PHOTOS Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry kissing her new boyfriend Jordan

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry holds hands with her new boyfriend and co-worker Jordan

The Teen Momarazzi have invaded Pennsylvania! Photographers captured Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry out and about with co-worker and rumored new boyfriend Jordan as they shopped for diapers and threw a party celebrating Kailyn’s son Isaac’s first birthday earlier today. (Which is actually January 18 for those avid Teen Mom fact checkers out there)

Kailyn (or Kail as she likes to be called) was not afraid to unleash some serious public displays of affection as she and her new man got rather intimate for the cameras:

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry kisses her new boyfriend Jordan

These photos surface right on the heels of Kail’s baby daddy Jon Rivera accusing her of cheating on him while living with him and his parents. The accusations played out on Kail’s Facebook fan page on which Jon left a comment about how Kailyn had borrowed his car to visit a friend and had put 80 miles on it before returning it to him. Here is the conversation as it played out:

Jon Rivera If someone told put 80 miles on your car in one night and told you that they went to work, to a friends, and back would you believe them….

Commenter I can’t Wait for next Week ! :)
Jon, I Think MTV Does A Real Good Job of Making You Look Bad :/

Jon Rivera Yea they like to do that

Commenter 2 Actually..I would believe them where I live, and probably where you do too (my best friend is from northampton) and i live in ny…where everything is super far apart..sometimes the miles add up quicker than ya think.

Jon Rivera I dont buy that especially since i no now she lied to me bour havin another boyfriend for months while she was livin wit me

Commenter 3 jo do you go to NCC too? or are you still in HS

Kail Lowry Thank you alllll for the support. I wish I was able to get on here everyday and reply to every one of you. I’m doing what I can.
Jo makes himself look bad… no matter how much editing there is we all do things that we can look back and know… how to make it better.
Jo is not in school, he only works.See More

Jon Rivera No i dropped out of college to spend more time with my family but i guess that was a wasted effort since kail had other men on her mind anyway…

Jon Rivera Imma jerk? Lol. Why? Because i dont let ppl take advantage of me? Because there are rules to abide by when your livin in someone elses house? Because im real and say wats on my mind? Cuz i dont like being lied to and disrespected? Cuz i want to my son to have the best life possible and have both parents in his life? You’ve never met me nor have you even spoke to me before but you can make the judgement that imma jerk. Sounds to me like your the jerk…

Drama, drama, drama! WOW! And if you turn WOW upside down you get MOM! And here’s mom Kailyn walking by herself: (Sorry about that weird segue)

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry

I don’t know about cheating and all that, but Kailyn sure looks happy with her strapping new man dontcha think?

And judging from the photos (for whatever that’s worth) he seems to be pretty good with Isaac:

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry lets Isaac be held by her new boyfriend

Kailyn is really in a rough situation. Things are obviously not working out with her baby daddy Jo but his parents are the only ones willing to give her any help because her mom is a little loopy and completely selfish. So she’s stuck staying in the same house as Jo but should be able to date other people… It should be interesting to see how all this plays out, which we will get to do every Tuesday night at 10/9c on MTV!

Here is the potential new happy family all together:

Teen Mom 2 Kail Lowry goes shopping with Isaac and her new boyfriend

And here’s the couple outside Isaac’s 1st birthday party:

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry with her new boyfriend outside Isaac's 1st birthday party


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  • ariana

    how dare she, like really? how disrespectful is she for parading her son around with this loser…Jo has gone above and beyond, he’s been pretty respectful as of always…she’s officially turning into her mother, i feel bad for baby isaac and the riveras…

    • GiN

      She’s officially turning into her mother? Are you crazy? Heaven forbid she actually move on and have a healthy relationship. Do you expect her to stay in an unhealthy relationship that neither person wants to be in because they have a kid? Yeah thats REALLY smart.

    • Gisela

      Are you kidding me?? This sounds like Jo or his parents wrote that!! They all treated her horribly…ganging up on her, making her go live down in a basement, constantly rubbing it in that they are helping her out & then being haters once she started to move on. WTH. I hope she makes a lot of $$ & is able to go far away from her useless mom & ex bf.

      • emma

        You are one ignorant being.

        They gave her a place to live,
        with simple rules to follow.
        Which she did not.

        She’s the one that is disrespecful.

    • 2cents

      What I want to make clear to everyone Pro-Kailyn is that, there is nothing wrong with her leaving an “unhealthy” relationship in the pursuit of happiness.

      HOWEVER, following that pursuit does not mean it is o.k. to be selfish, disrespectful, vindictive and controlling. I was watching her and wondering why was she so controlling and vindictive?

      The fact that she is so passive-aggressive…

      It’s their stubborn streak, you know? The “my way or the high-way”, the “I’m doing/feeling/saying the opposite of you because I secretly can’t stand you”

      Here is my question to her:
      1. Why can’t you communicate with your ex and be honest?
      2. Why file custody behind his back?
      3. Why see a man behind his back, while still living in his house? 4. Why talk behind his back, find out you need financial aid, ask him for it, and with a stiff upper lip say “thank you”?
      5. Why tell your ex that your son doesn’t need to be in his car seat, take him out, mask it as playful banter with the baby – only to put him back when you leave his house?

      – It’s this sense of entitlement and vindictiveness. She is painfully bitter. She is cowardly and mean-spirited.

      She must really enjoy jabbing people in the back to make them squirm. it’s like pain for her. She is afraid of being honest, telling the truth and putting her foot down. Karma.

      • Lady Saiyan

        It goes both ways, based on what I saw. I mean, Jo was disrespectful to Kailyn when she was pregnant, and his mum was trying to maintain peace with the two of them… still does. Right after Isaac was born, she tried to talk to Jo, but he flat out didn’t want anything to do with her, and just treated her like trash. I would hate to live somewhere where I know day in and day out that someone would disrespect me.

        On the other hand, if worse came to worse, I would’ve moved back in with my mother. It’s strange how Kailyn would say that she and her mum fight all the time, where I haven’t seen any of that going on. Her mum’s more respectful towards her than Jo was. When I saw that, I was like, “man! She should’ve stayed with her mum from the beginning, instead of dealing with all of that turmoil.” But instead of doing so, she decided to dig a bigger hole for herself by seeing another guy? I’m sure that Jordan is a nice guy, but the timing was just bad. :(

      • RealityAtItsFinest

        Whoa dude…so glad to hear SOMEONE say this. As I watched the show this season, I was totally pissed with Kailyn most of the time. She IS controlling. She is always telling someone how to do something, manipulating a conversation to display her as the victim, looking STUPID, and she is clearly doing the things she did to get back at Joe for saying he wanted time apart. She could have kept her relationship with Jordan mild until she moved out on her own…for the safety and security of her SON!!!! But instead, she lied and agreed to terms with Joe’s mother that she had no intentions on keeping. I mean, GEEZ. How much do you just HAVE TO HAVE A MAN at that very moment. Jordan seems reasonable and they could have remained close friends until she moved out. She did not have to do it the way she did.

        Also, why did she need to get $600 from Joe for school. I am yet to understand that crap. She is the prime candidate for Financial Aid in the US. She is an unmarried mother. She could have qualified for Financial Aid. What is with that? And, couldn’t she apply for housing? Did she have to live with Joe’s family? And also, I only saw Joe REACTING to her, not being aggressive initially. He told her that HE would bring her things down from upstairs and she was like, NO. How are you going to tell someone else where YOU are about to go and what YOU are about to do in their own home? If he told her to wait downstairs, her dusty a** should’ve waited. She cannot control every situation, but she wants to.

        And how about the ungrateful portrayal during the “Check up with Dr. Drew”? He asked her if she had anything to say to Joe’s mom and she was like, no. Well lemme kick you in on a little something…she better had been glad that it was Joe’s mom and not me or any other woman I know because BABEHHHH she would not have had to tell me Thank You or nothing else…but by the time I was done with her…Jordan would’ve been going home with a stump of a girl…and not the shadow of a wanna be woman. So what, she goes to school and works…she was screwing as a child and messed around and had one herself. That’s the road she must travel. Many, many, many women have done it before her. Think of it as her “rite of passage”.

        She schemed to get where she is and schemed to make herself seem angelic and innocent before America. Everyone isn’t so easily duped. I have two teenage nieces and know a schemer when I see one. She wanted to be with Joe on January 1st but, come January 15th….no more Joe. She is now in love with Jordan. Gimme a break. He was in the picture only to make Joe jealous and now…she has to stick it out with him (at least for a while) because the spotlight is still on them. She saw how much attention Leah got by getting married and (through her controlling behavior) she cannot seem like a failure. She probably talked his a** into looking for engagement rings. She just wants to be successful like Drake. And she would be if she would only do it all for the right reasons, understand Joe’s anger and stop trying to always play the victim card. It’s old! She is not an innocent victim in anything.

        Before I end, let me just give Joe some credit. Of all the fathers on the show, Joe does a friggin damn good job of taking care of his son. She doesn’t have to worry about anything in that area. He is always available, cares for him when he is supposed to, he shares his money with her, gives to his son endlessly, gives to her when she asks, cares about where his son lays his head (and if he has a place to do so), and is there 100%. Give his a** some credit. That is like gold in today’s era. Of course, he’s made mistakes but no one is perfect. But he tries really, really hard for his son and that is the point here. Kailyn is just a bitter and conniving mother who doesn’t know how to properly allow others to run their own lives and make their own choices. (Like she’s done such a bang-up job herself). I have no sympathy for her. She’s in hog heaven. She’s about to marry her dream guy (so she thinks). A man who will do WHATEVER she says and has no true voice of his own. She runs him completely but, as time will tell, she needs a man that will stand up to her. That is the only person she will ever truly respect.

  • Jessica

    This is so disrespect to Jo family she is living with them and she is dating someone new if she want to date then she need to move out of Jo parent house I have lost respect for kail

    • tjana

      I don’t think she doing anything bad she loved jo tried to make it work and for christ sake she don’t have any where to go with a kid she don’t want her she got a kid I think she kool and she did try to make it work and it didn’t so now she happy and she has a good guy that loves her not a felony leave her alone

    • tjana

      Some of y’all that don’t agree put ur self in her shoes she has no one in this world and finally she found someone to make her happy and that’s a problem to y’all I hope jordan let her move in with him because this is a girl with a strong heart and she loves her kid and god see everything

    • Larah

      Are u kidding how is it ok for Jo to tell her he hates her and he regrets everything they ever had then shes suppose to turn around and try to make it work Wtf u go kail hope u and Jordan the best

  • Marisa

    She’s not parading around, she’s out with her boyfriend. She is not doing anything wrong. You feel bad for Isaac??? So you think it would be better if she and Jo stayed together and constantly were arguing in front of Isaac?? Trust me, Isaac is a happy baby. As far as her dating Jordan while living there, she and Jo were not only broken up but they had seperate bedrooms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You say Jordan is a loser but there’s only been 2 episodes. You can’t judge this soon. He’s actually a really nice guy and treats Kailyn and Isaac very good.

  • Rod

    I think the whole situation is messed up. Both ways, that is just the reality of the whole thing. You have to consider that Joe did not want to be with Kailyn under any circumstances, so it seemed at least from what has been shown on tv. So at some point she would have to move on. As for her living there well she just has to wait for season 2 of teen mom 2 and she can move out. Now with that said when she does and if she does decide to move out as she should, she will in turn take both Joe and his family from being on air and in turn not recieving any compensation for there time. Yes what they were doing for her is admirable to some point, but it the end I guess it was for their own benefits. They did not need to attack her like they did all 3 at the same time. They could have sat her down and spoken with her calmly, without Joe there so that there would be no need for any yelling. The worst part of this whole situation is that in the end unless both K,J and J’s parents come to some sort of compromise then the biggest loser is going to be Issac. And yes this all does come from experience as I was also a young father. And unfortunately boy’s aren’t really men until they are in their 30’s. Although I believe I matured a little faster due to the differences in my situation and the one that J,K…

  • Fav

    @ ariana “How dare she?” Seriously. Have you been watching how awful Jo treats Kailyn? He broke up with her. She’s free to date whomever she pleases. Jo’s mom told her she’ll always have a place there and told her she can stay in the basement. She didn’t say “You can only stay here if you do what we want you to do and not live your life.” Jo is a jerk and it was ugly how his whole family ganged up on Kailyn in this episode.

  • Carole Allen

    I think she is very disrespectful to be living in Jo’s parents house and running around with Jordan. Maybe Jordan or her immature friends can provide a home for her ungrateful ass. That was very disrespectful of her friends to pursuade her to put that status on facebook and she was the fool to do it. When people are helping you the way that Jo and his family have, she ought to have been more grateful and up front with them. What kind of morals does she have, apparently none. So sad!!!

    • Rachel

      Your an idiot. That beaner is a piece of shit who disrespected her as a mother. She has a right to be happy and if another man could do what that CHILD could not do,then there is nothing wrong with that. They offered to take her in. They never said. You can live here only if your with my son. Obviously jo didnt wanna be with her, so she tried something new. He is a disrespectful ass who should leave my country. =)

      • Gmp

        You stupid bitch. I thought this country was USA not Rachels country. You should go back to where your kind came from. This country belongs to every single race that resides in it. Diversity is what makes America not people that one day came over sees and killed the natives that were already here. You are the f**ken idiot. And kailyn is ungrateful and disrespectful by dating other guys and still want jo’s parents to support her. They do want the best for her because dating right now is not the best for her because obviously she doesn’t know how to use birth control. Advice to kailyn, go to school take care of your son and leave love for later because I’m sure your not in love now it’s just your hormones.

    • Bella

      Kail has a lot of growing up to do. Her priorities are backwards. She’s disrespectful and wrong and is taking advantage and using her ex Jo and his family. I don’t blame Jo for treating her like he does. She deserves a rude awakening. She’s using the excuse of wanting to be with her son and having both parents there for Isaac as a reason to have a roof over her head cause she’d be living in the streets if it werent for jo’s family. If she wants to date other guys, which shouldn’t be a priority in her sad life anyway, she should have made it clear to jo’s parents what her plans were and let them know she appreciates then for allowing her to stay with them and then start paying a few hundred dollars in rent! Especially if she wants to gallivant around town. Im sure if she made it clear that she will be renting out their basement and Jo and her are thru and she pays rent, jo’s patents wouldn’t give 2 sh!ts. Not live Scott free and think it’s ok to go find another boyfriend. Just like when Jo said he’s going to stay at a motel somewhere, Kail was like ok I will stay with u so I can spend some time with Isaac. Bitch had no where to go, so dont use your son to get another free night of shelter. She’s pathetic.

  • lucky

    omg…jo and his parents make it seem like their the victims.. jos mom acts like she cares for kail. but the truth is coming out. how could you tell her too move out if kail is not with jo. jo doesnt want to be with her obviously. “when you moving out?” jo says. is what i remember from the last show! hes disrespectful and now he thinks kail is cheating on him.. well cant wait for next episode.=)

  • JESS


  • Marisa

    Kailyn is not doing anything wrong. Like Fav said…Janet did not say you can only live here if you abide by these rules. She is an adult and can do whatever she wants. Jo slapped her in the face by saying the things that he did. Don’t get me wrong I love Jo and he is my friend but I disagree with the things that he said to her and by him saying those things he gave her the “go ahead” to do whatever she wants. Kailyn and Jo are both amazing people they just don’t belong together.

  • Marisa

    Well Jess…maybe you should learn how to spell.

  • ja

    What the H? Her baby’s daddy said he was done with the relationship….. his Mom and Dad offered her a basement bedroom to help her and the BABY out…was she supposed to stay in the basement forever? Joe makes it sound as if he is doing everything for his child, but the reality is, in todays times it is hard to provide a roof over their heads, electric, heat, tv, etc. which by all appearances are provided by his parents. I also can see that his parents want to take his side, but do they see what, and how Joe is behaving? The whole thing is unfortunate. Kids today don’t get it. As a parent, you need to realize that you aren’t as important as the life of that child. Your needs come last. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up everything. You really need to watch this show. It shows you that, just like a father can be a sperm donor, and never to be seen again, you can become a mother, but that doesn’t mean you are adult enough to be one. These kids are trying to learn on a curve, and I will be watching to see how they make out. And Joe, try not looking so disgusted all the time. This would include dealing with the mother of your child and of course dealing with the baby. And as far as his parents, I feel for your situation, but do you actually see with clear eyes, your sons behavior?

    • tacky66

      joe’s parents which is natural will always be on his side, he is a horrible boyfriend or whatever he is suppose to be and he pays no attention to the baby, and as he is making himself a sandwich he tells her, she is lucky she is living there. does he want her out on the street? if he would step up and take ownership maybe she wouldn’t be dating jordan (he treats her nice) she needs love but she has to be careful, i really don’t think joe has any feelings for her and his parents are doing the right thing but they are coming down on her and that isn’t right but they are on their son side, and he is cold.

  • Kelli

    I dont Kail did anything wrong. Jo disrespects her. I do understand that Kail is living with his family and its kinda beat that she made it PUBLIC that shes dating someone else but jo’s family has NO right to get at her for dating. They say theyre mad because shes not thinking about her son but…. she’s no longer in an unhealthy relationship( aka with Jo) and instead shes trying to find a new guy to help her emotionally where Jo is lacking.Sounds to me like she’s making good decisions…. Unless shes constantly on dates and ignores issac, how is her getting into another relationship bad for Issac? I think Jo”s parents are just upset cause she doesnt want to be with their “perfect son”! OF COURSE every parent is going to side with their child when they go through a break up. Jo’s mom just seems like shes bitter because Kail found a good guy to easily replace her piece of sh** son

  • tacky66

    she needs to be very careful; she has no place to live, does she want to compromise not living t here and being homeless, her mom could care less about her; on the other-hand, joe, ignores her, disrespects, her and doesn’t even bother with her or the child, remember the swim day, he was horrible to her. on the other hand, joe’s parents are nice to keep her there (but that is a big, big, home and they have her in the basement, the room has nothing warm in it; she should be in a real bedroom there and put joe in the basement; i realize she needs her own life but if her and jordan break up and she get joe’s parents angry, she and her baby are out the door. her’s seem to be the saddest as far as living arrangements are concerned.

  • http://FACEBOOK.COM DorahNellie

    DAYUMM , JO IS HOTTT !!! :) :) :)
    like for real real buddie :) sexy!

  • hallibasket27

    Well I think Jo’s fam. is being WAYY to hard on her. I mean, JO doesnt wanna be with her, so she’s moving on. And she’s being a better parent then he is. I mean, when they went to the pool, Jo didnt even interact with Isaac. Anyways, he should only be like “…my son…” if he’s willing to interact with him. What if Jordan isn’t ready for Kailyn to move in with him? Just sayin’…

  • Mrs. McFly

    Oh come on, Jo is a rebellious, lazy, controlling punk with the ugliest bulldog face who needs a swift kick in his rear. He will make any woman’s life hell but here are Mommy and Daddy covering his ass while they rip into Kail’s.

    Sure Kailyn didn’t do the brightest thing but what support and affection does she really have? Do you blame here for wanting someone to be kind to her and to take an interest in the baby (which Jo does not?)

    • Shea

      In my honest opinion I feel its wrong for Jo parents to treat her like that. If he got a girl friend would they kick their son out of there home, or tell him he would have to stop messing with the other girl or leave there home? Come on, thats bogus. Yes, the mother and father have done good by her, and treated her like a daughter. But, if they really cared for her, they would allow her to have a life. If there son (Jo)does not want to be with Kailyn, then why is it a problem for her to date other people. My heart goes out to her because she seems like she has the world against her, but I’m glad she found someone that wants to spend time with her, and lets her see that everything in the world doesn’t have to be so bad and negative all the time.

      • Keisha

        He never broke up with her he just wanted some time apart.

  • Shea

    Do I believe that the baby will suffer if Kailyn dates other people? No, and I state that because she will give her child as much love as she has in her heart and more no matter who she is with. Jo parents really do need to see how Jo disrespects Kailyn, and accept that Jo no longer wants to be with Kailyn, or at least thats how he acts. I do agree that she should have told the family before posting her relationship status on facebook, but she still has the right to date. No rules, guidelines and regulations were stated to her before moving in. & Jo family fails to realize, if she does move out she may or MAY NOT bring the baby to see them. & yes that may not be the best decision for Kailyn to make, but that is a possible decision that she could make. How do they know she will not distance herself from Jo & his family after how they treated her. Everyone deserves loves & if Jordan gives that to her and makes her feel special then she should be with him. I hope that Jo parents see the bigger picture because if they do put her out she will eventually get back on her feet, and find a way to support and protect her child and resent Jo family for how they treated her in the end when all she wanted was to move on from Jo who stated that he no longer wanted her. & For Jo mother to say “Not to take her grandchild down with her”, wow, that was harsh. So she is taking her son down with her because she wants to be shown love and affections. Thats a load of crap

    • Gmp

      You sound so stupid just like her. First of all I do understand that people need love. But she just had a baby she’s in school and has a job. I know that she must be taking time from other more important things or people(issac) to be with this guy Jordan. She might think she’s in love but I don’t think so because she was in love with Jo not too long ago. I don’t disagree that Jo maybe is mean to her and he needs to grow up too but his parents are good people especially when they have done more for her than her own parents so if they don’t want her to date other guys while living under their roof than she should respect the rule and be grateful that they helped her anyways. About kailyn keeping the baby away from Jo’s parents is just so ignorant to say because as long as Jo supports his child he has rights as a father to see his son and bring him around his parents and if a mother keeps a child away from his father or his family there is always court. It is just so disrespectful to want to be supported by your ex boyfriends family and have the nerve to want to date when you should be taking care of more important things. There’s nothing wrong with dating only do it when you support yourself, live in your own place and don’t ask your ex inlaws for shit. When someone takesbon the responsibility of supporting you they also have the right to tell you what to do. ie like parents

      • Keisha

        I totally agree with Gmp. She started dating three weeks after her and J broke up. I wouldnt tolerate taking care of someone and they do what Kailyin does

  • Angela

    Totally off topic but I think its Suuupppeeerrr funny that on camera they cry n whine n complain about money…… But she seems to be carrying around a quite expensive authentic coach bag, I have a very similar one that is half the size and not as fancy n I bought it duty free for around $200 on SALE, im guessing hers is on the upwards of $350… N her jeans are deff not wal-mart oh n the boots, not sure if there uggs but there not payless either im guessing everything included that one outfit is on the upwards of $500-$600 probaly much more…. Im guessing they just cry poor on tv per produceres request, cause the purse alone is a months rent so im doubting she “has” to live w jo n his parents….. Just a lil observation, lol

    • GiN

      Use your brain, do you think she does this show for FREE? Amber from the first Teen Mom had is disclose her salary for being on Teen Mom and it was 150k a year. If Kailyn is getting anything close to this Im pretty sure she can afford a purse and some boots.

    • Katers

      The bag that she is carrying is actually one the most inexpensive coach bags you can get. Its a poppy glam tote, and they are $198 full price retail. She could have got this one at an outlet when it got pulled from full price stores.

  • sara

    I think it’s funny that her boyfriend and baby daddy’s name is JO not JON! xD

  • pretty

    living w inlaws is never easy, but i think its give n take. when she got pregnant and had no roof over her head, her boyfriend invited her into his family no rent asked. if they r separated because of space issues, jumping onto the next guy that thinks ur cute is not the solution

  • Bella

    And in response to her outfit being expensive? Um I don’t think so, Coach is cheap. Her outfit looks cheap. She is cheap. I would never consider Coach a high end designer bag at all. Really? But I guess if you’re a teenager you wouldn’t know the difference anyway.

  • erik

    She used jo family for a place to live. Jo did try to make it work. She asked for 600 and jo gave it like that. Id smash dude if he was playing daddy. Big up to jo. He got a good fam and supporting cast. I hate how chick talks and blinks. Fish lipped sloot.

  • Michael Sandols

    Every single person on that show is the trash of society that’s all there giving you. A glimpse into the losers of the United States.

    Where as I dont agree that Kailyn should be wh0ring around with that other loser, I also think is pretty sad that Jo must be such a loser himself not to be able to get another fat girl (Kailyn is fat) that his parents has to force one to love him. Now that is pretty sad.

    I laugh every time I see Jenelle’s segment because its funny how over acted and over played it is. Sorry for sounding like a broken record but you people do realize this whole thing is scripted right? Check the credits next time and you’ll see… WRITERS. Jenelle’s a hick ass loser she’s more prone to tantrums and bitching than actually doing anything. Thank god she’s not pulling the Farrah act of crying every episode omg now that was some bad acting. We are talking some year one bad acting.

    Anyway no worries im sure something will happen next week that will be like omg, and then leave you wondering. Love the cop scene, those f**kers get paid $400 to be on camera just for 2 hours that’s it. If you dont get it done in 2 hours another $400…Cops have it good with reality tv.

    Hey im also curious the $60,000+ that they get per season, do they get it right away, it is one lump sum, do they get pieces of it, or do they wait until the season is over and then get it. To which case you could wonder why didnt Kailyn who so desperately wants to move out just go get a loan based solely on the $60,000+ she’s got coming from MTV, again same thing with Jennelle and loser boy???

    $60,000 guaranteed in my contact and I’m stuck somewhere I dont want to be, because? WhY? Hmm could it be because it’s scripted and it adds conflict, leading to good ratings from gullible people watching???? Wow that was easy.

  • Elsy

    In my personal opinion everyone here has been wrong.
    I like Kailyn, out of all the four mothers she is the most responsible.
    She has two jobs, goes to college, takes care of her son AND does chores.
    None of the other mothers do that( I also respect Leah, though she is more of a house wife with twins).
    Kailyn is going through a lot. Her ex does not treat he with respect nor loves her. He’s a sadist. Not to mention he just got arrested recently.
    Kailyn should appreciate that she has a roof thanks to her ex’s parents without paying or helping with their bills.
    What she should have done is to have kept her motivation high and move out, get full custody and be with her new man.
    Jo is a jerk.

  • T-Baby J

    kail i love you! Your the best mom on this show and i love watching it. yes jo is unbelievable. I dont thnk your doing wrong but i do have some advice for you: NEVER LET YOUR RIGHT HABD KNOW WHAT YOUR LEFT HAND IS DOING. if you get that…. you should have never told jo you were moving out until you had all your duck in a row up there( found and apart ex.)you had no reason to tell jo you was with jordan, thats none of his business and it was the wrong time, you should have told him when you had all your ducks in a row. this is some black girl advice, your not doing any wron your good i wish i could see you in person cus i could help. there are jobs here in pittsburgh

  • sjj

    You know that’s wrong to bash her just bc she is living in his house and does not feel the relationship is working. Yes, jo was a good man-to a point. When she was in her most stressful stages of pregnancy, he started controlling her. All he is saying is him and his family will be there for her-knowing she has nowhere else to go for the price of giving in to his rules and his bs games about how he can kick it with his friends bc its his parents who are helping her, but she can’t, bc she’s not as fortunate to have a family who is there for her. He is taking advantage of her, whether he realizes it, or not. She’s young, he wasn’t ready for a baby, and u can see this from the beginning of the episodes where he says” its her decision.” He could not control anything else in his life, so he decided to control her to make up for what lacked-bring out his self-esteem, then his self-esteem was shot down when he left. He says there were other guys on her mind anyway; he’s just deeming his abusive behavior as intuition. He feels there was something about her that made him act that way, when it was HIS problem to begin with. I believe she would have stayed with him if he were more supportive and less controlling. And when I say supportive, I mean emotionally. Heaven forbid she look for a man that doesn’t give her anxiety attacks. Yes, he loves her, but he didn’t approach the situation like he should have, bc he simply wasn’t ready to. I know from my own experience, someone treating u like that eats away at u like ud never imagine, add on being a new parents, working, and going to school…its hard.

  • daddyspank

    JEEZ!!! I am so damn happy that kailyn got thrown out of the parents house! why? so every dumba$$ out there can stop bitching about how much their helping her out by giving her a roof over her head. really?! well, not anymore! his parents “are such good people” they let their nasty looking/acting son say whatever he wants to their grand kid’s mother, no way! a good parent calls their own kids out when they act wrong, or just plain raises them better. being part mexican myself i can see some of it as some typical latino parents not being able to see any fault with their son/s. in some families, sons can do no wrong, its disgusting! but it seems like everyones taking part in letting this damned kid jo get away with anything. and the girl does so much to make life better for her and her kid. she’s been so sad for so often cuz who did she have? i do still think more young parents need to consider adoption, but this mom will make it if she wants to, and stays the hell away from that ugly punk jo. this girl has all my best wishes.

  • browneyes

    i think jo is asshole he treat his baby mother like trash im glad she left him she dosnot need him at all

  • lashonda prince

    Ok let’s get real I’m not here to make friends or take sides but I feel majority of the time it must be young females who don’t know what the hell they talking about,I had a child at a young age I was 14 I still had to go to school and take care of my baby,nothing was handed to me so at that time in my life I would have followed any body rules that I lived with to keep a roof over my head and my child’s head a warm place for my child to sleep and food to eat ,kail is being selfish and disrespectful if u a grown woman u know exactly what I’m talking about,jo mother is going to do what any other mother her child and more than most did we see kail mom helping her while she was pregnant or spending time with her,hell no we didn’t she was to busy with her new boyfriend to busy for her child and grandchild,now don’t history got a way of repeating itself look at what her daughter doing now to her son,that’s how I know some of yall commenting is not grown cause u would put 2and2 together,now I’m not upset how his mother handled the situation cause when she was pregnant jo mother stayed on his a** about how he talked to her and how much time he spent on her and to not disrespect her she going through a lot ,now the only thing she asked of kail is if u going to stay here please don’t date now kail is a grown woman she wants to act grown then handle your bussiness like a grown woman she could have said I can’t do that and I will leave your home cause u pay the rent bills food and help take care of my son for free,but did she do that no,she wanted to be sneaky and deceitful,yes jo did not have to call her those names but I understand how he feel he saying this out of hurt like what else can he say about her to hurt her the way she hurt him nothing really that’s why he calls her names,but I feel what he saying he thought she was not dating cause at the moment she was living rent free bill free so of course when she asked to borrow 600.00 he did the right thing then to find out she had a man why not ask him u sleeping with him,that’s foul what she done he good enough to date but not good enough to pay for somewhere for her to live so they wasn’t using jos family good enough to date but couldn’t help pay her tuition but jo and his parents being the cruelest people on earth put a roof over head and her child they babysit when her mother wouldn’t even get off from under her boyfriends a**,they took care of her during her whole pregnancy and after,when she needed money for school the awful jo came to the rescue he didn’t volunteer and say hey u need help with tuition N,no she asked him and clearly knew she dating someone else she lives in his house his family watch and take care of her child and people on here saying that’s wrong she lives in the basement,that basement is better than most peoples room and if they was no longer together the only extra room they had was down stairs they could have kicked her out and prayed her mother stepped up to pretend to be momma of the year so little girls grow up look at what u saying think before u text. Or write if it was your son and his x lived in your house where your man and u pay the bills and this female down stairs living off yall for free lying and she got a man but he ain’t taking care of her yall are and your child how would u feel think about that when his mother said the rules she could have agreed or said no thanks but she didn’t now karma is a b****

  • zoey

    joe do you wanna be with kailyn and do you still love her?

  • Bellasmomma1207

    About kailyn.. how dare you say jo has done nothing to help her?! Are you blind? her own mother didnt support her yet his whole family accepted her and treated her like their daughter. Do you know what is it that Jo’s mother gave her so much love that her dumb disrespectful way to pay them back was to date someone else while in their home?! Jo is the only father i see on there taking care of his son alone, he doesnt pass the dirty diaper to someone else. He gives his son baths and craddles him to sleep, seriously he does nothing? He gave that dumb girl 600 dollars for school without hesitation and offered to split bills with her in order for them to both move out. Her current bf looks like and sounds like a IDIOT!!! Not to mention hes ugly.. dumb as sh*t and ugly, way to improve. Stop disrepecting the people who took care of you & supported you in the hardest of times when ur own mother didnt give a sh*t! Stop letting that idiot hold your son in every photo we see.. Shes trash and you can tell… I respect Jo’s Fam 100% for asking her not to date while in their home & hes a good dad dont knock him because hes not fake. Hes angry about things no verbal abuse isnt right but hes honest about how he feels. Shes fake and wants the world to feel pity for her.

  • nlee1

    I started watching this show the week that Kailyn went to visit her Dad. Hilarious. Every Mother warn their daughters about this peril and it’s consequences. All of the girls on these shows thought they were smarter than their Mothers. I do not agree that Kailyn Mother had to somehow change her life because of Kailyn. It was Kailyn that was suppose to change “HER” life. How could she think she could go out with another guy and Jo would not find out? Having Issac did not entitle her to anything other than what she was getting….a heluva hard time. Once you have a child and want to live at your parents or his parents there are still house rules. Now, it is not about a roof over your head….it is about a roof over your childs head. Example: When your Mom tell you to be home by 6:00 and you do not do is different when you have to be home by 6:00 because you have a baby. You are thinking, well, I am still a kid. Your Mom is thinking, yeah, you have a kid now so take care of him or her. All of these young Mothers have a bone to pick with their Mothers after “they” have a baby. I say, get the freak out and there will be no problem…..these girls were problems before they had a kid. I do not blame this on the parents of these girls…I blame this squarely on these young girls. I am tired of reading threads that are saying what these young girls “PARENTS” should be doing. These parents have raised these girls just shy of adulthood. Then these girls have babies and try to reduce their Mothers back to raising kids. My neighbor is going through this right now with her daughter that was being groomed for greatness. This young lady let her Mother know she did not want anything but her boyfriend. After she had the kid…the boyfriend hit the road. Before this young lady got pregnant she was cutting Prep School, smoking God knows what, and yelling at her Mother. Now guess what, she wants to go back to school. Not for the sake of her education though, she wants to go back because all of her friends are in school. Because when she got pregnant the friends dropped her like she was hot. Have you noticed that very few parents of the Father are engaged with on the show. Well, that is because that is real life…it is said that a girl takes her trouble back home and a guy sends his trouble “anywhere” but home. I applaud the girls that gave their babies up for adoption. You have to love your child in order to give him or her up to make sure they have a better life. These hoochies that keep the child and do not want to take care of them or better yet…to hold the child hostage to get their way, I just want to whip them like they stole something.

  • Austin

    And is Kailyn sure that this guy isnt her brother or a cousin of hers? They look just alike! WTF lmao