Gretchen Rossi: The Desperate Single Housewife Of Orange County

It seemed laughable when Tamra Barney called out Gretchen Rossi for a lack of moral character during Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show last month, but the more I learn about Gretchen, the more Tamra is starting to resemble a nun (a nun with blonde hair, breast implants, an over-inflated sense of entitlement and complete lack of spiritual depth – the kind of nun that would star alongside Steven Seagal in the action/adventure movie Praying for Keeps. But, a nun nonetheless…)

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley

The latest on Grossi is that she is swapping spittle (and probably more) with OC veteran Slade Smiley. Slade, whose name sounds like a used car salesman from a Coen Brothers movie, seems to be Orange County’s hot brotato – an ex-fiance of former OC “housewife” Jo De La Rosa and also a former boyfriend of cast member Lauri Waring. (He had a short-lived reality show with La Rosa called “Date My Ex: Jo & Slade,” which was exactly what it sounds like, and lasted exactly as long as it should have) Most everyone assumes the “hook-up” is just a stunt to increase the likelihood the two will be invited back to the show next season. (More icky photos here)

What makes Gretchen’s reprehensibility stand out among the other current cast members (I just started watching the show last season) isn’t that she seems a bit sl**ty, or that she had a terminally ill sugar-granddaddy that she wasn’t much comfort to; it’s her weaselly dishonest desperation.

I know a lot of what we’re shown of these women’s lives is polished over and artificial (like much of their bodies) but it seems “real” enough to warrant being called a reality show. Between all the charity events and manufactured drama there are accurate glimpses into life on the “other side of the tracks,” most of which are unflattering to the women and the families involved. Gretchen not only doesn’t have a family, but everything she is and does on the show is because she desperately wants to be on the show! And unless they start filming her when she doesn’t know she’s being filmed, she might as well be on The Hills or the new Melrose Place! So, as an officially uncloseted fan of TRHOOC, let me be the first to cast my vote to not bring Gretchen Rossi or Slade Smiley back next season!

(Ha ha! I’m talking all serious about the Housewives of OC! Where’s the snark? Where’s the goofy drawing?!?)

Even if this latest act of sleazy and desperate fakery doesn’t merit her return to the show, Gretchen Sleepswithanymanshecomesacrossi may have other options to choose from. During last season’s episode in which she was at a party and received a Harley Davidson motorcycle from her hospitalized fiance, Gretchen was able to show off her mad chopper skills (the ability to sit on it without falling off), and that combined with her sack-hopping proficiency have spawned rumors that Gretchen will play the lead in this remake of the 1969 Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda classic:

Gretchen Rossi to star in the sequel to Easy Rider
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  • C

    My middle child got me hooked on that show and I must say I didn’t see that coming! Gretchen always seemed like a caring and giving person. She adored his kids too! Wow, when you think you know somebody….

  • Toooonist

    So glad to see that the WACKY OBSESSIVE Gretchen fans have not attacked this yet with their vicious attacks on your forum. Any forum -blog-article about Gretchen in her true light. Is filled with Gretchen fans/ That Stalk anyone who dare speak the truth about Gretchen. Their favorite thing to do is attack Tamra-Vicki while ignoring the issue of Gretchen’s Wh**e ways. And then they will say who cares who she has or is poking (lol). I like Vicki-Tamra-Jeanna and even the new laid back Lynn because they have let us see their REAL Life’s in a way, like Vicki’s obsessive work ethics, Tamra’s dad issues, Jeanna and her husband issues and Lynn with her daughters and their drinking- and so on. But Gretchen was Fake about all. I hate liars. But respect faulty humans. And PS love the cartoon.


  • Toooonist

    Rumors?? Ha ha ha, The truth was and is in front of me. I am not Blind. Gretchen is your typical D-ck trap and Slade is a typical Mitch= (Male B-tch) and then they both are Media Wh-re’s. So they make the perfect Fu-ked up reality couple. And it looks as though we have a OBSESSIVE Gretchen fan among us. What are the Rumors ? Did you vote all day to change the poll?? ROFLMAO it is so obvious .

  • I just started watching and I was surprised to see that side of Gretchen. I really thought she loved that old man. Are men that gullible?


    I have written many times since the OC wives began, but, they never post it. When Slade was on that dating show with Jo (before this season of the OC wives began), he wrote in one of his blogs that he was dating a Gretchen Rossi, said how “hot” she was and that we’d see “a lot more of her”. I assumed he meant on his show with Jo. Well, when the OC wives came on, I went to his blog and asked about his relationship with her and how did she end up on the OC wives with a fiancee? The next day, his blog was erased!!! He must have been dating Gretchen before or while she was engaged to Jeff. The media is now making it look like she just started dating Slade after Jeff died? That seems to be another ghost in her closet? I am glad that Tamra, Jeana, etc., finally “outed” Gretchen’s long bed of lies.. Many of us felt it from episode one, but, no one would answer our questions and it seemed to be swept under the rug to make her look good/like the victim on the OC wives show. Only the “poor Gretchen” comments get posted and we got tired of it and it made us annoyed that the show was becoming too staged/scripted. Check it out and let us know what you find? There seems to be a lot more lies that Gretchen had in her closet/bedroom. Seems like Tamra, Vicki, and Jeana were made to look bad for not accepting her. Anyone who writes stuff about Gretchen never seems to get posted. Glad to see that people like you are finding out the truth..

  • Pizza Girl

    VOTE FOR ME!!!

    I am a real person with a real life who has met many of these cast-members and would love to replace Gretchen. LOLOLOL My goal is 100 votes.

    MySpace Link with pictures of me and my daughter posing with cast-members:

    LOVE your blog and drawing by the way. I knew Tamra and Vicki were right about Gretchen all along.

  • Honestly, where do they find these people? Send that tramp back to the brothel she came from. And Slade, what kind of name is that? If my parents named me that I’d be a drug addict or serial killer right now.

  • To Pizza Girl

    The Famous Pizza Girl (Omg), I have heard of you on Housewife sites but never knew you really existed. I went and voted for you, but It says I am to late.? But hey fill us in on the drama you and Jay had on his site. And I know you were attacked by the Wacky Dick Trap Fans. PLEASE share with us all you know. I know you must know a lot since I saw your friends . OOOOH PLEASE. Give us some juicy tidbits.

  • A All Season Fan

    Please tell me how anyone believed anything Gretchen said while she was on the show? Even now when the shows over she is manipulating so many. The way people react about Her reminds me of how some reacted towards OJ Simpson. OOh He was innocent, was set up yaddda yaddda. And then poof you don’t hear that crapola no more??? It just amazes me when some people REFUSE to see or except a negative Truth about someone. Sometimes in life everyone has to except the Fact a PERSON is not who they thought they were. SAD BUT TRUE. And why did that person write to Jennifer Dugan, WHO IS SHE? And that whole scenario would not surprise me 1 bit.

  • diana

    Gretchen is a nasty, nasty wh**e she f*cked an old man out of his money and all her stupid blind fans defend her she is a low life goldigger and her Karma is coming to her. There is rumors that she was having sex with several men while with Jeff wich I believe

    check out this site it has gossip on her

  • Holly

    Do all of you OBSESSED Gretchen fans go to a class on how to respond to a comment about Gretchen?–> First thing you do is glide over what ever it is being said about Gretchen..—–> Then attack Tamra by calling Her trash and of course you always have to say She is JEALOUS. —> Attack Vicki also by calling her a pig or just pick a random animal name.—> Then of course you have to say that Tamra and Vicki are the reason people are saying Gretchen is a Liar. Because they are involved in a smear campaign against Gretchen. ——> Respond by saying the article is a rumor.———-Say the picture is a fake. So on and so on. Can you see it??? LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

  • rachel

    What kinda never made sense is why Tamra cared so much who Gretchen dated…..who really cares? If she was a gold digger wouldn’t she have married him in the hospital? Just doesn’t add up.

    It was pretty obvious Tamra was jealous of Gretchen on the first show and she didn’t even know anything about her.

    I don’t particularly care for either woman but Tamra was pretty evil and psycho, at least Gretchen was kind.

    People are slamming Tamra big time on the internet. I saw a “tamra barney foreclosure pool” thread, ouch!

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to be on a reality show and have their personal lives dragged out for everyone to see.

    They are all screwed up in the head.

  • Kirsty5

    Jeff had Gretchen and Jay followed by a P.I. who took pictures of them dates. The folder was found on his hospital bed . . .

  • mallory

    You do not know Gretchen. You do not know how she cared for Jeff, his family has stated time and time again how wonderfully she took care of him.

    Notice how nurturing she was towards Lynne when she was crying? She is a naturally warm person. Notice how incredibly stone cold vicki and tamra were? They don’t care who they hurt, they are heartless and cold.

    Tamra neglects her children all the time, tells her 2 year old to shut up. It is obvious she is not connected to her kids at all, it’s sad.

    I will never forget the 1st episode when Tamra said her first paycheck (and only) went to HERSELF. Not her children…….no half decent mother would ever do that!

    And they are flat broke and she knew that back then but do you think she would have put money into college funds for them? Of course not, it’s all about TAMRA.

    She is a selfish, horrible mother who is psychotic. I truly feel bad for those kids having such a low life for a mother.

  • From Reality Tea

    Was Posted Today-March 26th – In the never ending drama of the OC housewives, Jeff’s ex wife and mother of his three children Sharon spoke out recently and cleared the air on the whole Gretchen issue. She posted this as a comment on our other blog. We were able to verify with 100% certainty that the comment was indeed written by Sharon. What she had to say is very interesting.

    “My kids do NOT and NEVER have adored Gretchen….they know exactly what she’s about and what she’s up to and has been up to all along and their Dad knew it too. My daughter, Jill making any statement re. Gretchen explained that she simply doesn’t want anymore negative comments written about her Dad which is embarrassing and hurtful to her and her brother and sister. Jill appearing to defend Gretchen (slightly) is done only to quiet any negative statements made about her Dad period. Our three kids, Jennifer, Jill and Jake (Lizzy is not Jeff’s daughter, nor mine…she’s a long-time friend of our daughter Jill) are not fans of Rossi at all and how they describe her in real terms, isn’t nice and hasn’t been nice historically. The fact is, Jeff was never going to marry her and she knows it but likes to play it like they were so much in love (gee…wonder why???). I’ve known Jeff for 25 years and I did visit him in August while he was in the hospital at which time we talked a lot. What I know is totally different than what Gretchen portrays which means, I know the truth and she knows that I know the truth. Sometimes I feel pity for her which is about the most I can feel given all of her lies over the course of time. I really feel sorry for her family, especially her Mom.

    My kids are so far above Gretchen in integrity, self-respect and character that it’s really embarrassing that they were ever exposed to her to begin with. Jeff said he was lonely and knew that he appeared desperate to a lot of people, probably both and not unlike a lot of people that are in their mid-life. Gretchen badgered him into being part of this show to begin with and Tamra exposing Gretchen for the fraud she is was gutsy even knowing that she’d experience some backlash from it. Gretchen screwing around on Chris with Jeff and on Jeff with Jay and Jay with Slade naturally would have it’s downside and if Gretchen believed that all of this would remain secret means that she is about as intelligent as a box of rocks. So….Jay exposed her…she’s earned all the disrespect she’s been given and gives to others and if she believes she deserves an iota of respect at all, well….I’m back to the box of rocks intellect again.



    Let us look at the time line – 2004 Gretchen Forward married Chris Rossi (Class of 91 Adelphia University). Allegedly, shortly after the marriage she had an affair with a neighbor, which Chris found out but forgave her. 2005 she met Jeff when he purchased a home in Newport Beach. He sold the home a few years later. Gretchen divorced Chris in 2007. Jeff was diagnosed in December 2007 and according to Gretchen’s own words that is when Jeff asked her to marry him. (The ink was barley dry on the divorce papers) Jeff and Gretchen also appeared on Hgtv in 2007 in get out way out a yard with a view. Jay Photoglou has stated that he and Gretchen started dating in January 2008. (1 month after Jeff asked her to marry him) Oh and by the way, Jay is a big boater and Gretchen did admit that he was at Bass Lake. Was that his boat that Gretchen was partying on while Jeff was in the hospital?

    Throughout the show, Gretchen pledges her love for Jeff and how devoted she is, yet her actions prove other wise. Gretchen told Jeanna that Jeff’s son told his mother that his father spends too much time alone. So his ex wife came to the hospital and once again Gretchen pulls the poor me. Jeff’s sister (Judy Fike) stated she nor her mother never even met Gretchen and she was surprised to find out during the funeral that they had been together for four years. (check out time line) She also stated that Jeff would never have married her. Jeff’s daughter Jill also stated that she was sure her father would never have married her. The obituary stated Gretchen was his companion not his fiance.

    Gretchen acts as if she is a victim when in reality all the viewers that she defrauded are the real victim’s. I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around 2x over and Gretchen’s day is coming.

    One last thing check out this website: Home was purchased in 2005 for $868,000 now on hte market for $805,900. Conditions: short Sale/Subject to Lender Approval. A short sale is typically executed to prevent a home foreclosure

  • Starcasm

    Whoah! That’s a LOT of Gretchen 411! Thanks for commenting everybody. We’re trying to update the design of the blog to allow for replies to specific comments and to look a little cleaner, especially for posts like this one when people are VERY opinionated and seem to have all kinds of first hand information!

    On another note, I can’t believe the poll results are as close as they are – I figured it would be a landslide either way. It’s not supposed to allow multiple votes, but I don’t know how smart it is. So if you’re reading all this and have an opinion, be sure to vote! And if you think for one moment that your starcasm poll vote on whether or not to keep Gretchen for the 5th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County isn’t important, all I have are three words: “Yes we can!”

  • lynn

    Umm if you look at public records Gretchen does not live in Condo B. Condo B is the condo up for sale, so it is Gretchen’s neighbor who is selling her home, not Gretchen.

    Nice try tamra.

    Oh and Sharon is one of Jeff’s 5 ex-wives. She is also trying to sell her story to the national enquirer (classy magazine!).

    It’s really sick that she is trying to make a buck off of Jeff’s death. She is not a valid source at all.

    Jeff’s kids have publicy said nothing but positive things about her. I guess that drives Tamra crazy even more.

  • lynn

    Have you guys seen the latest pics of Tamra’s creepy son? Yes, this is what a man turns out to be like when raised by Tamra Barney… unemployed, uneducated loser who shows the world his tiny privates all over the internet.

    They are the trashiest family ever.

  • To lynn

    This ARTICLE Here is about TRASHY Gretchen. And take your accusations and shove them up Gretchen’s A$$. Since you seem to be up in there. Did you go to your class today??—>

    Do all of you OBSESSED Gretchen fans go to a class on how to respond to a comment about Gretchen?–> First thing you do is glide over what ever it is being said about Gretchen..—–> Then attack Tamra by calling Her trash and of course you always have to say She is JEALOUS. —> Attack Vicki also by calling her a pig or just pick a random animal name.—> Then of course you have to say that Tamra and Vicki are the reason people are saying Gretchen is a Liar. Because they are involved in a smear campaign against Gretchen. ——> Respond by saying the article is a rumor.———-Say the picture is a fake. Accuse anyone NOT a Gretchen Fan as being a Friend or Relative of anyone other then Gretchen. So on and So on—LMAO LMAO!!! Look at it Honey and Face it. and you should FACE IT——Gretchen is a Fraud!!!

  • kate

    Eeeeeeuw! That pic of Tamra’s son proves what a skank white trash family they really are.

    They are the ugliest, sleaziest people. No one wants to see these nasty, ugly people on tv.

    Great job raising a loser just like you Tamra!

  • ballen

    This Sharon woman is one of 5 ex-wives. She is also the one who is trying to sell her story to the National Enquirer (just like Jay did, they must be buddies).

    So you have a woman who is disgracing her family by trying to make money off of Jeff’s death. That is sick, what a low life.

    The fact that she would even talk to the National Enquirer speaks volumes about her reliability and truthfullness.

    This post was so clearly written by Tamra too. Speaking of which….have you seen this pic of her son? Like mother, like son.

  • Jay passed the Lie Detector Test!!

    Was postponed by GRETCHEN’S Attorneys until May 8th??Go to Radar and click on test results and it is CLEAR He passed.

    WAS POSTED ON RADAR ONLINE, LOOK THERE AND ON BOTTOM LEFT OF ARTICLE AND IT TAKES YOU TO THE LIE DETECTOR TEST RESULTS—THAT HE PASSED—-))) Gretchen Rossi’s “ex-boyfriend” headed to court Friday armed with a polygraph test in a hearing related to a restraining order she obtained against him.

    Jay Photoglou says he was Rossi’s boyfriend, a claim the Real Housewives of Orange County star denies. She obtained the order against him March 6, but has learned exclusively that Jay says he took and passed two polygraphs related to Rossi’s claims.

    Rossi said Photoglou threatened her life and the life of her boyfriend, ex-OC Housewife hunk Slade Smiley. Photoglou denies all charges. has learned that Photoglou says he took two polygraph examinations on March 21 and passed both. Questions with answers included:

    Did you threatened to harm Gretchen Rossi? No

    Did you threatened to strangle Gretchen Rossi? No

    Did you threatened to dispose of Slade Smiley? No

    Did threatened to hang yourself in Gretchen Rossi’s bedroom? No

    Did you threaten to kill Gretchen Rossi’s dogs? No

    Between midnight on 2/17/09 and 2/18/09, did you intentionally dial Gretchen Rossi’s telephone number? Yes

    During this call did you make any threats to harm Gretchen Rossi? No

    Did you make this phone call with the intention to play a song that had sentimental value to you? Yes

    During this phone call did you speak to Gretchen Rossi? No

    Photoglou’s lawyer wanted to introduce the results in court but the hearing was continued until May 8. Someone should film a reality TV show with all this drama. Oh wait, they already did!

    Check out the official results here!

  • To you LYNN &Your AKA’s

    OMG……How old are you LYNN? It is so obvious it is you posting repeatedly, Under different names. Your childish responses are very telling. Instead of responding in a intelligent manner Gretchen fans respond by attacking Tamra or Her Family. I didn’t have to read anything to decide my opinion of Gretchen. I watched the show and Her behavior was appalling. It was very obvious she was not who she wanted viewers to see Her to be. I also think it is horrendous the way Tamra and Her Family are being attacked by some mentally unstable fans. Because she spoke up about Gretchen’s manipulation and Lies. Gretchen was caught like a deer in Head lights on the Reunion show. And She is continuing to put Her foot in Her mouth. As time goes on more and more of Gretchen’s Lies are coming to the Light.

  • Family Friend

    Careful who you provoke Ballen Gretchen. What has been revealed by the family is the mere tip of the iceberg. Much more dirt lies beneath the surface. Not all of Jeff’s children have been gagged by BRAVO contracts.

  • op

    I don’t know any of these women but as a mother and a wife I am disgusted at Vicki and Tamra’s behavior on the show.

    Vicki hit on her girlfriends husband, “my boobs want to come out and play” disgusting, disgusting! She is a wh**e and completely disrespectful to Don, Lynn, her kids. She drinks all the time and flirts with anything that moves. No family values or morals there.

    Tamra gets drunk in front of her kids all the time, sicks her date raping creepy son on a woman obviously in distress (let’s see how sober she would be if Simon were dying, what a b*tch!), tells her daugther to shut up, never spends time with her kids, treats the other housewives like crap too.

    And just who takes their kids on a “booze cruise” and does beer bongs in front of their children????? Someone needs to call social services because she is the crappiest mother on the planet!

    So I ask you, WHERE exactly do you see any morals in Vicki or Tamra, they are disgusting and low class.

    Tamra is even worse for putting her small children in a reality show……that is the low of the low. Who does that?

    Gretchen treats her dogs better than Vicki and Tamra treat their families and Gretchen has NEVER been disrespectful to one person on that show, never. She has class.

    So it’s actually the viewers who are sick of slime that are fed up with vicki and tamra.

  • gross barneys

    That pic of her son is not surprising.

    Ah yes Tamra has taught her son well….he is uneducated, unemployed and going nowhere fast.

    I bet she is teaching her girls how to pole dance, what a great mom.

  • Boogie

    Jeff signed on the dotted line while he still was coherent. It was in extreme bad taste and Bravo needs to be called out on that. Jeff may he rest in peace is no longer with us. Who cares what Gretchen does or does not do now really? How many Gretchens are there in this world? plenty. Bravo as sick as it might be is an entertainment channel. Gretchen only fooled those that wanted to be fooled. I wish Jeff’s children the best in this world. Gretchen’s family as well. Gretchen is doing Gretchen. If my memory serves correctly, even negative publicity can be spun and Gretchen’s face will be more prevalent than ever. If people wanted to expose her as toxic. Sadly America likes it that way. Playboy is in her near future and another reality show. She has done what she set out to do in spite of people calling her out. There are soooo many Gretchens in this world. the only difference is Jeff knew and I mean knew what and who and where she was/is. He is dead now so if she lied or did not lie it does not matter. It was a tv show a scandalous one at that. with a bunch of ethically challenged women. She is not the only one with horns. She was just the hawt looking one. Thanks for the laughs. Jeff knew. As if Sharon was going to jump on the Gretchen wagon ever.lmao. Step off her nuts already and let her vanish into oblivion. Oops I forgot you are all giving her so much publicity that she will now be seen more than ever. Truth shall make her money. I will be watching amused as ever. she can light up a room.lmao.
    May he Rest in Peace – BUT!!!! Jeff is not a victim – he was only thinking about himself and Gretchen not his children when he signed up to be in front of America. He put his kids in a horrible position. No one put a gun to his head to be on TV, buy diamonds, and a motorcycle or anything else he GAVE WILLINGLY AND WANTED TO for Gretchen. The man was married five times, all he wanted in his dying days was arm candy and he got it. I will not feel sorry for Tamra and her BIG mouth for trying to play God and call Gretchen out. She has no room to judge anybody – look at her “man wh**e” son as she calls him. Who cares about Jay the sleaze – he’s just mad because he didn’t get his 15 min. it’s called a remote, if the season “sickens” you turn the channel. Or better yet get a hold of Bravo and complain. Spin spin let the tale spin.lmao. I get my entertainment from these sites.hehehe.

  • To Lynn &The Whacked Gretchen fanatics

    Again—-You ignored my post, Just like you ignore the Real Truth about Gretchen? Don’t you see how ignorant your posts are? INSTEAD of responding intelligently you again Attack Tamra and Her Family. It just proves my point on the mentality of You OBSESSED Gretchen Fans. You have Gretchen==Obsessive==Disorder=GOD. You truly need therapy for it. You are attacking Tamra because she supposedly ruined your perception of Gretchen your{ GOD!

  • Not Naive

    I have to laugh at the people who support Gretchen. They defend her because they think she’s “cute” and they fell for her fake acting. She’s a real sly fox.. Watch how passive aggressive she is when she talks to the women.. like when she bluffed at the Blackjack table and acted so dumb/innocent when she won.. or when she acted so stupid when Vicki was telling her to get something in writing as to Jeff’s will.. Gretchen acted all naive and said she could “never” do that.. She’s not dumb. She knew that Jeff was never going to marry her. He told his kids that long before. But, the next episode, she was out in full force getting him to buy her or a partnership in a GYM!! So, she knew what she was doing.. She didn’t get much in the will, but, she got the “stuff”… the $65,000 ring, the bling, the “Peeeeenk” motorcycle, the Gym, the clothes, and whatever else he was paying for when she wasn’t working.. Notice she never worked the whole season even though she bragged about being a realtor? Then, why did Jeana sell the house to her and Jeff in the first episode? Pretty obvious that he was bankrolling her the whole time. even though she acted like SHE was paying the bills?? yes, right.. She was probably getting the money from him, then writing the checks out of her acct. to make it look so innocent. The girl’s a real pro. She was able to act so sweet, with that annoying voice and that “Golly Goll Gosh” crap she kept saying to look like some Daisy Duke cute/innocent hick while she was shoving her $65,000 ring (that she gets in the MAIL???…Who gets their giant diamond in the MAIL???..Geez!!)..and flaunts it in Jeff’s kids’ faces when they are there because their father is dying and they were flown in to care for him while she parties?? And, one of the kids she had at her home wasn’t even Jeff’s daughter!! It was a friend of his daughters and Gretchen had her on film saying nice things to make it look like they all loved/supported her. I felt sorry for those kids..being dragged into this and her convincing them all to do the show for her media attention. They have to live with media circus now and go to school and hear the gossip and lies she told to all of the world. They didn’t ask for it. Then, she opens her revolving door and has Jay living with her, then, Slade, etc., before the body was even cold?

  • I am So Happy

    Gretchen was( NOT) Invited back for the next season of OC. I am Thrilled. Gretchen and Her new Hole Puncher/ Manager/Slade. Will be on their very own show-Ha Ha Ha Bravo can call it The D*ck Trap and Mitch= (Male B*itch) Show!! So all of you Obsessed Gretchen cult members can Watch Her there. And I have a question for Tanner2, Why do you have to go online to look at Penises?? And a comment to you NotNaive—-EXACTLY—You said it all perfectly.

  • Jen

    Jeff is dead. He was the one that should have had her followed and he should have hired a P.I. It is a show people. I could give two flying faacks who she was boinging why or how. Jeff knew and did not care, why am I going to be up in arms. Those without sin please cast tat first stone. sharon is an ex wife and she needs to get off Gretchens nuts. Jeff and her were never married so why is everyone in her vajajay? It is an entertainment show. This season was a little morose with Jeff’s illness and all. But he signed on the dotted line. This man people make out to be naive or something was married five times, so I think he knew what he was buying and he bought it anyways. I do not support anyone. I support the right to my entertainment and Gretchen was definitely that. I am done with the OC wives by choice now. What is left behind is not enticing to me. I cannot wait for the Atlanta and Jersey wives to hurry up and come on. I dont know Gretchen and could give two faacks what she does with her life. I wish her nothing. I will watch her show and I will buy the playboy issue for sure. At least she is not selling her story to the reliable Enquirer. Jen and that Rock of Love show too. Only upstanding citizens go on that morality BRAVO ENTERTAINMENT. People take this to the face like this woman is a part of their lives. None of them losers have anything on the decent families that do exist in America. It is always fun watching a trainwreck. Lighten up. Jay is mad he is not getting any of that Gretchen gravy coming in. Bad publicity can be spun in her favor. PR anyone. LIve and let live.

  • Jen

    BTW. Tamara is broke. I do not think Gretchen is having any economic issues. Her home if sold is only to purchase a bigger one.lmao. gullibles.

  • laughter tears

    Ooooh Thank You for the wonderful laugh!!!!!!!!! What you did was Prove the point of the comment’s 21 and 30 About the Mentality and Maturity of the Gretchen Fans ROFLMAO–ROFLMAO

  • Starcasm

    NOTE FROM STARCASM – I don’t mind if you want to make multiple comments, but I do ask that you not pretend to be different people saying the same things. (I “unapproved” a few comments from a guilty party) That being said, please continue the OC boxing match!!!

  • rachel

    If Gretchen is getting her own show that will send Tamra over the top for sure, LOL! I think she will pop a blood vessel she will be so jealous.

  • Holly

    REMEMBER THIS SCENE—–>She gets loud and sexual, then winds up flirting heavily with Tamra’s 22-year-old son Ryan. “I’m looking for somebody to clean my palette,” Gretchen says, and Ryan enthusiastically volunteers.

    The two get very touchy-feely. It’s a weird scene, especially for a woman who’s engaged to a man with acute leukemia.

    “Wait, how old are you?” Gretchen asks Ryan (who recently turned 23) as she’s rubbing his neck.

    Tamra is surprised by the whole scene. She discourages her son from getting involved, but it’s too late. “All of a sudden, I turn around, and Ryan and Gretchen were gone!” Tamra says. Apparently, they sneak away to the bathroom. (The news on the street is Ryan cleaned Her Palette)- She sucked him off) OOOOH My LMAO LMAO..She is such a Skank.

  • op

    It is painful to watch the episodes of Tamra taking her kids on a booze cruise and doing beer bongs right in front of her kids, staggering around drunk. Really sad.

    Same thing in the naked wasted episode, the little ones were in the kitchen while tamra was stumbling around drunk being loud and cursing.

    I think Tamra wants to try and put the spotlight on Gretchen so that people will not see what a hideous and neglectful mother she really is.

    I do think it speaks volumes about Tamra the fact that her son is a messed up loser and she is so obsessed with Gretchen rather than see what a mess her own life is.

    I think Tamra doesn’t want to face her own really crappy life (broke, uneducated, cheating husband, not very bright kids) so she obsesses over Gretchen’s life since she is living a very good life.

    The way Tamra pimps her kids out for the sake of reality tv is sick.

  • Holly

    Hey op you really sound like one of those fanatic fans that threatened to kill Vicki. You are making up stuff about Tamra. You really are a whack job. What the hell this is a damm TV show. I don’t care if you hate Tamra and Vicki but making up things and doing and saying things to destroy their lives and Their Family’s is beyond being a fan. But that isn’t enough for you whacked Gretchen fans. Now you are threatening their lives. Don’t you see how Sick that is? There is enough True sh*t about Gretchen that would fill a book. No one needs to make up a thing. And go head and respond with your same old crazy garbage. I wont see it. I had enough of your immature nonsense. The FBI is probably watching your crazy a$$.

  • op

    Um Holly/Tamra,

    What does pointing out atrocious parenting have to do with Vicki? How is being concerned about innocent children who are blatantly exposed to disgusting things wrong?

    People are talking about what they saw on the show (kids being exposed to drunken parents, etc). No one is making that up, it was on the show!

    Any normal person would find that disgusting.

    Last I checked it is a free country and people can point out bad parenting anytime they want and express their opinions.

    You sound like the true psycho.

  • Rose

    I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with Reality Stars. She’s human and maybe she moved on with her life. who cares if she’s dating Slade.
    Get a life people….

  • Cynthia

    I think your all pretty sick on this forum!! Maybe you ladies don’t have a life.. and have nothing better to do than try to dissect Gretchen’s life. NONE OF US have met any of these people… so who are you to be calling anyone a wh**e? Take a good look in your own mirror … I wish her and Slade all the best simply because she deserves it!!

  • To Cynthia

    She put herself in the position to be talked about and judged when she pretended to be this grieving loving fiance, but then played the old politician trick and put blame on Tamra for leaking the real truth. I am a fan of the show and have watched all the seasons, so damm what! You are calling me sick when it is obvious you watched also, and your a$$ is leaving comments here? I call them as I see them. If anyone should be looking in the mirror here its you. And who the hell are you to say what (Gretchen) deserves, do you know her? Maybe next time you wont contradict yourself. LMAO

  • To the person pretending to be Cynthia

    Stop being a psycho and posting lies about Gretchen! You call yourself a fan, either way you are a complete psycho or Tamra (which is one in the same).

    Get a life!

    The show ended a long time ago and everyone has moved on!

    You are pathetic!

  • To the person pretending to be Cynthia

    I meant to address my post to the psycho poster #44 (which is most likely Tamra).

  • Jessica

    OK…I’ve never commented on one of these sites before, but I have read many realitytv blogs and I have to say…I’ve seen the same paragraphs supporting Tamra over and over again…copy and paste obviously. And I’m talking complete overposting, every other comment..ALL DAY LONG. So…apparently we have some overly obsessed fans, or it is possibly Tamra herself? Either way, its a bit scary really. Don’t know these women, but clearly most people don’t care for Tamra or Vicki.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Jessica – You are exactly right. The comments have gotten a bit out of hand thanks to some very passionate opinions about Gretchen and Tamra. (The situation is made even worse if these comments are indeed cut and pasted and spammed out on multiple blogs.) So, unless you are actually Tamra or Gretchen and can somehow prove it, let’s just drop the debate over which one is the bigger “wh**e.” My initial post was addressing whether or not Gretchen belonged on this pseudo-reality show when it appears most of what she did and said on the show was merely a ploy to be and stay on the program. Tamra doesn’t come across as very noble, but at least I can believe she’s often honest about what she’s saying and what she’s revealing about her life, and the same can be said for the other women on the show. Anybody want to talk about that? Or maybe about how Vicki’s daughter’s thinking about joining the military actually might seem like a rationally mature thing for her to do? Or why Lynne has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on her kitchen counters? Mmmmm… good ol’ wholesome Orange County talk!

  • Pat

    I think Gretchen has just as much a right to be on the show as anyone else. Bethanny is single and is on the housewives show.

    I think both women are funny and entertaining so I say keep them on.

  • Lis

    Um, this article is bullsh*t. People can have open relationships and rebounds after the death of a spouse. She was there for Jeff, and she’s been through a lot. “Desperation?” More like cracking at the heart with every lie.

  • Jessica

    Gretchen had the choice whether to stay and care for Jeff or not. She made the completely selfless choice to care for him as he died. Not everyone would ya know. For Tamra to say ANYTHING about that is so completely insensitive and cruel. She doesn’t compare in any way to Gretchen, inside or out. Tamra seems obsessed with Gretchen and dragging her name through the mud, only making herself look more jealous. Doesn’t she have a lot of kids to worry about? And btw, Tamras hair looks like a wig sitting on top of her head. lol

  • andrea

    I totally agree. Tamra hated Gretchen the minute she met her, had nothing to do with anything but pure jealousy.

    I think Tamra keeps trying to make Gretchen look bad so people won’t notice how bad of a mother she really is. Her getting drunk in front of her kids all the time and exposing them to completely inappropriate things, it’s disgusting.

    She is the world’s worst mother for sure. I feel so sorry for those poor kids.

    Gretchen still remains the most popular housewife for a reason, heck the paps follow her everywhere. They don’t follow any of the other ones.

    She seems like a genuinely nice person.

  • Mimi

    Gretchen is not an anything wife, so she really shouldn’t be on the show. I don’t have anything against her – she’s one of those lost women who have fabulous looks and confuse getting laid by rich or famous men with being loved by the right man. I just don’t get where she fits in on the show.

    Tamra is a strange one. I’ve never enjoyed her on the show and now like her a lot less. She is a hypocrite. How dare she call anyone immoral. Who grabs their husband’s crotch in public or intentionally gets a “friend” drunk??

    If I had to choose between the two, I would prefer to watch the foibles of Ms Rossi over those of Mrs. Barney.

  • Lisa

    You are absolutely right Mimi!!! It was difficult to watch Tamra and Vicki be so childishly mean. Gretchen was full of life and fun. It’s obvious shes more popular as she gets ten times the comments on bravotv than the other women.

  • andrea

    I think the show really isn’t about housewives to begin with. What housewife gets drunk in front of their kids all the time like Tamra? She is disgusting.

    I think Gretchen and Bethanny (who are both single) are the most entertaining for sure and have the most glamourous lives so I love watching them.

    I wish they would bring back Kimberly Bryant, I loved watching her too.

  • Donna

    Tamara is writing all of this please stop take care of your house oh……. you may not have one for long stop this sick you and your husband have been fronting . and being a true hater you made bad comment a bout gays
    and then you had to clear thing up did you think that you would lose yor working relationship is that what you called it please do not let her return Gretchen makes good tv every wed site has her on there not you.

  • Lisa

    Bad news. Jeana is leaving the show. Such a bummer. I was hoping Vicki or Tamra would leave. Can’t stand either of them anymore.

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