VIDEO – Camille Donatacci Grammer divorce details: Kelsey pushed Housewives so he could cheat with Katye Walsh

Sexy former MTV dancer Camille Grammer  claims was blindsided by her famous husband Kelsey’s wish to divorce during filming of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Eerie footage from the first episode of the series documents Camille and Kelsey’s last moments together as he departs for New York to be in the Broadway play La Cage aux Folles.

In a very early video Camille filmed for Bravo, she explains that it was Kelsey’s idea for her to do the show, and even pulled some strings to get Bravo to cast Camille. Now Camille believes this was all a plot by Kelsey to keep her occupied while he cheated with 29-year-old stewardess Kayte Walsh.

Camille reportedly is getting around $30 million from her divorce settlement, but the money still doesn’t salve the sting of Kelsey’s betrayal. She found out he was leaving her through a friend, and found out he had impregnated another woman through the tabloids. Ouch!

In between finding out about the divorce and discovering the pregnancy, Camille accompanied her soon-to-be ex husband to the Tonys while Bravo’s cameras were rolling. The tension was thick. Check out this clip where the interviewer asks the Grammers “how they keep their relationship fun and fresh as married people.” Camille was very graceful with her answer during this dicey time (via

CLICK HERE to see pics of Camille from her Club MTV days.


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  • Kim

    I like how she calls herself ‘down-to-earth’! Ha!

  • kathy hayden

    camille has her own boyfriend…”am I showing to much cleveage” and the guy who always shows up where ever she is..comon camille..the way you show and speak of your body to other men on the show…cmon camille. i’m not jealous. cause i laff at you and your antics . poor kelsey no wonder he looked elsewhere.

  • Amy

    I think after watching Bravo and seeing how she behaves with a “friend” of the family it doesn’t surprise me, I thought she would be the cheater and so shocked it turned out to be him! Isn’t he a bit old to start yet another family? I also wonder if Camille did keep him clean and sober will he go back to his wicked ways?

  • Annie Hedgepath

    Kelsey needed to get away from Kookoovile and Camille. Clearly, “know this”, Camille is vain, self absorbed, and aging badly. Kelsey may take a hit, but he is a beloved celebrity who will rise above it all. Camille, and her loonie-tunes friend, Allison should be ignored for the phoney nothing’s that they are.

  • percila

    Camille has serious mental issues its very ovious,she’s not stable.
    I would question her ability to raise those children without supervision I suppose thats why the nanny’s are there.How could children be expected to flourish with such negativity everyday.Kelsey should of gotten rid of that nut case before he brought those children into that insane house hold.They will need therapy no doubt to get over the damage their insane mother causes.Camille is sick to think anyone is jealous of her ,other than money she has nothing anyone would want she’s sooooooo phoney a friend to no one not even that doe eyed so called friend of hers she’d throw her under the bus anytime she didn’t agree with Camilla.Go away Camilla no one wants you.