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Real Housewives of Miami Cristy Rice bikini

The Real Housewives of Miami premieres on Bravo on February 22, introducing the world to six new sexy Bravolebrities from the Sunshine State! has just posted some photos and brief bios of the ladies so I thought I might compile all that info as well as any other pertinent info or images from around the web like the above super sexy bikini pic for instance!

Let’s get this all things Cristy Rice party started:

RHoM Cristy Rice





Her Bio courtesy of Bravo:

“As a Miami native who is beyond proud of her roots, Cristy’s sassy Latina flair is evident in everything she does. Recently divorced from NBA superstar Glen Rice, Cristy has entered a new phase of her life, being single and living out loud. When she’s not out dancing at night or dealing with relationship drama, Cristy’s life is jam-packed with being a single mom to her three children and running her own clothing store.”

As it mentions Cristy is recently divorced from retired NBA star Glen Rice.  Part of their split may have been because Glen got arrested for battery back in 2008 for beating one Alberto Perez whom he found hiding in Cristy’s closet!  That takes the concept of “keeping it in the closet” to a whole new level.






In another piece posted in Miami Herald’s column “Talk Of Our Town” from back in March of 2007 the financial woes of Glen and Cristy are discussed in detail.  I was able to find a repost of the article and here is part of what was written about the Rice’s situation and divorce:

Former NBA star Glen Rice and wife Cristy, owner of a South Miami children’s boutique, were building their dream home — an eight-bedroom on Arvida Parkway in Gables Estates. Now, Rice wants a timeout.

Rice, who filed for divorce, asked the court to ”compel wife’s cooperation” to permit the sale of the residence. The house has become a ”financial albatross” that is ”strangling” them, he says, yet Cristy is determined to move in. She is ”unreasonable, unrealistic and acting inappropriately,” he alleges in court papers filed by his attorney, Andrew Leinoff. Not so, Cristy responds. She says the sale is ”premature and unnecessary,” according to documents filed by her attorney, RaymondRafool.

Rice, nicknamed G-Money, says they don’t have enough money to carry the place, much less pay the taxes, which he estimates could exceed $400,000. He cites ”significant cash flow issues” and some “unwise investments.”

They have spent more than $8 million on the house and must shell out another $3.4 million to finish it, he says. Costs include $190,000 in flooring, $225,000 in tile, $400,000 for a home entertainment center and $256,000 in wall units.

They also own a $1.43 million home nearby.

What is it with these Real Housewives and real estate issues?  Christy’s three children from oldest to youngest are Brianna, Giancarlo and Giovanni.  Here’s Cristy’s official promo shot courtesy of Bravo:

Real Housewives of Miami Cristy Rice

I have to say that I’m looking forward to seeing more of Cristy as she brings the heat to Miami.

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  • cj


  • Gerard Federick

    Cristy, you got it goin’ on majorly. keep given us that sexy-ness.
    I met you long ago pre-Glen. I’m friends with BShaw. hope too see you at Lakers/Heat game. peace !

  • LoLo

    Christy you remind me of the next Danielle Staub, always seeking attention & living off of your ex’s money. What you did at Lea’s event was tacky. Please act your age & be responsible for your actions. You said you & your husband don’t get along like you did when you were 1st separated, well him finding a man in the closet of the house he paid for my have something to do with that. Your poor children will read about you & see this show, I feel for them.

  • DG

    Cristy, When I first saw you on “real Housewives” I was taken back by your beauty and thought you where amazing. It didn’t take long for your ignorance and ego to strip you of all value, your like having a new Ferrari that doesn’t start. Looks great but it’s pretty much useless. Myself, coming from nothing and then building a multi-million dollar business have learned valuable lessons in life. Lessons you will never learn since you are a leach and have accomplished nothing on your own. Typical Immigrant!!

    • Sasha

      FEEEEEEA!!!! Conceited horse face!

    • woman

      How does the immigrant comment make any sense you idiot? Read a history book or two on American history will ya! Many immigrants have paved the way for you, so please check your ignorance at the door. Oh and because someone speaks more than one language in the US that does not make them an immigrant. The woman was born here. Ugh, so low class and provincial!

    • CQ

      You had a good point until your very last sentence. Dont be an idiot you racist f**k head.. Talk about ego… “coming from nothing and building my blah blah blah.” Typical Douche!

  • Antoinette

    I can’t stand this immature bitch but, DG… she was born in Miami and “leach” is actually spelled “leech” in the context you meant it. I know this and I’m an immigrant!

  • Lisa A

    Coke head!

  • Anna

    It’s so sad that they gave a housewive spot to such a butter face.

  • KK

    Can you believe Cristy actually had the ignorance to say “What is Lea without this charity?” At least Lea is making a contribution to society, and working hard for the good of other people! What has this stuck up snob ever done except live off the fame and money of her ex husband. What a waste of space. It’s so hilarious that she thinks so much of herself. She and Larsa deserve each other. Just another ignorant girl who thinks she’s important because her man was.

  • http://yahoo debra127

    WAS! is the buzz word here. If these women’s men WERE still up to par financially, they would never allow this degrading portrayal of their lives, truth is that money does’nt last when you marry women that NEED plastic surgery, cars, clothes,jewels to feel complete. The men have realized it and are putting the whores back on the street (where they found them) to bring in some cash!!!!!! Kelsey Grammar did the same thing before he cut loose that vacuum- Camille. Now that they have shown they can earn some money , these men will be free to dump, or trade-in !!!! Don’t blame them, work hard to let it waste away on CRAP!! Stuff!! Scotty, you could have educated 20 ghetto kid’s w/ the cost of her silly car!!!!

  • DG

    OK, let me clarify what I am refereeing as “typical”. what you call racism I call reality, Look at the statistics of welfare recipients and and you will see the difference between “typical immigrant” and non-typical immigrant, you know the self motivated successful immigrant who concurred the American dream, the one not looking for a hand-out. The one that took it, not wait for it to come to them. My bad for not knowing she was born in Miami, BTW I am from Spain and speak two languages. Get off your asses and stop using the word racist as an excuse to fail, the immigrants are the most racist. The slavery period has been over for 100 years, get over it.They come here like there shit don’t stink and shun Americans like there country is better, Yes Americans are not as family oriented and have less culture, and I very much so dislike that about our culture, but it doesn’t put you above us.
    It’s hard working people like myself that employ and pay taxes that finance the numerous agencies that help you acquire the land of opportunity. I gladly hire hard working Immigrants, the non-typical one’s. They make up 30% of my workforce. and CQ with your sphincter wrapped around your neck , who the hell are you and what have you done that impressive? I got a $100 bill that says you voted for Obama too!

  • Marco

    Would you expect a girl like that marrying an ugly brute if it wasn’t for the money?