Teen Mom Amber Portwood pregnant again?!?

Is Teen Mom Amber Portwood pregnant again?

Disclaimer about above image: It is photoshopped!

We are a website that attempts jokes from time to time, and we’re simply making fun of the fact that every week the tabloids seem to have a new story about Amber being pregnant.

Star magazine is reporting that Teen Mom Amber Portwood is pregnant again! A source for the magazine says “the 20-year-old MTV star took a home pregnancy test on Dec. 4 — and it came back positive!”

“Amber is scared to death about what’s to come,” an insider tells Star. “She adores Leah, but she doesn’t really want to be tied down with another baby.”

(Before the debate starts, yes the photo above is Photoshopped.)


The insider goes on to say that Amber was suffering from a bout of morning sickness on December 10, but luckily her new boyfriend Clinton Yunker didn’t catch on. In addition to the normal stress of finding out your pregnant, the source says Amber has been with more than one guy and doesn’t know who the father is, adding that Amber hopes it’s Leah’s dad Gary Shirley. “She thinks they’re meant to be together,” the insider says.

CLICK HERE to see Clinton Yunker’s mug shots and arrest history as well as a photo of him and his 19-year-old baby mama Tara!

Pick up the new issue of Star, on sale starting Wednesday, for more exclusive details on Amber’s pregnancy and whether or not she’ll keep the baby.

Original Amber photo: SplashNews.com

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  • Dark Horse

    I could always see this ghetto b*t*h having about 10 kids with 10 different dudes….8 more to go s**t!

  • Jocelyn

    Whore thats all i have to say!!! more than one guy?? REALLY?
    wow if i were geary i would hope for it to mine to but only because i wouldnt want my daughter to be confused!!

  • babymama2010

    wow can u say hoe

  • jay

    That’s obviously PhotoShopd, but PhotoShopd or not, I don’t like Amber. If I received $mulah$ from MTV, I’d be an addict fo that Al Green & Barry White. No rumors that she’s doing drugs but we all hav skeletons in our closet, being high n gettin skinny is a fantastic deal… who knows how she got skinny. NEVER TRUST AN ADDICT.

  • unknown

    Wow..nice photoshop job…it looks terrible.

  • unknown

    I wouldn’t trust this website (starcasm.net) because it’s all about rumors and lies. Don’t believe anything you see or hear on this website. It’s all bull! Amber is not pregnant — that’s not her anyways. Have you ever heard of photoshop? I hate this website — hate liars!

    • admin

      Thanks for your feedback and opinion! We did Photoshop this image (and mentioned that several times throughout the article), but it is, indeed a manipulated image of Amber, not someone else. This post is merely having fun with the fact that there are constantly tabloid stories about Amber being pregnant, not stating that she is, unequivocally, pregnant.

      Thanks again for your input.

  • ashley

    Did none of yall actually read this?! They spefically say starcasm likes to make jokes from time to time and that before any debates start this picture WAS photoshopped! If you dont like the site stay off of it!