VIDEO – Space Odyssey entrepenuer Elvira Grau mingles with Bravolebrities

BRIDGEHAMPTON, NY - JULY 26: Jim Grau and Elvira Grau attend Kids Day at the 2008 Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge on Blue Star Jets Field at the Bridgehampton Polo Club on July 26, 2008 in Bridgehampton, New York. (Photo by Rick Odell/Getty Images)

Flamboyant Space Odyssey USA and Space Port entrepreneur Elvira Grau is featured on two Bravo shows this summer. She was rumored to be the next Real Housewife of New Jersey, replacing Dina Manzo, but it Zap2It has a source telling them that Elvira will not officially be joining the cast. She’s just a guest, an entrepreneur moonlighting as a party planner.

The loyal-to-a-fault Bravo audience first saw her Thursday night on Bethenny’s Getting Married?, when she invited Bethenny to speak at Jewish Ladies luncheon. She was a ball of energy reminiscent of Ramona Singer, and Bethenny called her a nut-job and a lunatic in her voice-over quips.

She was like a flower turning to the sun of the camera, so it’s only natural that we haven’t seen the last of her. This Monday she starts a six-episode run of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which begins when she plans an over-the-top housewarming party for Teresa Giudice. Because, you know, Teresa can afford such things.

Here’s Elvira unleashing a little personality in the middle of Teresa 40,000 sq. ft. ballroom.

Finally! A RHNJ cast member with the right kind of exciting crazy. Elvira also plans a party for one of Teresa’s children at her Space Port activity center in Paterson, NJ. Space Port is a space-themed activity center with bowling, laser-tag, and just about any fun game you can think of. She founded Space Port and a similar venue Space Odessa USA with her husband Jim Grau.

Elvira’s truly a self-made woman. She immigrated to Brooklyn from the Ukraine with her parents and grandparents when she was nine years old, and taught herself English. She had a fast-paced career in Advertising, Marketing, and PR before branching out on her own with her husband to develop these space-themed fun centers.

Now, just stand on the marble and let me think!”

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  • You have some nerve showing your face on TV. Pay me my money for that big event you had in a tent with Arthea Franklin. I am unemployed and that’s how I make my money. You and your husband are a big joke. Pay me pay me pay me

  • I just did a little research and you, Elivra Grau were honored by Bergen County. I will continue to speak about how you and your husband did not pay all the vendors that you used and had a huge budget for that event. I need my money. I guess I will have to go on the Andy Cohen blog and speak about your actions. Pay me

    • john smith

      what is the andy cohen blog? i can’t seem to locate it and i am trying to gather info from clients and staff of Space Port and Space Odyssey. Please help!

  • OMG!!! I just checked out the video (quoting Theresa) the party planning B!tch) what a joke. I am so mad that she can play the role of a party planner. Don’t let me blow up your crap Elvira. Pay your people. The next place I’m going to is the Andy Cohen show.

    • Space Odyssey

      Please contact us to get this sorted out. We sincerely apologize for this. Please call (201)503-1333 and we will figure out what happened and why you have not received payment for the event. Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Shonuff

    I agree with Easie E!!!! Shame on you!! You know that you have not paid your vendors…..I am going to do better and contact Help me Howard….Watch out Elvira!!!

    • john smith

      I am gathering information from workers of Space Odyssey USA, Engelwood, NJ and Space Port, Paterson, NJ, about their experiences, between July 5, 2010 and the present. If you are interested in speaking to me, please email me at I would like to know of your details.

      Thank you so much!

  • Another one added to the list!

    I used to work for her and getting paid on time is like asking for a favor! I’m still owed money and they’re conveniently busy whenever you try to contact them. – Help me Howard sounds like the kind of media outlet I should look into!!! It’s a shame! GOOD LUCK guys!!

    • john smith

      I am gathering information from workers of Space Odyssey USA, Engelwood, NJ and Space Port, Paterson, NJ, about their experiences, between July 5, 2010 and the present. If you are interested in speaking to me, please email me at I would like to hear your details.

      Thank you so much!

  • I am so glad that you answered explaining your situation; So thats there ammo. If any one has had trouble getting paid through Elivra Grau, you can contact Help Me Howard by sending an email to or you can call the hotline at (212) 210-2490. So we can get the ball rolling.

    • General Manager

      I worked for Elvira from the beginning and quit twice due to the way she manages her business and abuses her employees. I couldn’t be a part of it anymore and quit over a month ago. I am a divorced mother of two girls who just couldn’t stand one more minute of verbal and mental abuse. She is well aware of my financial situation and refuses to pay me for commissions, event gratuities, expenses and benefits that she never provided although part of my contract. She continually ignores my emails, phone calls and texts. All I am asking for is to get paid for what I worked PLEASE! I will never forget how it was my daughter’s bday last month and the last payroll check from them BOUNCED and I had to figure out how to make due that weekend for her sleepover and plans we had. They didn’t care about my daughter, myself or how I was going to get by without that money. Still to this date they REFUSE to pay me. PLEASE HELP.

  • tech_chris

    I used to work for elvira and she is a terrible person,she treats her staff like crap,talks bad about clients behind their back,steal equipement from rental companys so she can use it for future parties and pocket the money and screw over the rental company

  • Vince Harris

    Easie E…i want u to take them to the cleaners, u deserve it…this is exactly the type of crap they have done over and over again to the people who have helped them throughout all the years they have been in business…and let me tell u, i know all about elvira and jim…i’m actually the artist who painted the interior murals on every square inch of that place…so i was there before Space Odyssey was anything…don’t call them back…how lame is it that the only time they finally respond to u is on here?! u shouldn’t have to beg to get paid…u did ur job…but don’t worry my friend…karma is a b!tch, and these two clowns are about to bring one hell of a firestorm down upon them…everyone wants a piece…and like u said, how much of a slap in the face is it to her on tv acting everything is just fine? it’s a joke! as it is uncle sam is apparently about to have a field day to the tune of 300,000 dollars…lol…so go after them, seek council and bring the rain!

  • tech_chris

    Easie e,
    so whats the update?
    elvira and jim owed me alot of money when they fired me in aug.09,and after promises,emails and phonecalls went nowhere,i hired a lawyer to sue them and i won,i just got my check and put it into the bank today,and all this started in sep,09.
    I hope everything turned out good for you

  • tech_chris

    Not even open for a year and Space Port has closed (their second location)