90 DAY FIANCE Luis gets cornrows, is currently in New Jersey

90 Day Fiance Luis cornrows

90 Day Fiance star Luis Mendez has been relatively silent on social media since his angry outburst last month threatening to sue TLC for making him look like bad. But, Luis returned to Instagram late Wednesday night to show off his new braided hairstyle — while in New Jersey?!

Luis posted the photo above sporting his new cornrows and captioned it with “I don’t know but I like it.” The photo was geo-tagged in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Fans of the show may recall that Luis has relatives in New Jersey, and they were the ones who came to pick him up in Atlanta when he and Molly had their big blow up over evil owls and whatnot. It is believed that the couple are still split, and Luis being in New Jersey would certainly make sense if they are no longer together.

Meanwhile, Molly seemed to take a subtle jab at Luis with a photo of her youngest daughter Kensely posted Wednesday:

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“My whole heart!!!” Molly captioned the picture, adding the hash tags #mompreneur and #noshamelivirae. Fans will recall that Luis was not a big fan of Kensley, and suggested to Molly on the show that she should go live with her dad.

In addition, earlier today Molly posted something she just received that Luis could not like given his aversion evil non-Christian decor — a fairy house!

Nope – there is no God in that fairy house! EBUL!

Despite reports that Luis and Molly have not reconciled, we do believe they are still filming for TLC. At this point it is not known which 90 Day Fiance show they will be on, though we speculate it will be for the web-only “What Now?” digital series.

For those of you who are finding it difficult to imagine what it will be like having Luis on your TV (or computer) screen with cornrows, we had our in-house Photoshopologist work up a prediction:

90 Day Fiance Molly and Luis with cornrows

All I can say is… “Yes, please! More Molluis!” 🙂

And someone needs to create a Kickstarter campaign to get Ricky Martin to record a “Living La Vida Luis” parody song:

She’s into superstitions
Black cats and voodoo dolls
I feel a premonition
That girl’s gonna make me fall
She’s into new sensation
New kicks in the candlelight
She’s got a new addiction
For every day and night
She’ll make you take your
Clothes off and go dancing in the rain
She’ll make you live her crazy life
But she’ll take away your pain
Like a bullet to your brain

Upside inside out
He’s livin’ la vida Luis
She’ll push and pull you down
Livin’ la vida Luis

I guess Luis could sing it with Paola dancing.

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  • Alisson Leech

    I can’t believe this fool got the kind of cornrows with added hair! smh

  • Shaina Destine

    I wish she would moisturize her daughter’s hair. A little coconut oil and water go a LONG way.

  • sahali735

    He is such a knob.

    • anita

      I fast forward thru them

  • Mike Lit

    Molly, grow up, get off of social media and take care of your kids.

  • cali

    I don’t think she posted the pic with her daughter as a jab towards Luis, I mean common that’s a pretty pathetic and a ridiculous speculation. She posted a pic with her daughter well bc that’s her daughter!

  • boomdeyay

    They are both at fault in that mess. She should have told him that his role as a husband was to be an unpaid nanny

  • anita

    He married her for a green card only and has to stay married for 2 years, she is so stupid divorce his ass and send him back asap