PHOTO – Medium Allison Dubois, Camille Grammer’s friend, devours Kyle Richards while smoking an electronic cigarette

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA - AUGUST 27:  Allison Dubois (L) and executive producer Kelsey Grammer attend the 100th episode cake cutting celebration at Raleigh Studios on August 27, 2009 in Manhattan Beach, California.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The Real Housewives only truly deliver during surreal, slap-crazy dinner parties, and tonight was no exception with Faye Resnick and Medium psychic Allison Dubois.

Camille invited the whole gang over to her house for a dinner party to get over the whole New York/fight that arouse over a comment that Camille seems to have made up in her head that Kyle said. So the deck was already stacked against everyone.

But to make matters worse, Camille invited one of her close friends Allison Dubois, a famed medium who speaks to dead people and works with forensic. The television show Medium (which is produced by Camille and Kelsey) was inspired by Allison and her book Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye. That’s all well and good, but the problem is that Allison comes off as crazy and vicious, not a good combo.

She swigged Camille’s deadly cocktails like they were water (and we thought Camille didn’t drink!), and then huffed and puffed on an electronic cigarette because she obviously thought it made her look mysterious and powerful. But the real effect that electronic cigarette made was more batshit than bewitching.

She made a big deal about “having a girl’s night,” and not working, even though Lisa Vanderpump wanted to see a few of Allison’s party tricks, but tried to lure us all in by explaining that she’s been on Oprah and that people can’t get enough of her once they taste her.

And then she went for the kill with Kyle Richards, which was the real intent of the evening, after all. She told her that her husband would never meet her emotional needs and that she’s done nothing with her life, among other things.

While Kyle left the table with her posse to get over the electronic cigarette-mist-ladden lashing, Allison continued bashing her with a malicious vengeance explaining that she loved that she knew when and how Kyle will die and offered to stick her nicotine gadget where the sun doesn’t shine on Kyle, then joked that she’d need a much bigger electronic device for Kyle to feel that.

If Allison is really a psychic who can mind-tap and tell if your husband is cheating on you, did she warn Camille about Kelsey?

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 5: Allison DuBois, who inspired the NBC series MEDIUM, attends a booksigning event for 'Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye' on at Barnes & Noble at The Grove at Farmers Market on May 5, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tuukka Jantti/Getty Images).

  • Mina

    I think Allison is sack of plain bullshit. She is a liar and is no psychic. She is scary and her haircolor and face reminds me of the devil, just plain evil and creepy. She seems emotionless, not like a human being. I wish I could smack her from my television. She needs to go to a place where there are no humans just wild animals because that is where she belongs.

    • Rebecca

      You thought that too? She is just plain evil. I wanted to slap the crap out of her. She is one nasty woman.

      • Jules

        Those women were a bunch of bimbos who didn’t even understand Allisons questions…. airheads.
        I didn’t see Allison asking Faye to strip off – that’s what she does for a day job, and no doubt Faye would have objected to being asked that at a dinner party, so why slam Alison for the same response. They pushed her and dint like the result.
        Go Allison – she just said it the way it was. You can’t take any of those other airheads seriously,unless of course you are one.

    • kyle bitch

      Kyle’s husband cheats. Kyle is a crazy bitch. I think the psychic is full of crap but Kyle is a psycho @#$! who is unhappy because her marriage sucks. She just can’t divorce him because she’s over 45 and nobody will want to be with her unless it’s some 60 plus year old man.

    • George

      I also believe that Allison Dubois is a dispicable human and no psychic at all. I also agree that if she were a true psychic why didn’t she tell Camille about her impending divorce from Kelsey. Allison is a disgusting and nasting individual who definitely has a hole in her heart chakra and definitely has experienced a lot of hurt and pain in her life and that night she really wanted to take it out on the women in that group. It’s obvious that Allison Dubois is emotionally disturbed. Who in their right mind who consult such an aspiritual woman as Allison Dubois after seeing how she acted on that segment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills of buy of of her rediculous books. Allison Dubois’ own life is a mess so how could she possibly be of assistance to anyone else.

    • syllie

      Crazy ass b***hes. The only women I think are cool, are Lisa, Adrienne and Kyle. Allison is a woman with too many issues…. Very odd

  • Linda

    Wow. This chick was mental all right. She made Camille look reasonable. Truly an evil fraud. And I am really tired of the little syncophant Dedra. She keeps feeding Camille’s delusions while sucking whatever crumbs she throws them.

    I wish Adrienne who just sat there throughout, would speak out, She could level any one of them with few words. Why didn’t she slay the witch to her left?

  • cheryl s

    this Allison person was actually cursing people, telling them they will never have their emotions fulfilled by their husband, and other things that sounded like curses to me. Who curses people like that? Witches do!

    • Morgaine


      Please don’t compare Allison to a Witch. We Witches/Wiccans follow a strict ethical guideline of “harming none.” Allison was deliberately hurtful and cruel. I don’t know a Witch or another professional psychic that would condone her ugly behavior. She’s in a class by herself, but not in the way she thinks.

  • Rochelle

    I agree with Linda on all she said. D.D. is a sycophant, and if she were a real friend to Camille, she would tell her to stop being so insecure about herself and her husband. She obviously is and has reason to be as we all know now. I also wonder whether Allison Nutjob told her about Kelsey’s affair…??
    Allison Dubois- Class act right? Ha! What a joke, and Camille might have been able to win some points with viewers had she somehow gotten that lunatic woman to shut her mouth. Alas, she sat there and did nothing while her two kiss asses told her what she wanted to hear. I see no reason why Kyle would be jealous of her. Camille only wishes all women were jealous of her, but her husband is a cheater, a liar, and she couldn’t even give birth to her own children. No, she couldn’t be bothered with that…

    • texasdeb

      I agreed with everything you said until your comment about giving birth. Camille Grammer has Crohn’s Disease, which I also have. She could have given birth, however it could have endangered her terribly. If you are not familiar with CD, please read up on it. It can be incredibly painful, terribly embarrassing as it involves the digestive system and the colon. It is not curable, and although some have what is referred to as “mild CD”, there are those of us who have severe CD. Mine is such that I was the 1st person in the state of Louisiana to be placed on permenant disability because of the dibilitating nature of my case. I am not a Camille fan by any means, but she is a member of the CD advocate and had a reason for her adoptions rather than natural children.

  • Jeanne

    Camile is classless, she broke Etiquette and basic rules of ethics by (1) insulting her invited guest, Faye Resnick about doing playboy. (2) by not telling all the guests ahead of time, they will NOT get readings by alison, and then Not reminding her guests when Lisa asked for a quick reading. Thus letting a drunken Alison defend herself. (3) Letting Alison smoke at the table without asking her other guests if they minded smoking at the table. Even electric cigerettes when exhaled provide cancerous 2nd hand smoke. Camile had no care or consideration for guests, she enjoyed her guests’ misery.

    • michelle

      electronic cigarettes are water vapor. so there is no smoke. No smoke. Urgh.

  • dismayed

    Seems like the exact friend Camille would have this lady had no class you would of thought she could see that. Maybe the vodka dulled her senses. What language for a mother of three to use on TV. Have another drink maybe you would of told your friend Camille what a self centered one syllable word she is and knew her husband was dumping her. I will never be able to watch the medium again. If I was the actress that plays her I would be embarrassed and quit. The whole show needs rewritten because she is an evil witch not the sweet respectful person they show on TV, but a wacko. Just another drama created by Camille she needs to be off the show and probably will because none of the real lady’s need to be around her. Plus she has nothing to bring to the table any more her red carpet days are gone, unless she can convince some other person of talent to put up with her. Bravo please dump this plastic person and all her so called friends.

  • Dark Horse

    I think the show Medium lost A LOT of viewers last night, that’s if the show is even still on. I NEVER watched an episode of Medium before, not really a Patricia Arquette fan.

    Allison can keep smoking on that electronic cig – My psychic abilities (lol) tell me her grave is waiting for her.

  • eliza

    WOW!!! That Allison Dubois woman was a foul-mouthed boorish nightmare!!! She exuded misery…that is NOT a happy human being. It was disgusting when she was talking about their children disappearing and how they would all come crawling to her for help. Are we to assume that she would enjoy that moment???
    I wish Lisa would have said something but she looked totally flabbergasted.
    ALSO..did anyone catch it when Camille insinuated that Kyle’s husband had cheated WITH HER???? WTF???
    Camille is the one who is jealous of Kyle because Kyle appears to have a happy marriage…a dead sexy husband…and a healthy self image. It doesn’t take a psychic to see that Camille and all the people she surrounds herself with are unhappy, insecure, trashy people.

  • Michelle

    I wonder if Camille’s ‘medium’ friend told her that Kelsey would have an affair before he did?

    I’m sorry, but Camille, Alison and D.D. are the real ‘mean girls’ Don’t you just love how Alison kept saying ‘well there are books about me, scientists study me and there’s a TV show based on me…’ Oh I must be SO important. You’re nothing, but a fake Alison.

    Camille is CLEARLY jealous of the other women, and she’s one of those ‘oh I’m SO important’ women…give it up Camille, we can see what you really are.

  • Michelle

    I notice the title of one of Ms. DuBios books is Secrets of the Monarch: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Living a Better Life

    I guess the dead never taught her about manners and how NOT to be so self absorbed.

  • sandy

    So sad… what a disappointment … i liked the show medium, but this woman is just plain awful, not watching it anymore.
    Camille there is something wrong with you.

  • wow. by far one of the best rhbh epis. loved it! That Allison is a phony, bitchy loser. She was vicious. Camille should really rid herself of these so called “friends” Hey Cami, I’d love to be your friend. DD is weak. Not an alpha female. Poor Ali has no friends, prolly because she is so damn mean. What a crazy loon. Why did Cami invite her, why would she want to stir up so much drama, so KNEW ali would lose it. Those drinks were massive. Looked like fun! Yum

    • Sara Mc.

      Here, here! I watched a marathon of RHOBH today. I feel Kyle set Camille up for the ratings. She just nit picks at her constantly.

  • Lidia

    Allison is the devil .
    Camille she’s the instigator.
    Kyle is the victim.
    Kelsey Grammer is lucky to get rid away Camille.She’s nutsssssssss

  • Lidia

    We all waited 7 months to see this episode.
    By now i think that Camille is no more with Bravo .
    Kyle is getting divorce from Mauricio.
    Kim left the show.
    Adrienne learns how to cook.
    Taylor becomes a mom again.
    Lisa trows out Cedric.
    Who will the new one to be part of the housewives of BH?
    Paris Hilton….thats who.

  • tay

    that so called medium lady allison is a fraud an a fake shes soo evil right allong with camille tht was soo inaproprate what they did to the ladys an fay n kyle at that dinner how dare that woman talk about kyle& her family tha way that she did ..allison was soo wrong an wayy out of line ..drunk an all .. everythin she tryed to say to kyle with tthat fake azz reading was what she should have been saying to camille , camilles husband was that one that cheated an left her for another woman an im sooo glad kelsy left that woman thas one of the best things he could have ever done ..camille an allison ant got nuthin but the devil in them.. never in my life hav i seen woman behave like that soo glad kyle taylor kim adriene lisa and faye got up out of there
    Ps.. camille also did playboy n apeared nude in films shes such a hipocrite putin fayes business out there when she also did that same thing an camille its not nice to throw stones at ppl when u also have skeletons in ur closet ..evil witch

  • Annie Hedgepath

    Allison was playing everyone, including the viewers. She is trashy, no doubt, but she knew she would get the attention she wanted to propel herself into the public eye. Even obnoxious, phonies get airtime, and then appearances on TV and public speaking circuits. Kelsey, a straight shooter, was probably alienated by Allison’s influence over brain-dead Camille. Perhaps a good idea for a TV show, Medium will suffer now that the real Allison has shown herself to be narcissistic, delusional, and cruel. Worst of all, she does not seem to realize that her “gift” is fictional, her writing, for entertainment only, and her readings for entertainment only. Allison is “irritainment” on steroids.

    • Susan

      Exactly!! Well said Annie.

  • Fawn

    Camille is THE most superficial person I have ever seen aside from Omorosa – because of them and tv poor choices for interesting people I don’t watch it. It’s so disturbing and hurtful to see these souless superficial people when there are so many people deserving of airtime, our volunteer time, money, food etc. It’s just totally disgusting in every way. where is the compassion and sense of self worth? I thought it was going to be high teas and fashion instead it’s cat fights in shit sand.

  • Lunaida

    Allison is as psychic as Camille is secure. In other words, Allison is as psychic as Kelsey is a loyal & loving husband to Camille. BTW: what the hell was that fame whore smoking? I bet it was Mental Trainwreck from the nearest BH dispensary (made especially for fake psychics).

  • Truff

    LOVED me some Allison. Real talk, I’d hit that, while she’s smoking the E-Cigarette. She talked smack and I’m quite sure she would back it up if push came to shove. You dismiss what she said all you want, she made solid points even if Camille is some ig’nant insecure bitch. Mmmmm, Allison, red head never did it so good.
    You poor women with your idol worship (she who is prettiest is the telling the truth.), but I can fix that, I knowwsss what you needsss.

    • Linda

      You’re an idiot. You hit that all you want. I;m sure you wouldn’t be the first. Crazywoman is low class trash talking drunk.

  • Atticus

    Wow, whoever said Kelsey grammar was a lucky man to be away from the psychopath Camille and her psychic/psychotic wannabe famous Alison was right on the money. Can’t believe either of them watching themselves on TV can proud of what they represent. Their families must be so proud. Classless.

  • bkisses

    she is one nasty person Allison, the one who portrays her is much nicer in the show. I cant believe she could behave in this manner and not think the public wouldnt react to her. Allison should of warned Camille of Kesley leaving her. Allison is full of crap and so is Camille. Camille enjoyed the battle of words between Kyle and Allison, just watch her face she was smiling all through the arguement. I dont think thats a true friend, now kyle knows to stay away from Camille if she goes around her then shes asking for it.

  • Mandy

    Allison also made another comment that she would use her pyschic ability even if Kyle’s kids went missing, she didn’t sound sarcastic but very serious instead. That is a just a trashy thing to say – I hope people that have watched her on this show will never watch Medium nor should you purchase anything that she publishes. That comment was completely uncalled for – pure drunk trash!

    • toast

      She said that she *wouldn’t* help if their children disappeared. She was really turned on by the idea of making people beg her for help and then being able to turn them down. You could practically hear the Mwahahas playing in her head. XD

      My fave bit was how she said that she’d been studied by “scientists”. I wish someone had asked her why, as a bonafide psychic, she hadn’t taken the Randy challenge and made herself a cool mill.

  • texasdeb

    The Allsion Dubois that was at this dinner party bears no relation to the imaginary one on television. I have read in other articles that although the program was “loosely based” on her, it was brought to light that she did NOT work for various law enforcement agencies, and that the tests she underwent to test her psychic ability were bogus as they were not performed under proper conditions and she later refused to do them over. I don’t think she is much more than a phony who has attached herself to someone wealthy and fairly well known. Camille Grammer set this dinner up in order to “pay back” Kyle Richards without getting her own hands dirty, She lets her (or gets) frined drunk, attack her guests, and sits back to enjoy. Allison Dubois is a malicious phony and Camille, well, enough said…………………..

  • JJ

    The show was absolutely horrible. The situation was preplanned by Camille and her two minions. Ms. Allison has a serious drinking problem. So much of a drinking problem that Camille even mentioned it beforehand to some of her friends. Camille knew exactly what she was doing and this only shows how desperately she needs some counseling and therapy. To orchestrate such harm against other human beings is frightening at best. If she is able to to do this to others, what is to stop her from physically harming another person? At the end of the show Allison actually stated with such venom in her voice that if anyone of them came to her if their children were missing etc. (“that she would not help them”). I have studied criminal law for a long time, they both have makings of serious criminals. The other ladies truly need to remove themselves from Camille. If she will not do her own dirty work, she is the sort that would hire someone to do it for her. She desperately needs to get help before anything gets to that point.

    If any officials are utilizing Allison currently they should stop. There are plenty of other souls who have her gifts. Anyone, who would state that they would not help someone find their child has no business near those situations.

    Camille’s home was beautiful, the food wonderful, but the constant alcohol throughout the evening was not. All of them had too much to drink with those beverages she was serving. It looked just one beverage would put most under the table. They all drank far too much and some were even stumbling as they left. The agruments continued throughout the rest of the evening. Well ladies, if you thought you could trust Camile before, you have to know you cannot now. I feel for Kelsie Gramer. He must be mortified and at the same time desperate to get Camile help. She truly believes that everyone is jealous of her. Maybe if she sees herself on last nights show it will make her realize how much she truly needs some help.

    Back to Ms. Allison, in our world many share her gifts. It is extremly important to never cause harm with your gifts. The way she spoke like she was omini powerful because of her gifts. That she knew when Kyle would die and what would happen to her family etc. was more than evil. She spoke the words as if she could actaully cause harm to happen to Kyle. Well it just does not work that way. I have really enjoyed the show that was supposed to be Allison’s life story. Her character is portrayed as having discretion, compassion, morals and ethics. Her entire being is portrayed as only the highest of good for everyone and everything. Someone must have rewrote the script. That character on the show is not the Allison in real life that we all saw the other evening. She is exactly the opposite of that. How sad it is that such a good show has to be harmed or mared because of the real Allison. As stated before, many people have Allison’s gift and have not learned how to manage all of the information and visions that they see. Many will seek to escape in unhealthy ways like drinking and drugs. Ms. Allison has an alcohol problem. Anyone who has her gifts and has been trained and studied the use of those gifts knows you should not be around alcohol or drugs. I would not go to Allison for a reading or advice given her current status. Out of respect and honor of her gifts and the many other souls who share those gifts, she should not go public in any way until she gets control of herself and her substance issues. It only harms all of the good that others do. Her show had a very long run and many have truly enjoyed it. Her recent actions has cast a dark cloud over that success. I will be praying and sending love energy to all of the people on that show.

    Kyle is very strong and has many angels and guides around her. She must know that the reading given to her is not true. It was orchestrated lies through misdirected alliances. I know she will rise above that evening and end up showing by example how they should behave. I know that Allison has tried to harm her husband’s way of earning a living. Guess what, real people see through the darkness. I would bet with your husband’s postiive attitude that he actually increases his work, because he is an honorable man. If I were in Kyle’s high heels, I would let compassion stand in the forefront. What happened the other evening is not about you, it is about some souls who need help, love, and healing. Their issues have been within them since they were little girls. I would communicate your disire that you want the best for them, but that they need to go and get help. I would then gracefully remove myself from all negative influences.

    That show left me spiritually exhausted! I was so very disappointed in that show the other evening, that I will never watch it again. It is just far too negative for me. Camile should be removed from the show until she gets counseling. I truly fear for the other ladies on the show if they keep her on.

    Allison needs to know that everyone with special gifts needs to stand together in strength. Our world needs our visions to help protect and heal it and the many souls that are still here. Please try to walk as a positve example and go and get some help! Please do not give any more readings or express your insights until you get cleaned up and grounded again. Words are very powerful, and the other evening you caused great harm to many. It was almost like an earthquake that will most certainly have after shock. I can only pray that everyone who has after shock will only affirm the postive from the situation. The positive would be Camille and Allison go and get help.

    If you go to Allison’s website, she has speaking engagements to fill the entire year of 2011. The tickets start at $150.00. She will not get one penny from me. Anyone who is hosting her as a speaker should demand that she go through rehab first. Your reputations as hosts will be harmed. Her ecuse for the show was that it was not edited properly. We all know that is not true. She also has offered no oppology to Kyle. She claims she was protecting her friend Camille. I saw nothing but hatred and evil come out of both Camille and Allison. We all need to keep them in our prayers and hope that they will go and get help. They both have children. What a terrible example they left in their future legacys for their children.

    On angels wings, I send you love and many blessings.

  • Kelly

    What a train wreck this Allison Dubois turned out to be. You would think, if you made a living by giving psychic readings, and you were a phoney, you would not go on national television, and prove it. Can you say “bye-bye” to your paycheck Allison, I believe you are the cause of your own demise, funny how you were saying you love that you can see into the furture of ones death, and it turned out that the viewer’s witnessed your’s ,Allison Dubois, can you say “Karma”…who in their right mind would even have anything to do with such a dark and sinister person. The comment on how and when Kyle will die, and what will happen to her family made my blood run cold…I know evil when I see it, and Camille you invited it to dinner..

    • Sam

      I agree 100%, what a dark and sinister soul she has…that is evidence of pure evil. I don’t enlist the services of psychics, and think most are phonies anyway. There are probably a handful of genuine psychics and mediums in the world, and they are typically known for having higher ethical standards and responsible conduct, especially with regard to people’s futures, families, tragic events, and so forth. I have never heard of one act so spitefully and grin with delight over knowing when and how someone would die…yuck!!! That made me get chills, as it’s a true example of evil in this world. I am glad I believe in a benevolent higher power, as that episode made me do the sign of the cross and say a prayer for Kyle and her family, and for Camille as well, who I think has the wool over her eyes, and also needs a reality check.

    • percila

      I agree completely Allison Dubois is evil her so called talent doesn’t come from good place.If she has any talent at all it comes from some where very dark its scary to think that law enforcement would ever rely on her to help them I hope that comes to an end after her performance on that show.She nothing more than a nasty drunk who loves to blow her own horn .
      I will never watch the show meduim again it makes me sick to my stomach to think something as evil as she is has become famous because that show.Shame on her for the things she said I don’t buy the excuse of editing she just showed her real self because she was drunk.

  • valerie kinchen

    if allison can see into the future, knows when someone will die, well why did she not tell camille, her friend, that her husband was cheating on her and had a baby on the way? i am just wondering?

    • Rebecca

      I totally agree. Obviously she not as in “tune” as she thinks. I’m thinking she’s just an insecure and ugly person inside.

  • Leslie

    Psychics are supposed to use their gifts responsibly not just serve to further petty suqabbles. For Allison to blindly support Camille only validated the delusions in Camille’s mind and exacerbated the conflict. Then again, Camille probably pays a lot of money for Allison’s services, and Allison was cementing herself to her meal ticket. Especially now that Camille stands to receive $50 million from Kelsey. Allison is actually expoiting Camille. What a friend!

  • Cindy in Oklahoma

    Allison and Camile are alike they’re FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!

  • Deb

    LOL I love that the extra large (not medium) could not get her chit together. She blames it on editing, but we all know that no matter how much editing is done on these shows they cannot not make you say words that weren’t said.

    Camille, I think that your producing for “Medium” will no longer be one of your terrible, terrible burdens you have in your life.

    I’m sorry about the end of you and Kesley’s relationship. But, once again I could not leave my hubby for such a long time, and then complain about the size of the apartment and that you would never live in New York, again.

    Sometimes absence does not make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes it makes the heart look for another heart.

    I think I’ve given enough about my opinion. I hope Bravo does not edit it.


  • nancy

    Mediums are people who simply communicate with mostly LOST SOULS – people who left the planet so quickly they are “lost” (ie earthbound), as well as the souls of drug and other addicts who vicariously get off on hanging around addicts who are still alive. In other words, if she DOES do anything, which is highly doubtable, she communicates with the lowest of the low…
    A psychic, on the other hand, tends to deal with higher realms – guardian angels, guides, “God” – not your mean grandmother who wants to boss you around from the afterlife! Even good Psychics are not given the exact date of a persons’ departure from this life – perhaps a warning if it’s not their time…but some things just aren’t for anyone to know.
    This Allison is clearly a hateful, negative person, and so that is ALL and ONLY what she will attract to her: lower entities skulking around the earth when they should be moving on “to the light”. Why would ANYONE seek advice and pay $ to someone like that?
    I needed to take a psychic shower after this RHBH episode – so ugly! (I am glad Medium was canceled – that show gave me the creeps anyway…)
    PS I have years of training in psychic development.

  • Robin

    I used to like the show Medium until I saw her at Camille’s dinner party. Now I will never watch that show again. I have never seen such a classless, stupid woman without an ounce of psychic ability. She is truly a crazy woman without any sense. She is garbage and is Lucifer. She is the shady lady. I was appalled at how catty she was. If she had such psychic abilities, she should have told Camille that Kelsey was cheating on her. Just goes to show you that she is a FRAUD!

  • Susie

    The BHHW are all a bunch of divas.
    Kyle-I used to like her, but sisters are forever and once she started making out with Taylor and ignoring “her friend”, Lisa, I saw her as a player.
    Taylor- The biggest fake, wannabe someone on the planet and has caused tons of trouble playing both sides of the fence. I do not trust her.
    Kim- She has always been a bit sad and troubled. But I seriously felt for her when her sister abandoned her and allowed Taylor to make her prey.
    Lisa-She is the most honest and most sane of the group. She loves her dogs too which is heart warmng.
    Adrienne- She is an intelligent business woman who I wish would have said something at the dinner party to the nut woman. I would have liked her more.
    But I did appreciate her attempts to finally settle the sister spat.
    Camille- Originally I thought she was a train wreck, but now I see her as a pathetic little wimp with a definite plan and the rules apply to everyone else.

  • Erica

    First of all, You have about six women who call themselves house wives. Their rich, spoiled brats. The only thing they can feel is money. They have false emotions and act like fifteen year old high school girls who try to bully the poor girl. In fact I bet they could not even survive in their little rich lives with out Xanax and Zomas to help them through the day. This show is past ridiculous. I also think that these women couldn’t survive if their husbands were the only ones working, in a labor job, with three kids on their hips and bar-tending at the nearest pub! These women are nothing but a laughing stalk in the world. Allison was doing nothing but speaking the truth. I bet she did not act any different then she does with anyone else. They were just snobby! I say way to go Allison!

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