VIDEO PHOTOS Ann Ward from America’s Next Top Model is 6′ 2″ and weighs under 100 pounds

Skinny Ann Ward from Cycle 15 of America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model is about to kick off cycle 15 and they’ve just released the first promotional videos for the upcoming season, including one of Ann Ward from Dallas Texas who is well over six feet tall and weighs less than 100 pounds!

Here’s the amazing video in which Tyra is first introduced to Ann:

Perhaps aided by a corset, Ann’s waist is so small that Miss J is able to wrap his hands completely around it:

Miss J wraps his hands around the waist of Ann from Dallas on America's Next Top Model

That there my friends is a living, breathing Barbie doll! Where are her organs? Seriously, where are they?

But don’t think for a second that Tyra Banks is going to dismiss anything unique, especially if it involves being TOO skinny. A post on LiveJournal’s “Fashin” section revealed what fans are speculating are photos of the final 7 girls roller skating together for the show and it appears as though Ann is there! Her hair is a slightly different color but the height and slight build give her away:

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 spoiler 7 finalists roller skating

Ann’s physique (or lack of) is almost literally unbelievable, so Ann Taylor or Ralph Lauren would probably looove to hire her.

All of that being said, Ann is reportedly a completely healthy young woman – and if that’s the case then more power to her! I think she has a tough hill to climb as far as winning the competition, but if she has the right attitude and takes great pictures Tyra and the crew aren’t going to prevent her from winning just because she resembles a paper mill pine tree! (I have to admit she looks quite lovely in her studio portraits and seems to photograph REALLY well!)

Ann from Cycle 15 of America's Next Top Model promo ad Miss J wraps his hands around the tiny waist of ANTM model Ann Ward from Dallas The attractive, tall and unbelievable skinny Ann Ward from America's Next Top Model ANTM Cycle 15 judge Miss J is startled by the thinness of model Ann Ward from Dallas, Texas

Tune in to the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 Season Premiere Wednesday, September 8 at 8/7c on The CW!

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  • baffy

    Disgusting. I cannot believe Tyra is allowing this! How many more girls does she want to throw into an eating disorder?

    • Sylvia

      She doesn’t have an eating disorder, if you actually watched the show you’d know that. She is kind of underweight but it’s just genes, if she were instead kind of *over*weight, would you still call her disgusting? Skinny girls deserve to be loved just as much as others. Also, Tyra has been working to expand the meaning of “beauty” which includes ranges from skinny- curvy, what have you been doing, darling?

    • Lenita O.

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I am surprised at Tyra for wanting this girl as America’s Next Top Model. Clearly, this girl is super skinny, not attractive at all, super shy. Tyra is sending out the wrong message to girls. I am still in shock both for America & Tyra’s choice for this top model.

  • Hailey

    What a sad creature.

  • teta

    She is hot

  • Pat

    I think shes fat

  • kevin

    no~no~ nogood

  • outlander

    wow in a fat pigs country, she’s disgusting, lol

  • Heather

    Wow. I’m 6’1.5 and if I get down near 145 I look like death warmed over – skin and bones. I am considered medium-boned.
    She may have a tiny frame but she still looks like she doesn’t eat enough. If she does, then maybe she has a thyroid problem or some other issue.

  • beth

    ….how do her arms look so chubby if she’s THAT little?

    • GG

      Total luck! My arms are the first to look gross when I lose weight. It’s possible that this is a sign that she’s naturally thin…often forced thinness results in scary looking arms, it seems.

  • Barry

    Ann- wow. For a woman being so tall and being so skinny with a tiny waist is so beautiful and sexy. I wish my girlfriend looked like her.

    • neisha

      Yes, but if your girlfriend isn’t naturally built this way and starved herself to get there, then you wouldn’t have any girlfriend any more. Maybe this girl is healthy, but this isn’t a look people should be imitating

  • evanescence

    i think i met her once, in high school through a friend of mine.

  • lauralie

    i think i met here once, through a friend of mind at a football fame, my friend always talked about her. shes really tiny.

  • Jeska Grist

    I went to school with Ann for many years and she is possibly the sweetest girl ever. She is neither ugly, nor disgusting. In fact, she is the complete opposite.
    Congratuations, Ann!

  • stephanie

    I went to high school with ann and she does not “starve” herself! She’s a very healthy girl and super sweet! It seems like people are either “too skinny” or “too fat” now a days. Give her a break! She is absolutely beautiful just the way she is! Good luck ann!!

    • MagnetoMasterofEvil

      Amen Stephanie! I too am wishing for Ann’s win. She is beautiful!

  • MagnetoMasterofEvil

    Screw you all! She is F@#!$%ng GORGEOUS! I am in love with her and hope she wins. I am so tired of fatties making “skinny” seem sick when skinny is 10,000 times healthier than FAT! Lazy fat-tards and consuming pigs with your high blood pressure, heart attacks and all around BS keeping the USA the most obese country in the world! Eating disorders were made up by fat pigs so they could feel accepted as fat pigs. They have the eating disorder!
    “Eat dis…Order dis, eat dis…order dat…eat dis..order..order…order! Check please, gotta go to Baskin Robbins for free scoop Tuesday!” you PIGS have the eating disorder!

  • dave

    she’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • Ann Fan

    I think she is absolutely amazing. I really hope she wins. She’s so cute, and confused and I love her. And of course when she models – she transforms into a real high fashion model.

  • Rehan

    I think she is stunning and her photographs thus far have won her much acclaim amongst the judges which include famous designers and photographers.
    Please remember that this is a girl that came to the show with no self confidence and was bullied most of her life.
    I applaud Tyra for giving people like her a chance. For once, Ann is not going to be stigmatized for her physique and height. She is unique and that she is been given such an opportunity is wonderful.
    Some people are naturally thin/skinny. I know lots of you guys who are saying all kinds of nasty stuff about that wished you could be as thin.

    I hope she wins! Either her or that stunning black girl Kendal!

  • Batman

    I hate how people feel the need to criticize other people because they aren’t the “norm”. I think Ann is fantastic, she’s real and quirky and her photos are stunning!

    I’m so sick of people focusing on people’s bodies versus their talent and potential.

  • Lina

    I think it’s very insensitive to say that Ann has a eating disorder. Tall people tend to have more trouble gaining weight, especially when they’re younger, and Ann is extremely tall.

    It’s obviously better to have a healthy weight, and it’s disturbing that certain fashion designers chose sick models for their shows. But to hold a single person responsible for the ideals of the fashion world is extremely insensitive to that individual. Would you hold an overweight person responsible for bad school lunches or lack of healthy choices at Mcdonalds? probably not…

  • Double-L

    After watching just the first episode of this season of ANTM, I deemed her my favorite. She’s incredibly awkward, quirky and photographs like a dream. I think her success on ANTM and hopefully in the modeling industry should be inspirational to anyone who is different or who has ever been given crap for how they look. Even though she is SO thin, I can tell by looking at her that she doesn’t have an eating disorder. She’s amazing.

  • Erica

    I find it funny that it’s usually the fattest people who get all up in arms and self-righteous when they see extremely skinny people in the media.

    • Nathan’s girlfriend

      for real. Im thin and I don’t care to see overweight or underweight people, everyone is different. Also, modeling is about being thin not about being healthy, this isn’t a show about personal trainers.

      • Tonia K

        TRU DAT!! Finally!….SOMEONE WHO GETS IT!

        Nathan u have a smart girlfriend!

  • Anon

    she said she has HIGH METABOLISM. it runs in her family’s GENES.

    • jessthemess

      have you seen her mother?

      • Jade

        Very true. Her brother was tall, but he did not look freakishly skinny like her, he looked Healthy, not like a stick ready to break at any point

  • heLLnO

    She is skinny and that`s great. But Oh my God she is ugly ๐Ÿ™

    • Kayla

      You must be a big ball of insecure, calling someone ugly.

    • Nathan’s girlfriend

      shes def not ugly, she looks unique.

  • Kayla

    I LOVE Ann. I relate to her so much. I’m also really skinny and awkward, and she really shows that I can amount to something regardless of how awkward I am.

    • kayla and ann are both beautiful.
      they are my favorites.

    • Cindy

      Yep, my point is proven- that is EXACTLY why Tyra not only put her on the show, but awarded her the winner. To prove a point, not because she really thinks Ann is top model material.

      • rj

        What you keep missing the point of regardless of your opinion is that almost without exception every photographer loved Ann and talked about how high fashion she is….does that register with you when you keep saying she’s not a model? On the go-see’s she was the only one that would have been booked by the fashion house. Your wrong, don’t know what your talking about, and have an agenda. It’s ok to just say that you don’t prefer her look…but don’t ignore facts and reality to convince yourself.

        • Honey

          um ann is gorgeous in pictures but ugly in real life.
          it doesnt matter why she is supper skinny- natural or aneroxic, thepoint is people think “oh to be a model you have to b that skinny” and young girls who arent naturally skinny while probably become bulimic or something.
          She isnt sending a good pictures but also another problem:
          SHE ISNT PRETTY!!! She looks awkward, skeletony, bony, her smile is hideous. noticed she never smiled in her photo shoot. why? cuz its ugly. if modeling was about uniqueness and being awkward was okay, guess what? THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE CAN B MODELS

          • Lenita O.

            I could’nt agree with you more.

  • ann and kayla are beautiful

  • Sylvia

    I’m supporting you Ann ! Awkward shy girls for the win!

  • me

    There’s no way she weighs under 100 pounds. I’m 5’4 and 98 and I’m like the same build as her. She would look a hell of alot smaller if she was under 100…

    • Nathan’s girlfriend

      agreed. I just got my physical at the doctors and I’m 18 yrs old, 5’6 and I weight 92 lbs. I am way way way smaller than her, and im shorter than her. So she def weighs more, about 110-115 lbs. I hate when they lie on tv! But, I do love ANTM!

      • I am so beautiful

        I know! I was totally shocked by this. 6’2″ and under 100 pounds?!?!? I mean, look at her! I just went into the bathroom to take my measurements: 5’8″ and 22 lbs… way, way, way, way smaller than her. She has to weigh at least… 430? Yeah. What a pig.

  • sab

    she’s wearing a corset…

  • Ty

    Ann is not model material. She is obviosly on this show for shock value… Jane is definitely the #1 pick

    • Cindy

      Thank you, Ty, my thoughts exactly. Think about it people- look at all top models- they are attractive in person. Now look at Ann- she is constantly making strange grimaces, her smile is deplorable, and she just overall is not a very attractive person. She has no personality and is very aloof. Sorry guys, Tyra obviously put her on here for ratings and to “prove a point”, not because she is true model material. Same reason she picked Whitney- to prove that plus size models can win too. But in reality? Give me a break.

    • heidi

      ann is amazing. her photos are incredible and everyone says her flaw is her personality, but i see her as humble and sweet and completely endearing. you can be mild and quiet and still have a fantastic personality. good personality does not always equal animated and in your face. You go Ann!!!! Ive been rooting for her sijnce day one!!

  • EMS

    I did not like Ann’s photos today at all.
    She looked like a broken skeleton, all crossed-limbed and hunched shoulders, and far too thin to emulate classic greek’s well-rounded females.
    How may sculptures have you ever seen where the woman is posed like that?!
    I’m an artist and love classic sculpture and I’ve never seen one look so awkward as Ann did in her photo.

    I though Jane’s sculpture photo looked great. SHe is a good model, her pics looked great, yet they really put her down a lot.

    I thought the photo chosen for Chelsey as her best – was not. During her shoot, I saw lots of poses I thought were better.

    Kayla looked amazing, deserved being chosen as best-photo.
    Kayla has really blossomed since talking that day with Jay M.

    I don’t think Chris deserved the criticizm today. GOD, she was hurt and probably didn’t have a chance to put an ice-pack on her ankle. That shows just how thoughtless the ANTM people can be.
    Geeezzzzz… it’s not like she’s a real soldier in a real war zone. Yeah it’s a job, but she was injured and needed medical attention.
    I’m a photographer too, but for pete’s sake, doesn’t ANTM carry an emergency pack for these kinds of things? Accidents do happen! While they were transporting the girls, Chris should’ve been given some ice to put on her ankle.
    Considering her pain, I thought she did quite well and her photo looked good.

    After a cycle or two, I concluded that ANTM knows who they will pick from the get-go, but add 12 more girls, knowing they will eliminate them, in order to have a ‘show’.
    Evidence of this can be seen and heard throughout, but in this cycle it is glaringly apparent. ANTM’s fawning over everything Ann does, which isn’t all that great, makes it obvious.

    • Kim

      I agree with you 100% about them knowing who they are going to pick! You couldn’t have said it any better!!

      • Lenita O.

        I agree with you, Tyra wanted Ann to win all along. She certaintly got what she wanted. I hope Ann makes her proud.

  • Ann Fan

    i love everything about ann, and i’ve had weight issues my whole life…ann is clearly naturally thin and she is also naturally beautiful…

    i was also a huge toccara fan…it all comes down to the individual’s beauty and personal look–plus, a genuine, gracious personality goes a long way…

    i’m not “offended” by miss ann’s thin physique at all…she’s clearly not anorexic nor overly concerned with her figure…ANN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

    • amelia

      true that!!

      • Nathan’s girlfriend


  • Ginny

    I absolutely LOVE Ann. She is beautiful and unique. She may be shy, but I bet once you get to know her she has a great personality. She is sort of the underdog. Im rooting for her 100%!

  • Veronica

    modeling is totally about being healthy! who wants to see a high fashion model who looks like shes about to break because shes so frail? no one. it also makes me laugh to see how many people are comparing their height and weight to Ann’s. its completely irrelevant! some people are really skinny but have thicker or heavier bones, making them weight more. other have lighter bones so they weigh less.

  • Leslee

    It’s hard to understand how this girl won a modeling competition. She can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t control her facial expression (usually terror), and has the biggest adam’s apple I’ve ever seen on a female!

    The blond chick got robbed.

    • Lenita O.

      Clearly America made the wrong choice this time around. Chelsey did get robbed in this competition. I hope she succeeds in everything she sets out to do after this heartbreak. She truly had the whole package and was robbed.

    • Jade

      FINALLY!!! Somebody see’s my viewpoint. We ALL know Ann only one because she was freakishly skinny, Even though I think both of the top 2 were not the most gorgeous people in the world, The blonde one wanted it WAY more than Ann.

  • flo

    I Love whoever is the winner…but my opinion is, she’s very skinny; doesn’t look good. I don’t understand why she won; she DON’T even know how to walk…i’m sorry!…she walked funny!

    she walked like she got lost and scared!

    • michael

      Her walk is unique and I guarantee you that others WILL copy her walk.

  • kitty

    Everyone is all cool with plus size models getting far on antm but when it comes to a naturally skinny girl winning, it supposedly projects a bad image… yea ok. I love Ann, love her quirky personality and editorial look. Everyone might not get it but I do she is awesome. No one deserves it as much as she does. I can’t wait to try her deep fried oreos Hehe.

  • Amy

    I am astonished at the judgments being leveled at this girl. Never have I seen a contestant on AMNTM who was as genuine and vulnerable and, well, just herself. She’s suffered tremendously for being teased, shows no sign whatsoever of having starved herself and is quite evidently just naturally very thin, likely connected to her height. We in the public don’t generally see high fashion models as they truly are. We just marvel at gorgeous photographs which can be real art, beyond attempting to sell clothing and, when they are, often use models who are out of the ordinary. Anne was admired by all who worked with her and it was so moving to see this painfully shy and awkward girl who’d suffered so much for being different grow into someone successful and obviously astonished at her success. In her remarks, she talked about wanting this to show other girls that being different and “funny-looking” is not necessarily a sentence but can be an opportunity. Of all the contestants who have won, I have never been so pleased. She is a lovely, lovely human being. Oh…and they can’t all be wrong in the fashion industry in Italy.

  • ANTMaddict

    Guys! were talking about italian vogue and they loved ANN! she’s really good in pictures as oppose to kelsey and at the same time kelsey is 25 years old! Heeeeellllllllooooooo? she’s F-ing old! and she has a modeling backgorund that’s why she okay but not good..Ya! ann is can’t walk but im sure IMG will teach her how too! and didn’t you guys noticed? VERSACE would like to book ann in the go see episode! its because ann has the perfect body for modeling! unlike kelsey fat ass! LOL

  • Gillian

    finally someone one whom can take photos, but i really think that kayla should have one, she took some fiece pictures and they took her out with jane because, jane and kayla were actually competition for ann, chelsey was not, she was old, just because someone has a great personality does not make them a model, people it is about PHOTOS and MONEY because runaway models fall all the time and they can be trained, but i totally feel that kayla was robbed or even jane her bone structure was amazing, but i am happy for ann

  • michael

    Ann is high fashion and a very beautiful interesting person. I loved her pictures…she is amazing.

  • DeAnn805

    Those of you who think Chelsea was robbed,I’m sorry, but I think your definition of the “total package” is totally wrong. Ann has depth, she’s real. Ann is humble, sweet, intellegent, artistic, down-to-earth, beautiful inside and out, and not only is she photogenic, the girl knows how to model. Her runway walk may not be what everyone is used to, but that is just one of the things that makes Ann unique. Not once did Ann say a bad word about any of the other girls. She didn’t feel the need to put people down in order to build herself up. Ann is the “Total Package”. I was sooo happy for Ann when Tyra announced that she won. She truely deserved it.

    • Rose

      Ann Ward is the ugliest thing ever, anorexic, out of proportions and unhealthy… definately something is wrong in ANTM

      • KM

        @ Rose: Someone’s jealous. You’re definition of “ugly” suits you the best and no one else.

        Ann is an awesome person and thanks DeAnn805. It’s nice that you pointed out that Ann didn’t need to put others down. She’s a good sport and she has the heart to model. When she realized that others were becoming fiercer competition, she didn’t whine. She just self-reflected and realized that she had to step up to the plate and deliver. Go, Ann! Kayla is another favourite of mine, but Ann’s the coolest girl in this cycle.

        • Kayekaye123

          For me Kayla was ok but she just went on and on about her sexuality. I think she did too much talking but she did a great job as a model. Kendal was a mean girl and seem half-hearted about modeling.Ann was my favourite and I think Kacy was too vocal but was mostly honest and people do not like that. I really liked Chris though she was like super cool.

      • hillary

        rose shut up. Ann is actually quite a gorgeous person and so what if she’s too skinny? she was always made fun of for being too tall and she couldnt help that. if you watched the show then you would know that she isn’t anorexic.

      • Luna

        Anorexia is a mental illness, not a body type. Anorexics are sick, emaciated, and go through mental struggles your privileged tiny brain couldn’t comprehend.
        If you watched the show at all you’d know both her parents are all and thin, she was born the way she is, she can eat the world, and she won’t change, nor should she. She’s just different. Ugly is as ugly does, and your ignorant comment makes you look ugly without anyone having to see your face.

  • Bob

    ok, seriously people? i love ann! from the beginning she was my favorite! she’s super-cool and down to earth! i didn’t like chelsey at all! she was jealous, and ann was just being herself! i think she’s beautiful and really awesome in her own way! All of you are just jealous that your not her ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Kayekaye123

    All the best Ann.

  • everton

    I just love Ann’s weirdness….she deserved to have won the show…she could show that her ugly is pretty! just loved it!

  • shanix

    i love ann so much,,,every time there’s an elimination i know ann will not go home..shes so humble,,sweet and she really transformed to a high fashioned model. the judges are just… we cant judge thier credibility..i know ann deserves the title… mwahhh

  • hilert

    i love ann. She is the one and only!

  • haw

    ann is beautiful, yet, too skinny. She has great potential and personality. Ann deserves it!

  • Ella

    I LOCE ANN SOOOO MUCH!! she’s so simple, so ordinary yet when the camera and lights are focused on her, she’s so stunning! she projects images that nobody can. her face is full of surprises and emotions and I love it! I agree to all those who praised her! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m sorry to chelsey’s fans but I don’t like her. she’s a total loser because of her pride. she keeps saying that she’s the best bec she has experience that ann doesn’t have and I hate it. Ann: you’d better change your personality coz it’s what made you lose the competition.

  • monica

    ann to me is the most beautiful being i have ever seen, and i am so very telling the truth. the one thing i love the most is seeing a skinny, curvy girl and i’ve never seen one yet till now. Ann is so very beautiful to me and if i were a guy…..lord knows i’ve found my dream girl. alot of people may think she’s ugly but that’s their stupid oppinion, they just dont have a life. i think all people should be treated the same. But Ann….WOW!! she has a NUMBER ONE true fan. <3

  • George

    Ann makes me wish I’d seen the whole season. I get into it in the last 6 episodes. she does look painfully thin and her deep voice and the adams apple almost had me thinking she was a man. no offense meant. I was attracted to her face in her inner beauty. she reminded me of the geeky girls I liked in school.

  • Mindy

    I was so nervous when it was time for them to announce the winner. I wanted Ann to win SO badly. She was genuine and I just loved her spirit. I cried when she won. Being one of those girls that was teased for being different. She won for all of us. Way to go Ann!

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    U GO GIRL.

  • Sanne

    UGGLY ANN she have to skinny it’s scary!

  • Mรณnica

    Ann is so beutifull , go beautiful. Se live you

  • Nicky

    Ann looks just as skinny as Anamaria… for me even more scary… It doesn’t mean how much their lifestyle and eating habits are close or not. Photo can’t tell you what does this model eat or do to look like that. And why they crowned her and throw away Anamaria?

  • Nicky

    Ann looks just as skinny as Anamaria… for me even more scary… It doesn’t mean how much their lifestyle and eating habits are close or not. Photo can’t tell you what does this model eat or do to look like that. And why they crowned her and throw away Anamaria?

  • I was 6 ft tall just as skinny and, I ate like a horse. I tried every way in the world to put on weight. Well as I got older that all changed. Way 2 go Ann..

  • joann santana

    I cried when Ann won. I was so happy for her. It was a real life fairy tale come true! ๐Ÿ™‚