PHOTOS Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans’ new boyfriend Kieffer Delp

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans with her new boyfriend Kieffer Delp

The second incarnation of MTV’s popular Teen Mom reality series kicks off January 11 when 16 and Pregnant vets Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer Simms reveal all that has happened in the year since they gave birth.

The most anticipated update will come from Jenelle Evans, who kicked off Season 2 of 16 and Pregnant with an enormous rebellious streak, lots of foul language, an explosive relationship with her mother Barbara and an alcohol-loving former model for a baby daddy.

When Teen Mom 2 begins we discover Jenelle has left boozy bum baby daddy Andrew Lewis and moved on to a new man in her life, 20-year-old Kieffer Delp:

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend Kieffer Delp photo

I did some internet research on Kieffer and according to his Myspace page back in May of 2008 he was married to an 18-year-old girl living in New Jersey. Here’s a photo of the two of them together at a Build-A-Bear workshop:

Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend Kieffer Delp with his ex at a Build-A-Bear workshop

Like Jenelle, Kieffer seems to have an affinity for drama judging from his wife’s (??) account of their arrest while she was a resident at the Mendham, New Jersey Daytop residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility:

uhh i got kicked out
cuz i got arrested with kieffer…
it was ridiculous
the cop told me i was inciting a riot because everyone was screaming out the windows when we got arrested…but then they dropped it down to disorderly persons…damn pigs

She clarified a little bit about the specifics:

lol well basically after they told him he was gettin kicked out he ran off the property…the cops brought him back around 1AM he ran on the female floor and melvin re-called the police and when i wouldnt go back inside the cop arrested me too

This guy was kicked out of rehab, ran off, and then when the cops brought him back (?) he ran on to the female floor and along with his wife incited a riot? Sounds like a perfect match for Jenelle!

Here are a couple photos of the couple, including one with Jenelle’s son Jace:

Teen Mom 2, 16 and Pregnant's Jenelle Evans and new boyfriend Kieffer Delp Teen Mom 2's Kieffer Delp, Jenelle Evans and her son Jace

And to finish things off, how about a couple blurry videos of Kieffer and Jenelle?!? First off, J and K exchange sweet nothings broken up briefly by a blood-curdling scream:

Next up is Kieffer opening a very irregular fortune cookie:

Be sure to tune in to MTV Tuesday, January 11 at 10/9 central for the series premiere of Teen Mom 2! With Jenelle playing the part of Amber as far as over-the-top drama, it promises to be quite the entertaining ride!

Be sure to catch up on all things Jenelle Evans, including her affinity for smoking marijuana while pregnant and getting arrested! And in case you missed it, check out the dramatic Teen Mom 2 trailer!

  • Kate

    One of your facts must be wrong – if he was married in 1998, he can’t be 20.

  • she is nasty and don’t raise her child
    she hasn’t raised him since he was a baby

  • Bri

    “I did some internet research on Kieffer and according to his Myspace page back in May of 1998 he was married to an 18-year-old girl living in New Jersey”

    How could he have been married in May of 1998 if he’s only 20?

  • Michelle

    There is no way possible he can be 20 if he was married in 1998. he looks really old to me though.

    • ryann

      He is 20 yrs old n was married in 2008… I kno him, he’s from salem county, he used to live on my block! He’s cool peoples

      • Julie Lysic

        hey i don’t get why everyone just wants to sit here and hate on her what has she done to hurt u and please tell me u have walked a mile in her shoes because until u have i will not sit here and listen to the bullshit u b spewin shes a kid and a mom she needs help not hell from ya all and without her baby daddy andrew there for support she is already set up to fail so shes just tryin to live n b a teen and b a mom and thats hard enough when u can b dissed on like a million pieces of eletronics these days so all ya can laugh n bitch it up but ur flaws ain’t bein highlighted on mtv twitter facebook n myspace so atleast u have room to make mistakes and live NORMAL afterwards just cut em a break LOVE PEACE N AFRO GREASE

        • amy

          Dude jenelle is a horrbile mom! Yes she is young and wants to be a teen too but thats why her mom should just be fully responsible for jace. I was 16 when I got pregnant and I finished school and worked and paid for my son for daycare. Just because her sons sleeping and her moms there doesn’t give the right for jenelle to go out.. that’s being an irresponsible parent. You can’t be a half ass parent.. its a 24 hour job.. your always on call when you have a child… no excuses whatsoever..

        • Liz

          He’ll be 21 in march he wasn’t married in 98 I wish this damn site would do some better research . And jenelle hit her mother who only tries to help raise that baby . What kind of a person does that ? And I know alot about him so don’t be like well u know nothing at all so stop talking about him

  • Sadie

    Hahaha they said 2008 not 1998

  • kessi

    Maybe it’s a typo. Maybe they meant 2008?

  • amy

    haha funny. i love this gurl! they r so cute together. who cares if he was married??? lmao love this shit man. this site is f**king krazy. haha

  • ryann

    i meant to say hes from salem county, nj


    • Julie Lysic

      FINALLY SOMEONE ON THESE THINGS THAT ACTUALLY HAS SOMETHING NICE TO SAY ABOUT THIS POOR GAL mariah i think it takes alot to even post summin nice when ppl might hate on ur opnion but i appreciate that u said what u wanted n didn’t apologize 4 it i feel the same way u do i am rootin for janelle and her perfect baby Jace n her new boyfriend seems like he likes her alot n enjoys her baby as well i also like her mom though n thinks she does alot n i don’t want anyone to only look at this lil bit of there lives that r well edited for this show and judge em

      • Karina

        First of all I think I only understood 4 sentences out of your comment. This young lady made a choice to be on a reality TV show so should we feel sorry for the comments that are written about her? NO!. Their is nothing positive to say about her anyway, I don’t think MTV edits the shows to make her look bad she makes herself look bad. Just because you’re a teen mom doesn’t give you the excuse to behave the way she does. Smoking pot while pregnant, partying everyday and just because your child is asleep doesn’t mean that’s a green light to go out and party. I am glad her mother finally stepped up and filed custody papers. Next time she should go to the free clinic and get some birth control..

        • Ashley

          You must not have kids. LOL, but even so I’m pretty sure that Jenelle makes herself look bad but MTV isnt going to make her look any better thats how they get views. You seem to fail to understand that its a CHILD WITH A CHILD… or she was at the time but you cant transition from irrisponsible to responsible over night. Shes a TEEN mom, and her excuse is that she is still a TEEN and is going to opt to do TEEN stuff. I personally think Jenelle takes advantage of the fact that there is someone there to watch Jace, but there are A LOT of mothers like that (not just teen moms). Think about it… if u watched your kid all day and you have someone to watch him or her while they are sleep, then you’d take that opportunity to do u. meaning to do whatever pleases you and if thats to smoke than thats what u’d do. She tried to do the right thing and kept her child, thats positive. As for her mom getting custody thts a whole other story & it just seems like her mom wants to be Jaces mom. It seems like shes using Jace to raise him better than what she did Jenelle & thats #NOTCOOL.

  • GB

    If anyone knows Kieffer, please let me know…I work for a magazine, and we’re trying to do a story on Kieffer and Jenelle.

    • jason

      I know kiefer he grew up in my town i use to hang out with him and his brother chris

  • Liz

    Him and thy girl were never married they just live together . U people do horrible research !! Why not try and find the person who knows him best

  • admin

    Commenters are still talking about a typo we made above. Keiffer said on his MySpace that he was married in 2008, not 1998. It was a careless mistake and has been corrected. If you are still seeing 1998 you may be viewing a cached version of this page.

  • hi

  • Katinka

    She is a revolting mother, I am glad her mother is looking after Jace because this chick isn’t fit to look after a gold fish. Smoking weed when your pregnant is stupid and one of the most selfish acts a mother could do.

  • Josh Cooper

    Hah. I went to school with Keifer

  • carin

    funny how i’m seeing negative responses to how she’s not a good mother, and it’s also funny how we see how easy it is to pick at people’s flaws through the internet; cuz we all know those who say it on the internet don’t have the nerve to say it f2f, because who would say such horrible things f2f? i think she should (and everyone else who is struggling as a teen mom) should keep their head high because unless you go through it, you know nothing, and your opinions are mere words. yeah, they may have made unwise decisions, but they have learned, as we all learn, that consequences come with every decision.

    • Bee.

      Exactly!! Well said!

  • morgan

    i think there isnt any excuse for what she has done! and her boyfriend needs a shower he always looks dirty! maybe thats y he looks older? if she was my daughter i would lay it down but who knows when ur as hard heaDED AS she is it doesnt matter whats said or how says it… hello the gma already said im taking jase and she didnt do shit to improve her life..going to school and working doesnt make u a good mom dont get me wrong it does make its own statement but what makes u a good mom is being there all the time even when he is asleep. taking care of there every needs. and doing ur best.. she puts all of her energey into that daman boyfriend if thats what u wunna call him i prefer mouch woud!lmao

  • browneyes

    jenelle you are hood rat for real

  • destiny

    i was sick wen she said in one of the episodes that she couldnt b with out that dirty scum bag, but didnt care if she was with jace, from experience, if a parent is that toxic, barbra need to keep janelle out of that babies life period, mother or not, it will jus confuse the baby, and it is not like she is a full time mother who is positive in his life…BARBRA do not let jenelle be around that bay, ow many clues do u need to show u sh cares only about her needs and the needs of that crack head, my kids father was like an if i would have trusted my gut and c him out of their life things would have been better, now they r all confussed from the in and out of they lives and broken promises, nipit in the ud now…FACE IT SHE DONT CARE,keep her and that reject out of that babies life,,,she didnt care BOUT him wen she stole the money taking care of her son and took a trip to nj, so forget her..she is not a positive person in his life, mother or not..

  • Definition of insanity is =continuing to repeat the same behavior And expecting different result .how do you have sympathy or empathy for one who does not learn from there very own actions this girl is her own worse enemy….I would like to wish her well however by her behavior she is not ready for the responsibility,s that come w/The maturity of adulthood……..

  • Bee.

    Janelle is trying. She got a job, got herself into college. Let’s hope she manages to pull it together. As for Kieffer . . I can’t judge. He seem’s cool.

    Everyone who is hating is a hypocrite. we ALL have made mistakes. It’s how you deal with it after that matters and Janelle is really trying. People are to quick to judge, give the girl a damn break.