New Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan was married to J.P. Morgan heir

Real Housewives of New York City's Sonja Morgan

“A man always has two reasons for doing anything:  a good reason and the real reason.”

- John Pierpont Morgan

The newest Real Housewife of New York Sonja Tremont Morgan has a direct style and a posh background: she was once married to John Adams Morgan, a great-great grandson of the American Gilded Age financier John Pierpont Morgan (aka J.P. on the street). Sonja’s ex is also a great-great-great grandson of John Adams on his mother Catherine’s side. The heavy stench of history must have been great in that house, but the money must have run like water.

Sonja met John Adams Morgan while she was working at San Pietro, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, and later talked him up at a cocktail party. Originally from Albany, NY, she was a hostess at San Pietro who became well known by tycoons and bankers for her beauty and social savvy. Essentially, she wasn’t just a hostess, she was a public relations guru for her restaurant.

UPDATE June 2, 2010: CLICK HERE to read about Sonja’s Long Island DWI

The socialite-in-the-making married Morgan, and had a daughter, Quincy, with him. They separated in 2006, around the time they were financing a movie, Fast Flash to Bang Time, with Hannibal Pictures that was supposed to star John Travolta through her company Sonja Productions. Sonja never paid the promise money to back the film, and now they’ve won a $7 million lawsuit against her. She claimed she backed out of the project because she was served with divorce papers. Although her divorce was finalized in 2008, many still report that Sandra is still married to the tycoon descendant.

Sonja Morgan with her ex husband John Adams Morgan and their daugther

In case you’re not impressed yet, here’s the rundown on JP: he was at once time arguably the most powerful man in the United States both because of the ways he acquired and used his enormous amount of wealth. Though a million dollars isn’t a great deal anymore, a billion dollars still talks in 2010. Now, imagine if someone had over a billion dollars in 1900. JP Morgan did.

J.P. Morgan, who became a banker in 1857 and owned his owned his own company: JP Morgan & Company by 1893, influenced the way business was done in American around the turn of the century. He made waves by taking over floundering businesses and turning them around by restructuring and changing management styles, a reorganization process that then became known as “Morganization.” This has had a profound impact on the way business was done in the U.S. and globally ever since.

Celebrities attend the premiere of 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City, NY on July 6, 2010 Pictured Here: Sonja Morgan Fame Pictures, Inc
^ Sonja at the premiere of ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City, NY on July 6, 2010. Photo: Fame Pictures

The powerful banker also helped save the U.S. economy twice. In 1895, the U.S. Treasury was running out of gold (this was back when we were still on the gold standard), and J.P. Morgan helped the US secure the gold they needed through Wall Street, through a private syndicate. Later in the Panic of 1907, after much persuasion, J.P. Morgan personally helped bail out failing New York banks. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

He later founded the very first billion-dollar company, U.S. Steel, which was capitalized at $1.4 billion dollars.

An avid gemstone collector, he even had one named after him: a mineral that was known as pink beryl until christened with the banker’s name as “Morganite”  in 1911.

UPDATE: Sonja Morgan has filed for bankruptcy, citing almost $20 million in debt, mostly from her failed film venture and the lawsuit attached to that.

UPDATE: Sonja may lose her house because of an unpaid divorce settlement.

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    • Tauney

      She was born a year after he divorced wife number one and married wife number 2 (somewhere during the Kennedy Whitehouse years). Ancient rich guy marries sexpot decades younger cocktail hostess who then appears on reality TV. Hmmm that sounds awfully familiar.

    • Lexy

      What was HE like 40 ys.older than HER…..???? Can U say “Gold-Diggerrrr”…….(Just saying….♥)

      • Texgirl

        It’s amazing how many women are ready to trash another woman they don’t know personally. Yes, she married a much older, very wealthy man. And he married a much younger, very beautiful woman. Clearly, they each got something very desirable. And perhaps, they also made a connection. She’s a very smart and sophisticated woman. Let’s don’t judge what we don’t know.

    • Gigi

      I heard her name was Deborah Trachtenberg before she changed it.

      • aword

        Deborah Trachtenberg is the name of the editor of Socialite magazine Bethany was on the cover of..Could there be two?

    • Shelly

      She reminds me of Anna nicole smith and her husband. I can’t remeber his name? The age difference is huge.

      • judy covey

        that’s what that nasty aviva said. i thought it was terrible, until i saw sonja’s ex-husband. wow, he was so much older than she. really, sonja, if he weren’t rich, would you have “talked him up” at the cocktail party? somehow, i doubt it.

    • Lucretia

      Makes for great TV. I love it..

    • Anne Eden Woodward

      No she’s not Deborah Trachtenburg (that’s”Devour a Rose”). She comes from “humble roots” (a family of truck drivers) in Averill Park NY.

      Looks like the cat is out of the bag on this phoney. The only “High” Society here is the group downtown Averill Park at Slicks or Mo’s doing shots. Harry Morgan (her late father in law) is most definitely rolling in his grave.

      • Clint

        So Devorah Rose is Deborah Trachtenberg? Who is Paul Johnson Calderone? What about Tinsley Mortimer and Jules Kirby? Are any of them real? I heard Jill Zarin was married before too.

        • JoanM

          I heard Jill was married to a guy named Shapiro. Bobby who is much much older than Jill was married before… he’s a grandfather. Luanne, Jill , Sonja and Kelly all married men who were decades older and very wealthy. Too bad Leona Helmsley is dead she would have been a great addition to the cast! I guess these older men just couldn’t resist their delightful demure personalities.

      • corey.thrasher

        Really? The garbage you all have posted to this point is HONESTLY how you feel about Sonja, a member of the sisterhood of women, to which each and every one of you all belong? Do ANY of you know her PERSONALLY? Did any of you happen to reside in the bed her marriage was consumated and, unfortunately, eventually terminated in as well? Have you any EVIDENCE to present as PROVEN FACTUAL information that Sonja has ever so much as SPOKEN a bad word about Mr. Morgan in regard to their once amicable, personal, and no doubt, MUTUALLY AGREED upon private partnership? No. You haven’t. None of you have any REAL testimony to provide in the trial of life, nothing to say of relevance or importance, just a whole big fat hateful lot of envy, jealousy, anger, resentment, and on and on in negativity goes the list covering the ever-expanding canyon of over-flowing, hot, stank, sewage breath, hateful mess that ultimately IS the in-born life source of all the prejudices those sexist-anti-feminist-bigotted-male-shovenistic…….

        • Torie

          Come now, don’t blow a gasket about reality. The raison d’être of the program is gossip and sniping between two groups of women. One group consist of the “courtesans” and the other consists if women with jobs who work to put food on the table. There’s nothing wrong with marrying for money but as you can see from Sonja, Luann and Kelly’s sagas, the rich guys are fickle and move on frequently for the next hot young thing. They were all wife number “n” in an ongoing series with someone whom they replaced and yet someone else who replaced. No one becomes wife number three or four thinking it’s going to last forever unless like Vincent Astor the guy dies on you. Yeah these old rich dudes are bastards of the first order but I think only wife number one could have thought perhaps it would last longer than it did.

        • judy covey

          chauvinistic not shovenistic!

    • susieq

      She must give some good something to snatch someone as respectable as Mr. Morgan.

      • judy covey

        that’s a disgusting thing to think, much less say!

    • Limon

      So Sonja’s pedigree isn’t “blue blood” but Mack Truck. And here I was thinking Luann was the one with the trailer park pedigree. Why doesn’t one of them write “The White Trash Girl’s Guide to Gold Digging”. They obviously have the expertise!

    • sweet Judy

      Where is her little girl? ON housewifes of New York…all we see is her dog?

      • Lorna

        Supposedly her ex has tried to get the Patric McMullin photo pulled from circulation (the one with the sofa above). You’ll note it’s nowhere to be found on NYSocialDiary. If that’s true you can bet he’s making sure that there’s no exposure in the media. They used to say that a true lady had her name in the paper three times: birth, marriage and death. Perhaps he has custody? I would assume there was a pretty restrictive ante nuptial agreement in place. When you consider he was married a few times before Im surprised she got anything. On that note, wasn’t LuAnn like wife number four or five? Does that make them all a Countess? I hear the new Countess is an African Princess by birth.

    • Elaine

      What on earth is WRONG with having a “Mack truck” (as opposed to “blue blood”) pedigree??? Is the implication that one is “better” than the other? Sonja (despite her “lowly” birth, obviously is quite socially adept) charmed this richer and older man. For women, money is an aphrodisiac; has been since the beginning of recorded history. You think Trump would be marrying a model if he were an accountant in Cleveland? Men use their money as much as young women use their beauty.

      Further, this is America, remember?? Those types of social hierarchy distinctions were rejected with the founding of this country, or so I thought. Apparently many people cling to the social hierarchy of yesteryear. This makes one wonder what status they would place themselves?

      Luckily, Mack truck category is a very large place.

      • Mrs Dudley

        You’re absolutely right, and that’s why the hot program “Roseanne” was such a success. And in this case I think you’re right that the whole Morgan thing is past it’s sell date. We’re not in the 19th century and America loves NASCAR not debutante cotillions. Bravo should find some less pretentious people – no more Morgan and Countess BS.

      • Lorillard

        I’m not sure what you’re advocating when you say money is an aphrodisiac for women but it sure sounds like prostitution and that’s not a very nice thing to accuse any lady of! If I had a mind like yours U’d be ashamed!

      • Cayla Mella

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    • Linda Daye

      Of all the RHNY Sonja would be the first I’d drop if one had to go. Her looks are very average but she seems to be a legend in her own mind. I’m guessing all the sex material she is fond of gushing about is a way to make her seem more interesting. She comes off as desperately trying to make an impression but somehow fails… The incident involving gay marraige rights made her look like a self centered fool. Why they wanted her to be a spokesperson baffled me. People like her hurt causes, they don’t benefit them. Simon would have been much better…Mack truck background or whatever, who cares, but this woman is social climbing wannabe at it’s worst.

      • Jackson

        LindaDaye, I am in complete agreement with you. I feel bad for Sonja; she is an aging cougar, not especially attractive, but pathetically trying to push whatever sexuality she perceives herself to still have–but it comes across trampy. She talks over people all the time, and I think she is quite obnoxious. Yes, folks, it’s so very true–money doesn’t buy class. It just provides the venue for the wannabes to try so desperately to find a place.

    • Faith

      It has been happening since the beginning of money-younger woman snags older gentleman as an investment. There must have been some degree of chemistry involved at one time so who are we to say how short-lived it was. But……….this woman was certainly capable of supporting herself BEFORE she met Mr Morgan so she is certainly more than capable now. Yes, Mr Morgan should provide child support UP TO A CERTAIN EXTENT,and that extent should only be no more than $100 weekly. I am sorry,but I have a feeling that these huge child supports are only outfitting MOM with furs and jewels and designer clothing, trips to Europe, living the high life and has nothing to do with a small child. After all, you tell ME how much a child can eat and how much milk they can drink,and they sure don’t need ten wardrobes of clothing.This child is not outside playing in the dirt making mud pies or stick ball.Divorce happens,but let’s be fair about it. Face the facts that she probably would never have even looked at Mr Morgan if he was just an average man with an average job and an average paycheck. By the way, I am a woman.

      • judy covey

        $100/week? what about living expenses, like home and school? my god you’re cheap.

    • JULIE

      yes, my husband went to school with her in Averill Park and said she was not the classiest thing you’d ever run into… Reports now are how she’s bankrupt! She should be careful, Averill Park (or Poestenkill) may be home to her again someday!!

    • susan

      Sonja Morgan’s maiden name is Tremont. She said so when she was having the lunch with Ramona and Jill at the Four Seasons.

    • Daisy-lou

      AVERILL PARK- Dennis H. Tremont Sr., 67, of Burden Lake Road, died suddenly at his home on Saturday April 24, 2010.

      Born in Albany, Dennis was the son of Dorothy Richards Tremont and the late Kenneth J. Tremont.

      The Tremont family moved to Averill Park in 1949 from Lyons Lake in Nassau. Dennis attended Averill Park Schools

      He had been a member of the National Guard and had done a stint with the Army at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

      Dennis held various jobs over his lifetime. In his early years he worked on the family farm where he raised a prize co Pilar that sold for several thousand dollars. He had worked on a farm in Malone for a time and would show his cattle at the Schaghticoke Fair in his 4-H days.

      Dennis worked for his father at Tremont Lumber on Orient Avenue and continued to lend his expertise to his son when Dennis Jr. moved the business to Route 43. He drove a tractor-trailer for C.D. Perry & Sons Inc. in South Troy and worked for Bohl Cooley driving the water truck during the South Mall construction days. For a time, Dennis ran his own general contracting business and tool rental. Most recently Dennis had worked for OGS in Albany and retired last year.

      In recent years he traveled with his longtime companion Karen Bray. He especially enjoyed their trips to Florida and was well loved by her family.

      Dennis will be joining Karen’s granddaughter Elissa, whom he was fond of, in heaven.

      Dennis enjoyed NASCAR and hearing how his nephew Ken Tremont Jr. finished at the races.

      He was a history buff and enjoyed reading about the Civil War.

      Just recently he enjoyed being an extra, driving ‘Grams’ car in the movie “Salt,” which was filmed in downtown Albany.

      Dennis was a member of the Nassau Sportsman’s Club, the Sand Lake Historical Society, the Emerald Club in Troy and was an active member of the Lakeview Board of Directors and a communicant of St. Henry’s Church.

      Most who knew ‘Big D’ loved him as he was quite a character.

      Survivors in addition to his mother include his children Dennis H. Tremont of Averill Park and Sonja Tremont Morgan of New York City; his brother Kenneth E. (the late Anne) Tremont Sr.; his sister Jacqueline (Brian) Tremont Bradley, both of Averill Park; his grandchildren Jaqualyn and Denaya Tremont and Quincy Adams Morgan.

      Here’s the obit for Sonja’s dad Dennis from last year. He sounds like a regular nice guy and someone anyone would be glad to have as a friend. His clubs werent the Knickerbocker and Seawanhaka but he sounds like a good soul. She should be proud of her background.

      Dennis H Tremont

      Funeral services will be Thursday at 10 a.m. at St. Henry’s Church on County Route 45 in Averill Park, where a Mass of Christian Burial will be offered.

      Relatives and Friends are invited and may also call at the Perry-Komdat Funeral Chapel, 2691 NY 43 at Glass Lake-Averill Park, on Wednesday from 4-8 p.m. Interment will be in St. Henry’s Cemetery.

      The family suggests donations in memory of Dennis be made to the Tremont Lumber Award for a graduating High School Senior, c/o Averill Park High School, 146 Gettle Road, Averill Park, NY 12018.

    • Juan

      Regardless, to be related to John Adams, one of our nation’s founding fathers, is a treasure in itself and she should be very proud. Morgan existed because of John Adams and the founding fathers who made the foundation for Morgan and others to become wealthy in this country.

    • Janis Herger

      who is SANDRA? Does anyone proofread anymore?

    • Cami Lampert

      Talk about phoney pedigree’s….how about Carol DeFalco from Brooklyn who became a “PRINCESS” through her marriage to Anthony Radziwell, Jackie O’s sister’s son? So you marry a man who is dying of cancer and you inherit
      a title?

    • bahama

      Sonja Morgan is a disgrace and a terrible role model for her young daughter! She obviously married the old Morgan for his money. He is no dummy….. he knows how to keep her from HIS money!!!!

      • mountainflower

        Mr Morgan needs to remove his daughter from the tawdry, booze soaked life Sonja has carved out for herself. She should have stuck to waitressing in Albany N.Y.

    • judy covey

      i like sonja very much and it’s horrendous that her louse of an ex doesn’t provide for his own daughter. it’s amazing that they’ve been divorced since 2008 and separated since 2006 and she still doesn’t have a settlement. she obviously still loves him, by the way she was so giddy and excited to see him and try to mend things. i feel sorry for her.

    • Julia

      John Adams Morgan afforded Sonja a very rich lifestyle for over a decade. He is paying for his child. Why should he continue to support Sonja. She needs to focus on what she has instead of what she can get and make the best of it by downsizing and working harder. It is not John’s fault the movie deal went bust. He could easily take custody of Quincy and provide a better life and role model. Sonja would not have a leg to stand on then. Imagine how much her behaviour on the show has shamed him and their daughter plus antagonised the situation whilst he has kept a low profile and some dignity. Then Sonja is outraged he did not want a face to face with her! All the ‘heartache’ we see is not about Sonja missing John it is about missing his income and the ability to manipulate him.

      Sonja needs bringing down a peg or two. The way she treated Cindy and Heather proves how narcissistic and entitled she is which is most likely why he divorced the gold digging parasite. I think he deserves compensation for being married to someone so vain, shallow, arrogant, ignorant, demanding and greedy.

      • mountainflower


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    • amanda

      I don’t care how rich the guy is he needs to pay his child support, he is a scum if he doesn’t. Its not going to break his bank. jerk

    • sad

      i find the entire situation very sad. it is wrong to judge someone unless you have been in their shoes. As the father to their daughter and 10+ years of history, i think it is shameful that someone could watch someone else stuggle the way Sonja is and not help.

    • mountainflower

      A woman can only depend on and ride the wave of her looks for so long. Ever wonder why Mr Morgan dumped her in the first place?
      He is 33 years older so I think she was possibly fooling around on him. Some people don’t know a good thing when it stares them in their botoxed face.

    • saw

      Sonja is just one more example of why our country is quickly swirling down the great toilet of history. She’s a self indulgent, manipulative, self centered, materialistic, narcissistic, ugly menopausal woman trying hard to hang onto the past by throwing her wrinkly old ass at younger men.

      • Margie Gunderson

        Lol! Menopausal women are behind our country’s decline? Funny that menopause happens everywhere on the planet.

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