Rachel Zoe is 8 months pregnant, why is her baby bump so small?

Pregnant Rachel Zoe is really tiny

Photos: Splash News

Celebrity stylist and fashion addict Rachel Zoe has always looked painfully thin, but now she’s pregnant with her first child so it might be expected that she pack on a few pounds. Not the 60 or so that some women do, but at least enough to put her in the normal BMI range.

While she did put on some weight, she is now eight months pregnant and looks like she just had a really big lunch (or had lunch for the first time.)

Natalie Portman has shown us all what eight months pregnant looks like, and she (reportedly) isn’t even eight months along! But seriously, Natalie was skinny before she got pregnant, and she’s still skinny, but she also looks like she’s growing a human being inside of her body, not like she bloated from an extra salty bowl of soup.

Rachel told US Weekly a few weeks ago that her pregnancy cravings are strawberries and grapefruit. Those are great things to eat, but babies also need protein, and just plain calories to grow.

In Touch was also concerned about Rachel tiny bump, so they asked some of her friends about it. One of her friends explained that Rachel was still so small because she “wasn’t used to eating three meals a day.” What kind eating-disordered explanation is that? The friend goes on to note that Rachel’s husband Rodger Berman is making sure she stays healthy.

Another friend said that she was using creative draping and fashion magic to mask her growing belly. Hopefully that’s more the case.

Via Celebitchy:

“She’s a fashionista. I think she’s trying to dress a certain way to cover it. The baby’s very healthy, and she’s taking off work soon.”

That baby bump is bananas! Speaking of bananas, they’re a great source of folic acid.

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  • Stormyboo

    She looks fabulous, healthy, happy, she is tiny to begin with I can’t see her with a huge blimp of a bump she shouldn’t have to hide her baby bunp she should show it off!!!!

  • Sunshine

    Oh she looks pregnant alright! You can see it in the face! Definitely not “too small” of a bump, babies can sit differently in the uterus making some bellies look bigger than others… research pregnancy before trying to expolit… it helps!

    I also think if Rachel were wearing a tighter shirt like Natalie’s then her bump would definitely be showing a lot better, and bigger 😉

  • LAL

    I have a hard time believing she is pregnant at all. Even her rings still fit, not a bit of swelling anywhere at all. Not normal for someone over 20’s. She looks like a woman with a strap on fake baby bump to me. Fine if she wants to adopt and doesn’t want the child to know but really? Happy? She seems as annoyed as ever and certainly not happy. Babies don’t just grow a bump, they do things to the entire mind and body of the mother when growing. I just don’t see it at all. But, I don’t really care either. She is not a likable person to me. I just watched it to see her new house. I like houses and Roger is nice too. Kim Kardashian even said she didn’t look pregnant except for the bump. I think she got it too.

    • Alice

      OK, look this stinks to high heaven. As I’ve love the show, clearly Rachel was not pregnant. I don’t care one way or the other how she came to have this beautiful baby boy…he’s very lucky to have these very successful people as parents and assured to have a blessed life, but the deception is palpable. Forget the bump – I don’t care if it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, your breast GROW! I you looked at Rachel up to the point where supposedly her water broke and was on her way to the hospital, the bones in her chest were still in full view. No, no, no, THIS WAS A LIE!!!

      If you followed he show closely, Roger supposedly bought her this huge diamond ring for giving birth to his son for everything she’s gone through with the pregnancy, but if you look at the photo above, she’s wearing the ring pre-baby and not as a gift received post labor and giving birth as it was presented in the show.

      I’m very happy for baby, but sad they would go through such desperate lengths to create this illusion.

  • Bren

    She never was pregnant. 100% fake.