PHOTOS Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans is McFrumpy chic in sweat pants and furry slippers

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans

Even reality star drama queens have to take a break now and then, and that’s exactly what it appears Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans did last Sunday when she made a McDonald’s run and visited a friend in sweat pants and furry slippers.

UPDATE! See the Jenelle Evans McDonald’s run inspired animated gif!

The 19-year-old Oak Island, North Carolina resident has been a lightning rod for controversy after her appearances on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and their Teen Mom follow-up, Teen Mom 2 in which the foul-mouthed firecracker wrestles with being a mother while at the same time still wanting to be a teenage party girl.

The drama not only plays out onscreen but also online, in the tabloids, and in the courts as Jenelle seems incapable of “toning things down.” The result has been the loss of custody of her son to her mother Barbara, an arrest, a feud with a former best friend who revealed that Jenelle has been lying about the identity of the father of her child and numerous other dramatically negative things.

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans returns from a trip to McDonald's in sweat pants and slippers

Normally I wouldn’t say that a trip to McDonald’s is a healthy thing, but in Jenelle’s case a peaceful Sunday afternoon spent munching on some fries and slurping on a Coke may be just what the doctor ordered!

Photos: Butterworth/Splash News

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  • Jalissa

    To meet a friend u wear THAT-I wouldn’t

  • Tuesday

    ugh, give this poor girl a break. if you were being followed around my cameras all the time i’m sure we all would look less than spectacular at some point.

    • Sara

      Last time I checked she isn’t being followed around against her will.. in fact I’m pretty sure MTV didn’t go to her about being on the show.. she initiated it. And besides, you would think that since she knows she’s being taped that she’d mind her manners. Or at least not act like a spoiled brat..or here’s an idea, be a mother?!?!

  • lynn

    i actually feel bad for jenelle.. her mom is constantly negative and unstable.. its clear her mom has made her a very unhappy, depressed child.. i hope jenelle takes her earnings from teen mom 2 and gets herself a stable home and a good attorney to regain custody of her son.. jenelle never has been given a decent chance at life.. her mother robbed her of the love and protection a child should have growing up. goodluck jenelle.. hope you get your life worked out for you and your adorable son.

  • Kiaritah

    I love Jenelle! Well her mom is all correct,Jenelle may be think shes right about everything I know how she feels she wants have Fun and everytime party, (I have my own friends have same problem) well,her mom tried make her good mom to care for her duaghter if she want to go party asked someone to babysit and come back early and next day she can hang out with her boyfriend with baby all she wants! she have to bring baby everywhere not the party.
    Her new boyfriend doesnt have nice future for her and baby because he doesnt work and her mom is afraid if she will have sex with him again to be become pregrant.That’s reason why she have to kicked jenelle out to learn lesson but she feels her that she wants Fun and stay home with them.

    • Kiaritah

      By the way I know Jenelle has son is jace soo my bad!

  • Royal

    Leave her the f**k alone already! Her mom is the reason she acts the way she does. Although, she can try a little harder to be a mother.