Amber Portwood reveals Matt Baier hit her in new Marriage Boot Camp ‘Amber Alert’ teaser

Amber Portwood Matt Baier abuse claims

WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition is set to return in March and the network just issued a promotional video for the new season in which they make light of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s anger issues with an “Amber Alert” montage of some of her outbursts viewers will see this season.

During the 23-second video we see Amber screaming at her mother, her ex Matt Baier, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville. In between screaming at people, we see Amber taking out her frustration by furiously swinging a paddle at a punching bag — which looks to have been a group therapy project as the other cast members can be seen in the background holding paddles as well.

During her outburst with Matt, Amber seems to reveal that he was abusive towards her. “You’re a piece of sh#t,” she tells Matt in the final scene shown in the clip.

“Really?” Matt asks.

“Why do you think I’m so angry?” she demands angrily, before screaming the answer: “Because you hit me!!”

There have been rumors of domestic violence in Amber and Matt’s relationship for quite some time — and not just one way. Matt made headlines back in April when photos surfaced of him with a black eye and other facial injuries that he allegedly sent to women along with the claim that Amber was responsible. Matt later stated that the injuries were not from Amber but were caused by “roughhousing amongst my guy friends.”

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham’s ex Simon Saran alleged that Matt was abusive towards Farrah’s co-star in his Twitter spat with Amber after the infamous Teen Mom OG Reunion brawl. “Sad thing is Matt beats Ambers ass behind closed doors,” he tweeted. Amber denied the claims in her response: “Never ever ever has happened lol,” she tweeted, adding of Simon: “he just wants to be famous. God this is disgusting honestly??! What a loser.”

When asked how he knew about the alleged abuse, Simon said “I have a very good insider. I don’t need to lie.” He later wrote: “Be patient. It will all come out.”

The confrontation with Brandi Glanville should come as no surprise either, as Amber not-so-subtly identified Brandi as a major source of frustration for her while in the Boot Camp house when she tweeted about a “blonde jack*ss” and a “drunk bimbo” in the house. She later stated that she regretted agreeing to do the show at all. When someone replied that at least she didn’t have to live with Farrah, Amber shocked her followers by admitting “I wish Farrah was here. lol…I would be much happier.”

Amber Portwood Marriage Boot Camp

Amber Portwood’s anger issues have been well documented on MTV, dating all the way back to her first appearance on 16 and Pregnant. It was her on-screen physical attacks of ex Gar Shirley that led to her first arrest and conviction for domestic violence. (She later opted for jail time after violating her probation from that arrest with a laundry list of alleged violations.) Amber has spoken numerous times about being diagnosed as bipolar and dissociative, and she voluntarily entered a rehab facility in 2011 for help with her anger issues as well as depression.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition is set to premiere on WE tv in March, which means that episodes will feel almost like time capsules for Teen Mom OG fans. Amber and Matt broke up so long ago that he has already married someone else and Amber is close to giving birth to another man’s baby. (Actually, there has been some debate lately about the paternity because of her due date.)

There is no doubt that Amber will bring the drama — and perhaps the ratings — this season. The only question that I have is whether or not the show will bring her any actual help? This promo certainly seems more exploitative and damaging than helpful to Amber in any way. Maybe she will have her big break through when they have a fake funeral for Matt? Mmmmm… I guess we will have to tune in to find out.

UPDATE – Farrah Abraham’s dad, and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality STars Family Edition alum, Michael Abraham responded to the dramatic “Amber Alert” clip on Twitter by writing “Holly [sic] Sh!t Crazy!. Amber’s ex Gary responded to Michael by revealing “I’ve seen worse.

Gary Shirley Michael Abraham tweets about Amber Portwood's angry outbursts

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  • thrill cosby

    Reality TV certainly seems more exploitative and damaging than helpful to anyone in any way.

    • FYO

      Reality tv was never meant to be helpful. People want to watch car crashes and train wrecks, not people holding hands and giving each other compliments.

      • Sharron Garrison

        90 day fiance, love after lockup
        All Trainwrecks

  • tina

    once a beater always a better anger issues amber

  • Alisson Leech

    Andrew must have just wanted to smash and got a baby out of it. This is his first kid so he feels obligated to go all in with Amber. Hopefully he takes the baby and moves back home to his parents.

  • doiknowyou78

    well now she knows what its like to get hit. let’s not forget she beat on Gary.

  • FYO

    Matt hit Amber… And nobody anywhere is surprised…

  • DanaD

    How is this a surprise to anyone? Did everyone forget how she tweeted that “real women” don’t get help or leave when abused. I don’t remember the exact quote but it was close to that.

  • FrontDoorMom

    Amber looks like a raging gorilla in each picture up there. What a frightening sight. If I were a man I’d be afraid to be around that too. I’m not surprised Matt hit her, um someone had to she doesn’t shut up. I don’t condone it but if you’re out there acting like a maniac screaming at the top of your lungs and hitting men um be ready for one of them to hit ya back sweetie. No one should ever put hands on another human being. Just saying.

  • aimsless

    One of these days, Amber is going to appear on an episode of Snapped. Girl is 50 shades of cray.

  • Juliana

    And why is anyone suppose to care? She attracts dirtbags so she shouldn’t be surprised if she gets dirty…

  • cininne

    I don’t condone anyone hitting anyone and I’m also not surprised that Matt hit her. When Amber goes on her rants she doesn’t just pitch a fit she has a tendency to get in the other person’s face with no regard to personal space. She is one of the most abrasive people I’ve ever seen. On the last show she was right back to her old self the way she was arguing with Andrew. The look on his face was precious, you could see he was trying to figure a way out that mess. She never listens to anyone else and then she starts slapping her own hand to try to make a point — always while laying in bed.