PHOTOS VIDEO and BIO Chantal O’Brien from The Bachelor 15 with Brad Womack

The Bachelor 15 Chantal O'Brien

It’s getting to be that time of year again! Season 15 of The Bachelor kicks off in less than four weeks as the hunky Brad Womack tries for his second time to find the love of his life by dating more than 20 women at once. That means it is time for our starcasm sleuths to dust off their internet magnifying glasses and compile their infamous “Bachelor Files” for the latest bunch of hottie Mrs. Womack wannabes!

The Bachelor 15 file on Chantal O'Brien who is competing for Brad Womack's heart

First up in the Bachelor Files is the stunningly beautiful (get used to that description this season!) Chantal O’Brien from Mercer Island, Washington. Chantal gets the privilege of being first because she will be the first one out of the limo in episode one and she delivers a message to Brad from women across America:

Slapping your potential future husband the first time you meet him? They might as well skip the rest of the season and get married now!

Chantal O'Brien's dad Mike O'Brien and her mom Billie Jo O'Brien of Mercer Island, WashingtonChantal is a graduate of the University of Washington and currently works as an assistant for her father Mike O’Brien, who used to play professional football with the Seattle Seahawks and the USFL. Due to health issues stemming from multiple concussions, Mike O’Brien moved on from professional football to pursue a career as a car salesman. Unlike his football career, he managed to achieve a great deal of success as a “car salesman” and now runs O’Brien Auto Group, one of the largest and most successful auto dealership chains on the west coast. (You can read all about Mike’s history in sports, business and philanthropy HERE.)

From the photo of her mother Billie Jo O’Brien it’s easy to see where Chantal gets her good looks! If she were single it could have been the first mother/daughter duo competing on The Bachelor! According to an older article on Mike O’Brien, Chantal was adopted, and I’m guessing that she is Billie Jo’s daughter from a previous marriage – but that is purely speculation at this point.

The Bachelor 15 Chantal O'Brien from Mercer Island, Washington

Although there isn’t much information about Chantal available (amazing that a beautiful 28-year-old woman and daughter of a prominent athlete and businessman is nowhere to be found online!) I did find out that she was married from 2005-2009 to Jason Vena, the former lead singer of the band Acceptance. Reality Steve mentioned the marriage in his Spoiler Post, but it took a little bit of effort to connect her to Jason.

Acceptance had a good deal of success, releasing their debut album Phantoms on Columbia Records in April of 2005. But, according to the band’s defunct Myspace page, Jason elected to leave the rock and roll lifestyle for the life of a “common man.”

You see, there comes a time in a band members life where he must choose between the abnormal life of a gypsy rock musician and the normal life of the common man. Jason, our beloved lead singer, has chosen the latter and decided to take on the yoke of the common man.

Could it be that Chantal pressured him into leaving the road and the studio to settle down? The band’s Wikipedia page says, “Jason Vena has retreated from the limelight, seemingly fulfilling his desire to lead a ‘normal’ life. He’s apparently currently working for his family’s business in Mercer Island, Washington.” Other sources on the web seem to indicate “his family’s business” is the auto dealership chain owned by Chantal’s father! Hmmmm…

I’m not sure how the divorce will play out on the show, but I’m guessing it will be a dramatic confession much like Ty Brown last season with his former wife Lindsey Grant.

UPDATE! It seems Chantal has a thing for Seattle lead singers! CLICK HERE to check out her 2000 senior prom photo from Bellevue Christian High School with another future Seattle band front man!

TABLOID UPDATE!Star magazine has an “insider” who claims Chantal’s marriage ended with a scandal! CLICK HERE for the details and see if you believe it or not. Oh, and while I’m here I’ll insert a Chantal O’Brien bikini picture from her sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoot:

Chantal O'Brien Sports Illustrated Siwmsuit Issue photo shoot on The Bachelor

Sadly, that’s all I’ve got on Chantal at this point, and just about 99% of the credit goes to Bachelor/Bachelorette guru Reality Steve. Normally I’m able to take Steve’s info and add some additional helpings of 411, but Chantal O’Brien deets are scarce! If you know Chantal and would like to offer up some more info or tasteful bikini photos, drop me a line at starcasmtips (at)!

The Bachelor premieres on ABC Monday, January 3rd at 8/7 central!

OK, I couldn’t resist! Here’s Chantal crying from one of The Bachelor preview clips. In the scene she reveals she is getting close to Brad and it upsets her that he is is being intimate with numerous other women at the same time as her:

Chantal O'Brien cries during The Bachelor Season 15

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Chantal O'Brien from Season 15 of The Bachelor with Brad Womack
  • seattlite

    Chantel is a control freak. He ex left his dream career of music for her and she left him out hanging in the cold. She was naturally beautiful but she isnt al’natural anymore. And yes her dad is rich and she certainly isnt needing brads money. He would mow her lawn on Mercer Island if he wasnt on TV.

    • Curious Fan of the show

      How did Chantal leave Jason Vena out in the cold? And what do you mean she is not a natural beauty any longer? Just curious…since Brad has TRUST issues….

    • Claire

      Oh great, here we go…a random person that goes on some website to post negative things about people that they know nothing about. I know Chantal and Jason both, if you asked either of them, you would realize that you know nothing about what you are talking about “seattlite”.

      • aspenrebel

        All that is irrelevant. Although it is quite clear that chanty has some problems within herself, it is also perfectly clear that she is very nice, good, loving, passionate, caring, intelligent, [built], intense, emotional, and incredibly woman. With a wild side to her, a rain forest wild panther side to her. I have no doubt that she has done things in her life, which have not been too good. But it is clear she has a good spirit, a good heart, and is a wonderful person. She needs to grow up a bit more, like herself, love herself, have faith in herself, and let go off that troubles her, and stop grasping onto to some guy (like the present drip in Seattle) and find real man who would love her for the magnificent woman she is.

        Todd – Boston.

      • aspenrebel

        P.S. I totally fell in love with her.

  • chantals an abuser

    If a man on this show slapped a woman for not having picked either men in a previous season everyone would say he is abusive doesn’t deserve her and should be kicked off the show – and he would be.

    If you deny these facts you are lying or have your head too far buried in your sexist abusive ass hole.

    Yet no one cares that this man has been physically assaulted and DOES NOT DESERVE IT.

    Only in america where women are heavily brainwashed by the feminist culture would a woman say a man deserves a slap for non self defense reasons but be outraged at the thought of a woman being slapped for ANY reason.

    Women are truly and nothing but sexist abusive brainwashed mentally ill creatures.

    It is not normal unless you’re brainwashed to view violence as justified and woohoo worthy when done for non self defense reasons.

    Anyone accepting, condoning, justifying, celebrating, etc this sick abusers actions toward brad is mentally ill. Simple as that.

  • Lynda

    I too know both Chantel & Jason. They are both wonderful people. I have known Chantel since she was 5 years old and Jason about five years.

    • jenni

      since 5 and yet you don’t know how to spell her name? hmmmm………

  • sassylady1959


  • Allison Russell

    I do not know either of these two except from the show…Don’t condone anyone being slapped but I do not agree with you verbal abusive comment that…”Women are truly and nothing but sexist abusive brainwashed mentally ill creatures”….Please tell me you are NOT a married man…I am def. not sexist…I do not abuse people…seem to have a pretty good mind…I act normal and I am pretty healthy the last time I checked…

  • Leona

    Looks like Chantal had a boob job since the initial application picture with the purple top. She is falling out of the green dress in the second picture. Her family is very wealthy–so Brad doesn’t have to worry about her grabbing his millions.

    • aspenrebel

      Did you see Chanty topless in photo shoot on Anguilla? They don’t look like boob jobs to me. What do you mean “Brad’s millions”? He owns and runs a bar in Austin (and I’m not too sure that he owns it by himself). He’s probably just getting by. Granted her breasts are too big for my liking, but I still think she is terrific, and I’m totally in love with her.

      Todd – Boston

      • Jenna

        He owns FIVE bars and is referred to as “Texas Millioniare” Brad Womack. Look it up.

        He’s done quite well for himself, financially.

  • JCM

    Can anyone tell me the name of the watch Chantal is wearing in the promo picture?

    Thanks! I love the look of it…

  • Rob Smith

    Chantal is a cow. The pictures shown here are obviously touched up. She’s a fat, whiney, drama queen. Brad is a phony who loves to see himself on TV. I predict some really juicy fallout when things go south for them.

  • David S

    Wow.. the comments that have been posted are interesting. I seriously doubt any of yall know the girls on the show, but if you do then good for you. I don’t believe Brad “loves to see himself on TV”… if love is not there between two people or even one then the relationship will not work out. Emily is so very gorgeous and I hope she finds true love again. I do not know the outcome yet, but if Brad picks Chantal then good for him. I hope things work out for the best. If he picks Emily then like wise. Emily just has that good vive when you see her on TV but you can also tell she is holding back. Whatever the outcome is the best of luck to all three of them and the previous ladies on the show 🙂

  • Wow … people are so rude and mean … It never ceases to amaze me how catty and cruel women are, but since there are very few true naturally beautiful women in this world that aren’t “found” or on TV or in the mags already, all of the rest of us have to just watch and wish it were us. Being cruel and mean with comments about a gorgeous woman does nothing to that person (they’ll still be gorgeous), but it just makes you look sad and pathetic. Mean things about others are mostly said due to jealousy. You can change your weight, and you can get some surgery, but NATURALLY beautiful people don’t have to worry about it. Most of you always will. And, no, I’m not a guy . I am a woman who is pretty but not spectacularly so like most women in media today, and I have to say I don’t get jealous … my life is my life and I try to make it the happiest I can. I think the rest of you should try to do the same and stop being hurtful and cruel just to make yourself feel better.

  • derek bischof

    i really like chantel with my heart i watched just about every episode focusing on chantel shes very down to earth for the backround shes from .id really like to meet and date her i hope she finds out i wrote this for i truly can see her being my wife even though wer from different backrounds.does anyone know how i could directly contact her?

    • aspenrebel

      yeah, I do!! but I’m not telling you!! So stay out of my way – loser!!. She is terrific. I’m totally in love with her. She is a geniunely good person, you can tell by how she dealt with the other women, including “psycho” Michelle.

  • shocked

    Chantel, you seem to be very intelligent. Too good for Brad thats for sure. I think you should have been chosen but, Brad wanted a trophy for his arm. In the end, I know you are hurt. But look at it this way he wanted Emily and now Emily doesnt know what to do. I think Maybe Emily wanted more like money and maybe Brad just doesn’t have that. Brad, becareful what you wish for, it may just come true.

    • aspenrebel

      BINGO!! There is something not right about Emily, she leaves me flat. I mean, she seems like a nice person and all that, but..
      The real question is not why Brad did not pick Chantal, but why would Chantal want Brad? He is uptight, closed, w commitment fobia, with a temper, who only picked Emily cuz she has a southern accent, is demur, and his family picked her. He didn’t have the guts to pick Chantal. Who is one cool chick!!! Just too insecure, lacking self confidence, lonely, and needy for a man, any man that comes along, unfortunatly. She needs a real man, a real loving man who could give her the love she needs. Not some drip from Seattle.

  • Jenna

    Damn people, you scary.