VIDEO – Are Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra broken up for good?

We cried when 16 & Pregnant‘s Catelynn Lowell and her boyfriend / stepbrother (the boyfriend part came first in case you’re giving them the side-eye) Tyler Baltierra gave up their daughter Carly for adoption while being filmed for MTV. We marveled at both the levels of dysfunction and bravery in their lives.

They seemed to really love each other, but they had a tough time after they gave up their daughter. Catelynn moved in with Tyler and his mom because her mom and Tyler’s dad moved out of town into a smaller apartment, and during the first season of Teen Mom Tyler actually proposed to Catelynn.

But Tyler and Catelynn’s bond might not survive Season Two (premiering tonight at 10pm EST). There is evidence of strife in the preview clip below when Tyler and his mom ask Catelynn to move out, and the trailer shows there are even deeper rifts in their relationship.

Will these two kids actually work it out, or is it healthier for them both to move on with their lives after this experience?

Here’s a heartbreaking conversation at a diner where Tyler suggest they’re not ready to be married when he finds out that Catelynn had sex with her ex two years ago while Tyler and Catelynn were together:

“Teen Mom” — Catelynn and Tyler

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  • Ce’Onna

    i understand that you trying to give the best for your child. but complete giving up rights to where you know longer have any owner ship of your child is bond to have complications within you and your relationship with your mate tyler i get and understand that you were kinda thrown off when he waneted to remove you from his home but you have to understand when you let someone so percious an that you love so much, your going to need your space.Yes i know your going through it to but for men they feel an have a difernt understanding when it comes to the people they love if someone dies or is no longer with them physically in there prences they tend to shut others out. let them cause that that gives them time to think alone ,thats how they find there way. As for us females we like to talk things out only because where more emotional then men are. i wish the best for you but give him his space he’ll come back. let him figure out what he really wants.

  • Tyler, You have a great girl. I know no one is perfect and you two have been through so much together. She really does love you and I know from personal experiences how people can hurt each other. Believe me you need her just as much as she needs you. Only time can heal and I wish you two the best of luck in the future.

  • me and my ex arnt together any more.

  • Lita06

    Tyler and Catelyn are doing so well and yes Tyler is more mature and has a great mind of thinking whats right and whats wrong. Catelynn is beautiful and very strong she has a life that in it had hit her to where she had to et go of her own daughter. It hit both of em alot I understand that but I would like for them to be strong and grown from this together. Life gose on bbys but always know ur daughter will always be with u 2 forever. When ur ready to have kids and start a life together thats the time do make a real commitment and stay strong together. Love u 2 both and wish u 2 the best but dont give up on hard times, fight thru it and ur love was meant to last forever!! All my love Lita Whitman