16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom 2’s Leah and Corey are married!

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer and Corey Simms are married

UPDATE: Leah filed for divorce from Corey in April 2011 after six months of marriage, and their divorce was reportedly finalized June 21, 2011.

Leah Messer and Corey Simms, the only parents of twins (Aliannah and Aleeah) on the controversial teen pregnancy docudramas 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, have tied the knot! They got married on Oct 17, 2010. Leah looks stunning in her wedding gown and veil, and there’s something admirable about Corey’s camo tie and vest.

It hasn’t been an easy trip down the aisle. During the episode of 16 & Pregnant Leah got cold feet about her relationship with the reliable Corey, and left to rekindle a spark with ex-boyfriend Robbie (who came across as immature and freaked out by Leah’s twins.)

On a taped aftershow Leah expressed regret about her actions with Corey and hope that they could get back together and it looks like her dreams have come true!

UPDATE: MTV has released a sneak peek video of Leah and Corey’s wedding.  Check out the clip and multiple screen caps including a touching moment between Corey and his dad here.

The continued adventures of Leah, Corey, Aliannah and Aleeah, have been filmed for a second installment of MTV’s hit show Teen Mom, called Teen Mom 2 airing January 2011. The original Teen Mom (starring Amber, Farrah, Maci, and Catelynn) will go into it’s third season this spring.

Click here to watch Leah’s 16 & Pregnant episode on demand!

  • They were married October 17th they got their marriage license Oct 16th

    • Tiffany

      they got married on my 13th birthday!D
      Congrats Corey and Leah

  • JBT

    So happy for you guys and those beautiful twins! God Bless and I wish you four a life of abundant happiness and endless love!

  • Thank god. Leah and Corey are my favorites of all. They deserve each other. Leah needs to hang on to Corey, he showed alot of love for them, and I cried when Leah was off messing around while he held the family together. Good job Corey. Leah, I hope you learned a darn good lesson. Your pretty and young, behave yourself. For the twins, they are beautiful.

  • Crystal

    Out of all the girls and guys on this show I can’t believe how much Corey has stepped up to the plate. This guy is amazing to see in action.
    Both Leah and Corey are amazing parents and I’m happy to see it all worked out for them.
    Congrats on the wedding-You all look amazing!

  • Mike

    corey is so hot if he wants a good dude Im here for him Id give him the world to see him cry got me in tears

    • Doug

      I had a feeling he liked dudes!

    • sierra

      Ok not being rude if you are gayy i have ALOT of gayy friends but , you see he is with a girl and he is married , why in the world would he want to be gayy sorry but still , bye <3

      • jordan

        I agree. People are soo negative.

  • js

    Don’t question things too much. What you find with Corey is dedication and respect, which is few and far between. He is a great man, hold onto that one or he will make another woman very lucky one day. You two make a beautiful family.

  • js

    ps and he’s so very cute!!

  • Raina

    I don’t think teenagers should get married because they had children together. Obviously they had children without planning first. They aren’t responsible or wise enough to make such a committment. They don’t know what marriage really takes. I believe that they will have a rocky marriage especially with the strain of the media and the work that’s needed in their reltionship.

    • Heather

      Not to be mean but i totally disagree with you they had a child together and she cheated on him but they got back together and made a beautiful couple not to mention there adorables daughters she is a great mother and corey is a great father i think they will be able to handle it super easily 🙂 i hope they last!!!!

    • Nene

      Sometimes yes sometimes no how many older ppl i have seen to get married even after beeing together for years and it did not work out depens on everybodys nature ! ppl grow into things and some ppl who think they know everything better or try to plan everything in advance make biger mistakes or get very dis after they fail so i would not judge because of somebodys Age and yes im 31 not 16 and i saw a lot of stuff going on and in dif countrys an african child is more mature on tha age of 16 then an american will be and even in the usa somebody who lives in the country like a lil town in Georgia is more resp and down to earth then somebody in fancy Cali.

      • Andi

        I think that it is unfair to judge them for simply being teenagers. Who’s to say that teenagers cannot make good decisions about marriage simply because they are a certain age. Their pregnancy was unplanned, but it seemed to mature them both and bring them closer together, so to say NO teenager should get married is not fair. Especially when you do not know them personally.

        On a side note: I was married when I was 18 with one son. Two years later we welcomed another, and are still together now. Almost ten years later. I feel that my decisions were not based on having a baby together, when you are with the person you are meant to be with sometimes you JUST know!

    • Meg

      It really depends on the couple. I had my son when I was 19, was married at 20 an had my daughter 5 months later when I was 21. We have been married going on 13 years now. We had known each other for about 2 years but had only been dating about two months before I became pregnant. Yes there have been many ups and downs but you have to keep communicating. I wish them all the luck in the world. It’s tough but you can make it work.

    • Alanea

      Sounds like some great problem solvers! Our situation is f’d up, hey lets make it worse! I Love Leah, but for real? They’ll be divorced before this season is over!

      • Aubrey

        that is very mean thay seem alot happy god put them together and hes not gonna let them get a divorice maybe ur thinkin bout urself

    • Amanda

      Lets not judge! If you take a look at most old married couples, they got married really young. My uncle got married at 17 and he is still happily married and he is almost 50.

    • happily married

      I have been married for 28 years. I was 16 when I got married and my parents told us it would never last. It all depends on how mature you are and how you handle things. Corey and Leah have been through a lot with Ali and the whole cheating thing. They have already built a strong relationship. With the support from family and friends they will be just fine. Any one who says that they have never argued in their marriage is wrong. Marriage is a hard job but if you work at it hard you can make it work.

    • I dis agree with u. If every pregnancy was planned before it happens there wouldnt be as many teen moms as there are today. Lets look at reality tho. 7 out of 10 teen girls will become pregnant before they become an adult. I was 1 out of those 7 girls. I became pregnant at 16. I only knew my husband two months before finding out. As bad as it sounded then its perfect now. We are a happy family been together going on 6 years with another child on the way soon. Having a baby so younge was very hard and stressful but it makes you grow up and learn what its like in the real world. It takes a lot of strength love trust and respect to keep a family together. Any marriage is going to be rocky because no one s perfect. Corey and leah have such true love towards one another.you can see it in their eyes when they look at eachother on the show. Theyve grown a lot and learned a lot sticking together as one. I believe they will have beautiful success in their marriage. And ali and aleeah can both grow up and say they have the best mommy and daddy in the world!!!!!!!

  • tacky66

    i am so happy they are married. i think it is going to work. i think she was younger than corey so she was immature in the beginning but now she is fine and i am glad he trusted her again; he really loves leah and i think she has grown to love corey. i hope what is wrong with one of the twins can be taken care of. you can see in an upcoming episode, the one twin is not sharp like the other one. hope it all turns out good.

  • Heather

    You guys look so great together i know that you two will be together forever!! 🙂

  • Larissa Murray

    I am so upset that this website didn’t have a spoiler alert! I’m so happy for them but now I’m sad that I know :((((((((((((

  • Sarah

    I love Leah and Corey!! They are by far my favorite couple on the show. I feel like they are the only 2 who have stepped up to really do what they should be doing. Corey is a great guy and I hope they make it last. Leah you are a good mom and stay strong for your girls!!

    I like Kailyn but she needs to get away from jo and on her own…he does nothing to help her anyway! And Janelle…I think her mom needs to back off and let Janelle be the mom…Janelle will never learn if her mom is constantly going behind her doing things and berating her. Janelle needs to work on her temper though and realize that yes she is still a teen but she got pregnant and that baby is her #1 responsibility right now…not partying. Sorry girl, you gave that up when you decided you were old enough to handle the consequences of having sex. Chelsea…she is a good mom and is trying, but I’m not a fan of her baby-daddy. I know she doesn’t want to be alone but its not healthy to let that guy in and out of her life when he feels like it. You don’t get to pick and choose when you want to be a parent and Leah and Cory seem to be the only couple that has that figured out this season!

    • Bellasmomma1207

      About kailyn.. how dare you say jo has done nothing to help her?! Are you blind? her own mother didnt support her yet his whole family accepted her and treated her like their daughter. Do you know what is it that Jo’s mother gave her so much love that her dumb disrespectful way to pay them back was to date someone else while in their home?! Jo is the only father i see on there taking care of his son alone, he doesnt pass the dirty diaper to someone else. He gives his son baths and craddles him to sleep, seriously he does nothing? He gave that dumb girl 600 dollars for school without hesitation and offered to split bills with her in order for them to both move out. Her current bf looks like and sounds like a IDIOT!!! Not to mention hes ugly.. dumb as sh*t and ugly, way to improve. Stop disrepecting the people who took care of you & supported you in the hardest of times when ur own mother didnt give a sh*t! Stop letting that idiot hold your son in every photo we see.. Shes trash and you can tell… I respect Jo’s Fam 100% for asking her not to date while in their home & hes a good dad dont knock him because hes not fake. Hes angry about things no verbal abuse isnt right but hes honest about how he feels. Shes fake and wants the world to feel pity for her.

      Congrats Leah & Cory, made me cry during the finale… They arent perfect but the love for their daughters brought them back together where they knew they belonged.

  • jenn

    Corey is like a needle in a haystack he’s amazing father n i know he’ll be a good husband leah did the wrong thing and he still gave her another shot not many men that age are willing to give up everything for something that wasn’t planned in a short time period i love men that are sensative n show it and only care about their family and doin the right thing if she won’t treat him right u can be damn sure i’ll be there for him he’s so flipping hot

  • kayla

    i LOVE leah and corey!! their relationship now is awesome and corey is such an amazing daddy!! leah and corey are lucky to have eachother 🙂 now they have a complete family. not to mention leah looked freakin goreous in her wedding dress! and i loved the camo, i told my fiancee that he could have the camo too 🙂 but yah, love them both!! totally my idols.

  • Ross

    I am so happy for you two and your beutiful daughters! God’s in control everything will be fine, I will be praying for you! PS I only tune into Teen Mom 2 to watch Leah & Corey’s family.

  • nicole

    aw she looks so cute!!!!!! i LOVE leah and corey!! their relationship now is awesome and corey is such an amazing daddy!! leah and corey are lucky to have eachother now they have a complete family. not to mention leah looked freakin goreous in her wedding dress! and i loved the camo, i told my fiancee that he could have the camo too but yah, love them both!! totally my idols.

  • Shelby

    I absoulutly love yall. Yall are the only ones i love to watch Congrats!!!!!!

  • andia

    Aw they are cute together. I love her dress. This is the only couple on the show that isn’t messed up. I also got pregnant young (18) but I was with my boyfriend for 3.5 years before getting prego. I cheated on him early in the relationship and I learned from then that he is the one for me. 6.5 years later were engaged!

  • Layne&LexisMommy19

    I agree with most of u but I’m 19 and have a nine month old and a 22 month old and yes it takes alot to man up and grow up but I’ve been married to their father for two years now it’s been very rough but everything is amazing now so it does depend on the ppl if they’re willing to put themselves aside to take care of their family. I give Corey amazing props bc it took my hubby a while to man up officially and I don’t condemn Leah for what she’s done she messed up and she fixed it that’s what matters.

  • Shannon

    I’m so glad that they got married and I hope that things work out for eternity for them. I think that they are so cute together and not to mention Corey is such a sweet cute guy.

  • working247

    They’re on the wrong show.Should have been on “My BIG Redneck Wedding”!! Seriously,camo on your Wedding Day? Sorry but it just take’s away from Leah’s beautiful,classy Gown and her “Princess” look…Camo’s cool for lot’s of thing’s,Wedding’s are just not one of them..Trust me,I’ve been a Wedding Planner & Consultant for year’s,haven’t had an unhapy Bride or Groom yet! =)

    • It was their wedding and its wat they wanted. Obviouslly u were not their wedding planner so why do you care. Obviouslly they got country in their blood so the camo fit them great. Especially corey. I thought it was a beautiful wedding n they both looked awesome. Corey and leah are really strong and have grown and have come a long way together. I know they will make it. Its all about the love and respect which they both have a lot for one another.

  • Stephy

    I love that they got married because they deserve each other. I love how they are so mature about things and their daughters!! YAY! so happy for them

  • Corey and Leah, you deserve eachother and don’t worry what anyone says on here, if you truly beleive and have alot of love for eachother then you were made for one another. Good luck! Best Wishes, Molly!!

  • jordan

    I think everyone who is not NEGATIVE is awsome those of you who are negative yall arent to be talking 🙂 get over your freaking selves. they are happy FYI and have children together an they didnt get married because they have kids they got married because they love eachother and she NEVER CHEATED ON HIM idiots.

    • Macky S.

      She cheated on him. She admitted it.

  • anita

    wow they couldnt put the baby in the shot…

  • Natasha from swansea

    I watched there story on Saturday night and I was in tears! First time ever I have looked up anyone on the show to see if they managed to get back together! These 2 are meant for eachother and you can see the pain in their faces during the filming!! But sometimes you don’t know what you got till it’s gone in Leahs case and with Corey it was the case if you love someone enough set them free and if they come back they truely are yours!
    So to see these two have now married proves every girl can have a cinderella ending and live happily ever after! Wish them both the very best in life xxx