Jenelle Evan’s baby daddy Andrew Lewis says she was high on pot and speed while pregnant with Jace

And the Jenelle Evans saga continues . . .

The Teen Mom’s estranged baby daddy Andrew Lewis, who recently told Jenelle that he was modeling in China, spoke to In Touch magazine (via Holly Baby), confirming what Jenelle already admitted to on her formspring account: that she smoked marijuana while pregnant with Jace.

There is a raging debate about whether or not it’s safe to have a toke or two during pregnancy to treat morning sickness, but, according to Andrew, Jenelle’s marijuana use while pregnant went much farther than that. She reportedly got so high that she could barely walk. He also says he found speed in her pocket during her pregnancy, which doesn’t prove that she actually took it . . . but often when there’s smoke . . .

Despite the rumors (which Jenelle admitted to) that Andrew may not be Jace’s father, he still considers himself the baby’s dad, and has even had several secret visits with the child arranged through Jace’s daycare.

He also said that he signed over his custody of Jace to Jenelle’s mother Barbara because he believes that “Barbara wouldn’t let Jenelle hurt him.”

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  • Kris

    Ok, this makes since but how can we believe Andrew when he stating that he has secrete visitations thru day care when everyone knows this is illegal. A daycare CANNOT do this. Only people listed on the correct forms are able to come in a get the baby or even drop a baby/kid off! Come on Andrew – stop making sh*t up to just get a paycheck cause your ugly a** cant get a job!

    • andrew you neeed to grow up and take care of your baby!!

    • Shayy

      Hey btw you dont f**king know him i do all this is bullsh1t he is actually a really good guy an oneno my best friends so can you guys stop being master douches o the world dont believe what you read omg yall are f**king idiots

  • Jessica

    What I dont like is her so called friends and Andrew going to magazine and making stuff up even if it was true there is baby involve in this situation it is not just Jenelle life they are messing with it is also Jace life to. These magazines should be a shame of themself they are young girls with babies why are they so willing to dig up dirt on them and embrassed them on national level beside what mtv does to them already the magazines need to leave the girls alone and start worrying about the celebrites not girls in the middle nowhere to start gossip about.

  • Jalissa

    Lies lies lies. He’s jus trying to make himself look good, which he didn’t from the get go. Everybody knows that it is illegal to see your child w/o notice or supervision, duh

    • I agree with you jalissa!!!!

  • Amelia

    That idiot said he signed over rights cuz Jenelle’s mom wouldn’t let Jenelle hurt him ?? Lol.. ummm no dude you signed over rights cuz your a lazy half ass baby daddy. Andrew is no father and he is pretty bold to say that the daycare arranged meetings between him and Jace. For one, if that is true Jenelle and her mother should take Jace out of that day care immediently !!! Not okay !!!! I am betting it is not true cuz a professionally ran daycare is not going to let some punk kid walk in and state his case like he is going to family court. What an idiot. Jenelle is stupid too but she is young and no that’s not an excuse but compared to that idiot Andrew…..