jo’s parents. they loved her like their own and did anything for her and she always made it known she was grateful! i am still so sick from the comments on this page. and i can bet my life on it that most of you people are grown freaking adults just putting down a teen mother! i hope that helps you sleep at night because you would not be saying the same things if kail happened to be your daughter or your best friend or hmm maybe the fact that you actually knew whether or not the accident was in fact her fault. you people need to take a step back and think about what you’ve done, only god shall judge us. not each other.

    • Sal

      Kayla – I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Sal

    Dang, give Kail a friggin’ break already!! There are way too many assumptions going on here. Do you honestly think she’d be so upset about finances if she were getting checks from MTV during filming? Come on, use your heads. I doubt they would compensate her until AFTER filming is over, right? Cut Kail some slack. She’s doing her best. I don’t get why everyone is so hard on her. I’m just not understanding it at all.