Betty White’s hoodies have washable earbuds!

Betty White is taking advantage of her prime spot as America’s biggest SuperStar (rocketed by her killer SNL episode) by cranking out bad-a$$ merch to benefit Morris Animal Foundation, her favorite charity.

We’ve got a soft spot for Betty, and she’s got a soft spot of animals. It all works out.

First, she came out with her fantabulous 2011 Pin-Up Calendar, and now she’s hawking sweatshirts with a crazy-cool feature: they have attached, washable earbuds!

The hoodies with earbuds can be purchased right now at Hoodie Buddie!

Betty’s also kind of a hard-ass:

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  • Chuck

    This hoodie is a great idea. I love that I’m able to listen to my iPod using the built in headphones. I think giving Betty White her own line will get more people interested in this because she is Hollywood’s sweetheart. And, it’s for a great Foundation Go Betty!