PHOTO Lady Gaga playing John Lennon’s piano at Yoko Ono’s house

Lady Gaga plays John Lennon's white piano at Yoko Ono's house

Sean Lennon just tweeted this photo of Lady Gaga “belting” on John Lennon’s famous white piano at Yoko Ono’s house. (Click photo for the full-size image)

Given all the different elements and personalities involved, in which lots of folks are very passionate about, I’m guessing this is going to ruffle a lot of feathers. My take on it? Wow, that’s pretty cool!

Here’s the exact caption from Sean:

With gaga at mom’s house, she’s belting on the white piano…

I think my favorite part about the photo is that even when Lady Gaga is paying a visit to Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon she still wears a leotard and fishnet stockings!

I can already see the album cover for Lady Gaga’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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  • Ryan Meli

    This is a disgrace. John Lennon is an icon and will live on forever. Lady Gaga is a garbage, no-talent artist who is famous solely based on shock factor. Sean Lennon should be ashamed at even letting this (most-likely) trans-gender waste of space come near such an important piece of music history. Clearly he’s using the good name of his father to shed some light on himself and give himself a little more game.

    I’ve more talent than Lady Gaga (she’s no too bad on the piano actually), so if I pay my own way, can I have a go on the Steinway too. By the way, if Gaga comes out with anything remotely close to a Lennon or Beatles cover, no joke, I’ll kill myself.

    • Ruth Ann

      Um, excuse me, have you ever HEARD Lady GaGa’s voice? Obviously not, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. Her Fame Monster album is full of variety, and her live videos show a display of creativity, vocal talent, and amazing piano skill.
      She does not claim to be awesome and cool as sh!t, which is what I like about her. She knows she’s freaky as hell, and y’know what? That’s just who she is, it’s not any kind of publicity trick. Get over it.
      Of course John Lennon is an icon who will never be matched… he changed music forever and brought so many together in a way no one of his time thought was possible. NO ONE can come close to him… but why don’t you focus on REAL disgraces, like no-talent Disney channel stars who earned their way to fame because little kids got obsessed with them.
      I’m sure Lady GaGa realizes the amazing privilege she’s had to play on this piano. And if she ever made a cover, it would be awesome. She knows how to not do pop, which you would know if you knew anything about her, and her cover would be a creative, inspiring tribute to John or The Beatles, no matter what she did. :)

      And though your comment made me facepalm, I must note that I appreciate the correct grammar and spelling.

    • Ruth Ann

      Oh, and

      still think she’s trans? Obviously no penis, and obviously she’s got a womanly shape.

    • Rob

      “Lady Gaga is a garbage, no-talent artist who is famous solely based on shock factor”.

      Yeah, but John Lennon LIKED “garbage, no-talent artist(s)”…after all, look at the one he married! Yoko Ono has no talent whatsoever, and never HAS had any. In fact, I would say Cynthia (John’s first wife) is more talented than Yoko…her line drawings (some of which were used in her book “John”) show her to be a gifted illustrator.

  • Captain Obvious

    “garbage, no-talent artist who is famous solely based on shock factor” is exactly how Yoko Ono was described in her heyday- and John Lennon married her. Lennon would have loved GaGa. Get over yourself.

  • Osvaldo

    Lady Gaga will compose a kind of Let It Be song, and then will send tape to a studio to make electronic arrangements and sell worlswide.

  • Captain Obvoiusly Retarded

    You’re a f*cking retard.

    • Captain Obvious

      Retarded for drawing a parallel between two VERY similar artists? Fashion forward to the point of the absurd. Seemingly ludicrous music. “Fame wh0re.” Yoko Ono and Lady GaGa have far more in common than you’re willing to admit.

  • to the moderators

    f*ck you, this site sucks d!ck

  • ariana

    people don’t even let her earn some credit, they just throw it at her

  • Heidi

    If you are talented like you say you are Ryan, you should make a multi platinum album.

    As a fan of both of these artists, I think you should shut your uneducated face and go back to your day job.

    • Soumynona

      John Lennon was a very talented musician and a genius songwriter. Lady Gaga is a talented fashionista and a mediocre musician. It’s SAD that she’s not a better musician, because her style is vastly more interesting. Like most so-called “brilliant” musicians these days, her music panders terribly to mainstream taste. Few people even understand what “underground” or “unique” means anymore, let alone “genius.” That is the essential problem here. The white piano is among Lennon’s most recognizable symbols. It’s a bit vulgar for someone like Lady Gaga to use it for a d@mn photo op. Sure, Sean can let whoever he damn well wants play his father’s piano. He’s certainly never been a media wh0re. Sean’s a good guy, but this is still rather… unfortunate.

  • Meagan

    It’s a shame to be so negative towards a certain person, Lady Gaga, just because of YOUR opinion. She is a musician and of course any musician would jump at the chance to play any instrument that was played by any of The Beatles. Think about what The Beatles stood for especially John and Yoko: peace, love, hope for a better today and tomorrow. A person should never critize a certain person for something that is you’re own personal opinion… I myself do not like her music, but she is famous for a reason. I think its awesome she got to play his piano. I do not have an ounce of musical talent in my body, but I’d love the play the piano if I were given the chance…even being in the presence of Yoko and Sean, even Jullian or Cynthia would be such an honor. People – lets just be happy to have this great music to appreciate. Love one another and just be happy we have this music, and keep his name alive!! John Lennon forever! Yesterday marked the 30 year death of him and I know it was a hard day for so many, many people.