Are 16 & Pregnant’s Lizzie Waller and Skylar Sickles still engaged?

Skylar Sickles Lizzie Waller and daughter Summer

Lizzie Waller’s teaser for her 16 & Pregnant episode airing tonight at 10 p.m. EST on MTV involves drama and betrayal with her boyfriend/ baby’s daddy Skylar Sickles.

After learning Lizzie was pregnant Skylar initially pledged his devotion to her, but cheated on her with another girl, leaving her with the sting of betrayal. Here’s a gripping moment as Lizzie discusses her Skylar situation with a concerned friend:

We’re not sure how this plays out in the episode, but Skylar must have somehow won back Lizzie’s trust because according to her formspring account they are currently engaged and taking care of their daughter, Summer Jayde Sickles, together.

  • Gia

    I chuckled when during the “16 and Pregnant” episode when Lizzie mentioned how “EXPENSIVE” formula is. She is not working and her bf is probably making $5.00 an hour at a thrift store; therefore, I can bet my last dollar that she is collecting WIC, food stamps, and Medicaid. Since she and Skylar are not married, she is considered an unwed, single mom who is most definitely collecting these benefits. She even had a yellow Enfamil formula can which is the main brand of formula from WIC. Don’t be ashamed, Lizzie. It is what it is!!!

  • ashley

    I love this one at least she care about her baby..To drop her classes to be home her her child and find a job.these other moms just dont fell like going and crap or just go out with there friends and leave the baby with someone.yes formula is not cheap but as of now i have WIC till my husband goes back to work.but she 9 months and i have a lil boy on the way july 4th so its really hard with one and now 2 will be harder. but yet im 20 and married and out on my own so its harder but anyone can do it if they want…

  • kaylaaah

    she was stupid to quite school

    • Muze226

      @Kaylaaah, that’s kind of Ironic don’t you think? You calling her “stupid” & you can’t even spell a simple word like “QUIT” properly? Just saying….

  • nlee1

    This is not to dupe on the young people on 16 and Pregnant. This is only to say tht I am glad this show is on TV. I “make” my granddaughter watch it. There is nothing like seeing what this work out to be first hand to know that it is wrong to have unprotected sex…..Most of these young girls Mothers are relatively young and do not deserve this curve ball of raising there “daughters” child. For these girls to get pregnant and give the child up for adoption I applaud you for that, there are so many couples that lives have been made whole by the adoption of a child. It is you, the 16 and Pregnant girl, that I want to address. What about your life? When you have a child so young, you life is basically at a stand still. It is the rare young lady that recover from this… When you are 16 you are still a child. Within 9 mouths after you are in an adult world….and not mature enough to deal with it….plus having an immature baby daddy to deal with.

  • Muze226 u r right kayleeh needs to mind her bezz because she dosen’t know Lizze!……………

  • thx for standing up for someone you don’t know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jalissa

    At least she cares about her baby. She’s NEVER gone out W/O her. Way 2 go Lizzie!!!!!

  • Peyton

    Summer is so pretty