Teen Mom Farrah Abraham bikini photos!

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham bikini picture
Photo: SplashNews.com

During her recent vacation to Orlando, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham took time out of her busy parenting schedule to bask in the Florida sunshine and show off her amazing post-pregnancy body in a skimpy string bikini!

There were some rumors last year that Farrah might have hooked up with Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D and although those rumors were later revealed to be hooey it does seem that some of Pauly D’s Jerseyliciousness may have rubbed off on Farrah in the form of a serious tan! (If something from one of the Jersey Shore guys is going to rub off on you, a nice tan is about your best option!)

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

(I’m not sure what the bandage on her wrist is for! Is it from a texting accident? Did she hurt it slapping haters? Farrah are you out there? Let us know what happened!)

There have also been reports that Farrah recently may have had bandages on her breastular region thanks to having breast implants. I dunno – What do you think?

Did Teen Mom Farrah Abraham have breast implants

UPDATE – Farrah has admitted to having breast augmentation surgery in two separate videos for MTV Act and Us magazine. The surgery will be featured on the show and will most assuredly spawn a huge debate among fans and critics of the show.

And being the thorough journalists that we are we couldn’t just give you one side of the story! Here’s a view from the other side of Farrah Abrabum: (Derrierah Abraham?)

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham shows off her bikini booty in Orlando

Looking good is superficial and not how we should judge people, blah, blah, blah… All of that being said, Farrah you are lookin’ damn good!

Photos: SplashNews.com

  • Halia

    This is a cute swimsuit, I saw it at World Swimwear. However, her hair style is atrocious.

    • toya Taylor

      farrah is beautiful but her attitude is one of a ungrateful Bi–h that makes her real ugly.

    • jari


  • omg! I cant believe Farrah got implants!! she is as dumb as she seems sometimes i guess…

    THE IMPLANTS ARE SO OBVIOUS. Look at the underarms, and how far apart the boobs are in general. they also look hard. this is laughable and sad ,as her body was gorgeous before.

  • connie wiederman

    Is she still crying?

  • amy baumgardner

    Farrah looks great!! u women r just so damn jelous thats y u talk so much crap about celebrities get a life and put down the bon bons!!!

    • athletic Barbie

      I completely agree! And tell people all the time to put down the bon bons! Haha. Farrah looks great. Good for her everyone needs to do something for themselves from time to time.

    • toya Taylor

      For those who say people is hating im glad we cant see what u guys look like. Air heads its not that she is not beautiful . its that shes a disrespectful ass little girl to her parents and anyone she comes across and crys more than her child. She thinks the world revolve around her not at all dam beautiful she needs a dam attitude ajustment.

      • jari

        I am a 5′ 4 beautiful puerto rican woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes. I weight one thirty and have a bangan ass body. This is why I say that because people dont like a secure woman. That is not our problem fix your self up and have confidence. cause I could imagine what you look like

      • i agree with you she is pretty on the outside (besides her hair)but on the inside she is very very ugly and thats as nice as i can put it:)

    • her attitude is shit but her p*ssy is the shit!

  • son of a leech

    I dont care what her body looks like…..Her face is Fugly!!!

  • bianca

    wheres her ass? how does she sit down?

  • teenmomlover

    the fact that when she bends over her breasts barely move at all, proves to me that they are fake.. although i’m not judging her for it, i just wanted to see if it was true!

  • yayaya

    i believe farrah is so beautiful… and if she got implants who really cares?? if your boobs were saggy after kids you would want them too… stop being haters…. she’s gorgeous!

  • Sabrina

    When you get pregant you get boobs or sometimes they get smaller so hmmm stop being dick heads

  • Rock

    i would do her for hours… she has a hot little body !

  • Steve

    I’d F*** real hard.

  • Leapold

    She should have gotten a nose job instead! She got a huge a schnoz!!!!

  • laura loo :)

    omg r u lot for real, bet u lot r fookin stunnin eyyyy hahah NOT! i think she looks brill shes had a child for goodness sake, farrah u look amazin if all u girls/boys have nothing nice to say y bother saying anything!! heyy leapold schnoz? bet ur not perfect either what r u fat ugly scruffy massive roots little boobs? not all perfect like u love r we ey haha god!!

  • Koala

    i really dont get whats so scandalizing about these photos. that bikini is not too revealing (its a bikini. thats sort of the point). i think she looks great and her hair is gorgeous.

    also, about the comments on how she was acting on teen mom, she wasnt all that bad. like she was trying to find a dad for her kid. acting bad would be hooking up with 20 different guys and then comign home drunk at 3am and not being able to take care of her baby. shes not doing that. out of all of the teen moms ive seen, shes by far the best. props to farrah.

  • JL

    No one answered Connie’s question that I wondered about too.
    Is she still crying???WAAAAAAAH!

  • chanell tha beauty

    man i think she shouldve just left her body how god created her…. she was still beautiful but its only gonna hurt her at the end when she gets older…

  • Lillian Hall

    Having big boobs does not make you beautiful. I mean, I have okay size and I’m fifteen… I would like to have bigger ones but I’m never going to consider implants. But it is her body and she can do what she wants with it. (: I still love her inspirationally.

  • Mom@15

    Do u girl rock wit it lean wit it…

  • katieeee

    Not everyone’s definition of attractive is the same, morons. Just because some of you think Farrah is pretty or even beautiful, doesnt make someone who thinks she’s ugly, jealous. Yes, it is known that a lot of girls who are jealous of another girl’s looks will lash out with harsh remarks, but that doesnt automatically place everyone who thinks someone is ugly in the “jealous category”.

    • Aj

      No it doesn’t automatically place them in the jealous category but, it does make them insecure little b*tchz with no lives.

  • jay jay

    she shoulda got hip implants and prob a nose job instead lol

    • Austin John (AJ)

      Why Hatin’

  • Jasmine

    She only got breast implants to help with getting into a modelling career so she can look after her daughter Sophia better. And for you people bitching about her crying, the father of her baby DIED for sh!ts sake, have some heart. -.-

  • justin


  • Austin John (AJ)

    Just Sayin’ She Looks Good Women Just Hate Cause They Aint Her Or Cant Be Her….

  • jessica

    she shows that you can be a teen mom and still look good.
    she makes teen moms proud.

  • RL

    Farrah is beautiful, face, body, attitude. She has it all!!!